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The Biggest Personal Goal For 2017

I have a love-hate relationship with videos. I like watching videos on Youtube...vlogs are hard because if the camera moves around a lot, it makes me motion-sick after awhile. I still love watching Utah vloggers though! I also like Devin Supertramp videos, Peter Hollens,  Ellie and Jared, documentaries of people, music videos, craft videos and things along those lines.  It really bothers me from time to time that I can't make good videos. I can throw up a vlog on YouTube, do mini vlogging on my Snapchat channels or Periscope but A smaller goal I've been thinking about is to stop spending so much time looking to others for inspiration but create my own inspiration. Easier said than done though. I love scrolling through Instagram, watching Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook live streams and reading blog posts and clicking through Pinterest to get ideas, learn and be inspired. I will still continue to do those things but attempt to cut back a bit. A morning or afternoon goes

Don't Compare - Just Share!

Some days I feel on top of things and other days I feel like I am not getting enough done. I look online at all the events going on (in a state I'm not in) or all the blog posts people are doing, on top of it because it's Christmas time and they have their posts for gift ideas, foods, crafts, etc already done. And me? I'm just here trying to get through each day. Not working a full time job anymore has its pros and cons. It's handy because I have the time to accomplish more during the day vs. just evenings and weekends. It's a con because I still haven't figured out a good schedule to managing my time.  My day usually goes like this: 7:30-8:30 - wake up and get caught up on social media , watch some Periscope broadcasts on tech news and how to gain more Instagram followers, etc. 9:00 - up and out of the bedroom. I'm dressed and ready to go somewhere. Except usually there is no where to go. 9:00-noon - I'm working a bit for a social media

NaBloPoMo Day 30

Since December is practically here and Thanksgiving is over, I'm going to stop holding myself back from posting about anything Christmas related.  I love love love this song by JamestheMormon. He's come out with a lot of great songs lately and I'm loving it all! Enjoy this version of Angels We Have Heard On High. Also, I want to talk to you guys about the #LightTheWorld campaign going on - well, soon! It starts tomorrow! Learn more here and let me know what you are going to do to participate. There's a handy calendar with ideas you can do every day and I'll be documenting each day 1 thing I do to help light the world.

NaBloPoMo Day 29

How is November almost over?! Just like that! First full month actually living in CA. My was okay but nothing exciting. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing good to Instagram, Tweet or Snap about. This makes me really sad. I have to create my own fun because there are not really any events to go to, food trucks, friends, etc. I did have a Pinterest party in October that turned out pretty good and I am planning on doing another one in December. I miss things so much. Just things! Local/community/nearby events, a dollar theater that is close, concerts, good Christmas lights, shopping (as always) etc etc.  We'll see how month 2 goes in this town. Glad to be planning on seeing family for Christmas. Can't wait.

NaBloPoMo Day 28

It's nice to get back from a trip/vacation and not have to go straight to work. I mean, I did work but not an 8 hr job that I have to get up, get dressed and drive in to work. Poor Tony did have to get up and go in to work but me not having to do that meant I could unpack our bags, do laundry and get settled back in after that long drive home and being gone for 4 days. Don't get me wrong, I do miss working a full time job and am working a little bit right now as well as trying to do things to supplement my income. We can both live okay on Tony's one income but we want to do so much stuff with the house and some of it is more expensive to do (new windows, pouring cement, etc) that if I can get a job it will not take us as long to save for some of these projects as it would just on one income. We'll see what happens! I know my January has 3 trips and I'm not sure it's the best time to start a job with Christmas coming but it will be interesting to see what happen

NaBloPoMo Day 27

The drive to and from Idaho to Ridgecrest is pretty in some parts but mostly very boring and long. Its crazy that we drive through Nevada and Oregon to get to Boise. 4 states in one day! Plus the drive is double the time it took to get from SLC to Boise. Oye! Despite that, the trip was so worth it and we are thinking we will try to get to Boise again, for Christmas. The drive will probably be more sketchy and we'll have to put chains on but I hope we can make it in one piece. Tony has 10 days off between Christmas and New Years. We are planning some fun stuff!

NaBloPoMo Day 26

It was amazing to me that I was able to stay up really late and get up early and keep going and going like the energizer bunny without a single sip of an energy drink. Say what?! I only drink energy drinks on roadtrips but not this one and not for shopping either. I'm not sure what happened to me but when I did sleep, it was a good sleep. I'm so grateful Tony and I were healthy and well while we were on vacation and that we didn't get sick or catch a cold. It's a real drag when that happens! Saturday morning started out with going to a craft fair my sister was set up at with her wood creations. I went with my mother in law and we also stopped in at another Dollar Tree (looking for certain Christmas lights) and to a cell phone place to find her a phone. I got to do family pictures and Thanksgiving dinner with Tony's family in the afternoon and hang out with my sister in the evening. We went to Target, Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree. We were going to do crafts b

NaBloPoMo Day 25

Oh gosh, I dont know how this thing works I guess - am I allowed to schedule posts or do I have to actually get on and post each and every day? Now its the 29th and I am back dating to the 25th. It's hard to blog when you are traveling and have a different daily schedule. I'll talk to you all about my Black Friday shopping! Are you a BF shopper? I have been for years and years. It all began when one BF my mom got me and my sister up and we went to JoAnn's at 6am. My sister and I kept things going and I remember going to JCP to stand in line and get a little snow globe for being one of the first 50 people in line or whatever the deal was. When I was an LDS missionary in Portland, missing Black Friday was the worst! I was so upset/bummed/sad, especially because we got the ads in the mail and I'd look and see what the best deals were yet was not allowed to go buy anything. P-Day never fell on Black Friday ;-) When I moved back to CA, my family moved to ID a month later an

NaBloPoMo Day 24

Did you know there are 63 minutes of commercials in a football game on TV? Insane! I didn't get to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade :( but I got to spend time with Tony's mom and sister going through Black Friday ads and getting our want/need lists ready. Not sure what time we will start shopping but stores seem to be opening at 4pm this year - on Thanksgiving! I hope to score some good online deals as well. I already have with some websites (thanks to Utah Sweet Savings! ) Grabbing a Go Girl energy drink and getting this party started in a couple hours. Wheeee!

NaBloPoMo Day 23

We made it to Nampa, ID for Thanksgiving after 12 hours of driving (11 with the time change I guess). It was pretty uneventful, luckily we saw no jumping deer or car accidents or snow. I can't imagine spending Thanksgiving anywhere else but with family. So grateful to have made it even though I miss the lots shorter drive from SLC! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

NaBloPoMo Day 22

Is anyone else feeling really tired right now? It's almost 10pm and I am so happy to say I got a lot done today. Especially in the afternoon. Here's what went down.. - got the mail - got 2 loads of laundry done and hung everything up to dry - flattened at least 15 moving boxes - vacuumed some of the rooms in the house - worked on the she-shed for a bit - cleaned up the backyard - started spray painting our screen door and getting it ready to install - took a bunch of pictures of clothes to sell online, got them posted too - did the dishes. Twice. - cleaned up around the birds cage. - put things away that needed to be - finished putting my shoe shelf together - got some work for my job done - got Snapchat updated with the latest happenings with the house - made that sign for my dad on my Cricut (not cut, just designed) - cleaned up the inside of the fridge - organized the snack crate for our trip to Idaho This is why I am so tired now may

NaBloPoMo Day 21

There's a really neat conference I got the opportunity to volunteer at earlier this year in Salt Lake City called the Everything Food Conference.It was the first time this conference had been put on and I thought the creators of it did an amazing job. There were classes, hands on experiences, vendors/booths, giveaways and motivational/keynote speakers. It was really interesting and fun and I'm not even the type of person who likes to cook and bake. When the day was over, I was so super glad I had attended! It was a multi-day conference but I had only been able to volunteer for one day because I had work. Now they are doing a fun Black Friday deal this week - here's what you need to know! 1 person will score their ticket for 75% off - no coupon code needed! The next 3 tickets sold will be 60% off, etc etc. Let me know if you think you'll go or if you have any questions.

NaBloPoMo Day 20

I honestly can't believe it's the 20th of the month already. In just a few days we'll be driving to Idaho for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. I cant wait! The drive will most likely be a bummer but hopefully we will have enough audiobooks and snacks and energy drinks. I so wish my sister in SLC was coming but she has to work on Black Friday and it doesnt look like they will make it. Checking on the weather and it looks like some places might have snow. Ugh. EVERY time we buy chains cords, and put them in my car, they break. And they do damage to my tires, or have in the past. I dread them. We put them on correctly so I'm really not sure what happens. We don't drive too fast. I wish my car would take chains maybe...those seem better.  Time to start packing and getting stuff done and gathered together to take to Idaho. On the list... 1. Find all my warm/winter clothes + boots 2. Figure out a way to get a table I bought in UT, to ID so I can bring it

NaBloPoMo Day 19

Happy Saturday everyone! Friday was not as productive as I would have liked. I need to ban turning on the TV during the day, esp when it is nice out! I forgot Tony didnt have to go to work  and so we hung out all day and kind of bummed around the house. Chillaxed. While that's fun, and we really dont take the opportunity to do it often, it's not productive! We don't get much done when this kind of thing happens.  Luckily today was better. We started out the day with driving all over town to garage sales. In Utah, I used a garage sale app that links to Craigslist and it was perfect for finding sales in the areas we were in. I looked on the app here and there were tons in Bakersfield but NONE listed for RC. So plan B, look on Facebook at the yardsale pages. There were a few listed but not many. Plan C, just drive and look for signs. That worked a little bit but we were kind of scattered and all over the place. Plan D! Check Swapsheet - it's now an app - but also a pu

NaBloPoMo Day 18

We're still busy working on lots of house projects. So far our current ones for this weekend are to try and track down a headboard for a queen size bed, buy the screws/bolts we need to put the twin beds together (of course we have misplaced the hardware to put the beds together when we took them apart in UT), get the front screen door prepped and ready to install (which means fix a piece of metal on it that is sticking up and spray paint the whole thing black again...there's some rust..), and wipe down the walls I am going to be painting in the she-shed so I can go buy the paint and start that project on Monday. I hope to have it painted and done by the time we leave for Thanksgiving.  Are you working on any house projects?

NaBloPoMo Day 17

Life is so different living in the middle of nowhere. I knew it would be but reality is still harsh. We have to plan differently when we go out, when it's a place farther that we want to go. We can't just drive 1 to 2 hours to do 1 thing. We have to plan to do other things in the area to make the drive worth it. Salt Lake we loved to go to movie screenings. Any movie theater was 30 min away or less and it was easy to go for a date night. However, here in CA...any movie screening we want to go to so far is 100+ miles away. So we could make a whole day trip out of it but if we dont get there early enough and don't get a seat, then the drive is pointless. But if we are going to make a whole day out of it and do other things in the area as well, not as bad. Snapchat Spectacles are still something I'm after. I am kicking myself hard for not getting them on Day 1 when they were at Venice Beach. I guess I wasn't really paying attention to the actual launc

NaBloPoMo Day 16

Guess what you guys! I just got signed up to work with  Zaycon Fresh and I want to take a moment to fill you in on who they are in case you have never heard of them before. Zaycon sells fresh, never been frozen c hicken pork and beef at affordable prices. We love and having been getting their chicken for the past five years or so and I'm looking forward to trying more of their meats. My  husband is the cook in the house and he has been in charge of canning or freezing in food saver ba gs, all the chicken w hen we get it. It comes in 40 lb boxes and lasts us for a year or more when we order since it's just the two of us. I love knowing that the meat is not pumped full of preservatives a nd we pick it up as fresh as it gets vs going to a grocery store and not knowing for sure how long the chicken has been sitting there. With Zay con , it's farm to truck to me to my table. So easy! I'm excite d to soon be sharing some pictures and maybe recipes too on t

NaBloPoMo Day 15

Some of my days are super productive and others are not. Today, is one of those not as productive as Monday type of days. I'm not sure what happened! I woke up and the house was freezing, I wandered to the computer to get some things done and the next thing I knew, it was noon and Tony was home and I was still in my PJs. Yikes! The afternoon went a bit better because I got dressed and moved some more things around to where they belong. Took a few pictures of clothes and items to sell online and overall it was just a chill relaxed day. Maybe I needed that? Here's to hoping the rest of my week gets busier. I can't handle all the slowness going on right now, especially with my social life. I miss my Utah life!

NaBloPoMo Day 14

There was good progress made today around the house! The mornings are so very cold - I can't wait until we can replace some of our windows - and it makes me want to stay in my bed under the covers where it is warm. But today I made myself get up at 8 and I am happy to say I got a ton accomplished.  You might be wondering what I did to keep busy all day? Well, here's a little bit in case you missed it on Snapchat! Did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, organized and put away clean dishes in the dishwasher, started laundry and did a few loads throughout the day, took boxes out of the garage to the she-shed, emptied at least 10 boxes and flattened them, kept going through clothes in the middle bedroom, hung more stuff on hangers and put it away, took pictures of a few things to sell but need to do more of that, vacuumed, got the trash bin put away, got the mail, hung up a fall wreath, rolled out our big rug in the family room, took things in the house out to the she-shed

NaBloPoMo Day 13

Since we have lived in CA, we have not taken the chance to go to the beach yet. Until yesterday. We decided to go to Santa Monica, I don't remember why but it was a good choice. The weather was perfect, the morning was not too crowded, we had good food to eat and saw lots of interesting things as we walked around downtown a little bit. Parking was a bit crazy to find - hard to find! 2 or 3 hours on the meters or $15 at least to park in a garage. We finally just parked right at the parking lot on the beach and it was only $8 for all day. We stayed until the sun went down to make it worth it. The afternoon was spent in our Tommy Bahama chairs just relaxing in the sun, people watching and listening to the ocean. We have a southern CA Entertainment Book I bought earlier in the year, thinking I'd be in CA by mid-summer. Since that didn't happen, we have had to wait to use it. Of course there are no deals for RC. Luckily the deals expire in Dec instead of Nov 2nd like they h

NaBloPoMo Day 12

I dont know why I let electronics ruin my life when they don't work right, but I do. Heck, I do social media as a job and for my personal life and I can't afford to have things go down and not work right. It is so very upsetting to me when I can't document the things I do and keep track of the places I go. Sorry if you don't understand. #sorrynotsorry I have tried twice to buy Galaxy S6 phones on eBay. Never had a problem buying a used phone before. They had no problems besides some minor scuffing and to me, a case solves that problem. However, with the first phone (which was such a good deal at $199!), the camera did not work right. It was fuzzy, not sharp, and had a water ripple effect on the screen from time to time and I could not take a picture until that went away. I sent that phone back and tried again. Spent a little more, asked the seller if the camera was good, he said yes. I get the phone and the camera is blurry again. Plus the home button did not w

NaBloPoMo Day 11

So today I thought I'd tell you guys about a new opportunity I signed up for at the UT State Fair (of all places!) in September. It's with Mojilife which is a newer company so you may have never heard of them before. But that's okay! They specialize in a fragrance and essential oil device that uses air distribution. This means that there is no wax, water, flame or heat! Crazy, right? It's completely mess free and safe for kids and pets.  It has a sleek design and works well to make your home smell awesome.   Look how cute it is! It comes in white or black plus there are sleeves you can buy to decorate it a little more. Another idea I have done is to cut vinyl with my Cricut to decorate around the outside. I'll have to post some pictures of that!   There are lots of really good scents - the one that turned me on to everything and actually stopping at the booth to talk to the ladies there was called Summertime Serenade. My summer favorite! The sc

NaBloPoMo Day 10

Hey guys...I'm glad to see there are people reading my posts each day, this is pretty cool! So today I am thinking about the fact that I am missing Utah so much. A Target, Bath and Body Works, Kohls, Gordmans, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Jamba Juice just right down the street?! I'm going to go crazy in Idaho when Black Friday comes. Omgoodness.  I could drive an hour+ out of town to go to some of these same stores but after driving 4 hours rt to Bakersfield on Monday and spending last Sunday driving 10 or so hours from Page, AZ back to CA, I think I'm good to stick around the house for awhile. I just get fomo when I see posts on IG and Snapchat of the fun things people are getting or doing! Take Target for example...they have some really fun Christmas items that include a teardrop camper! I had people looking all over their local Target stores for some of the items, I was calling Target stores in Palmdale and Lancaster and in the end ordered some of what I needed

NaBloPoMo Day 9

I used to say, "Another day, another dollar" except lately I haven't had a paycheck really so it's mainly just..."Another day" which doesn't sound quite as good to say. Are you caught up on Christmas shopping? Each year gets worse and worse for me. I started out shopping throughout the year. Then I started a few months before Black Friday. Now, Black Friday is coming up quick and I have zero presents bought for anyone. That is pretty pathetic. I don't know what happened to me! I just don't think about it anymore I guess, to do it throughout the year. I don't even know who I am shopping for this year because I love buying gifts for friends but here in CA - there's not so many friends where I'm at yet. I wish I was in UT or AZ because I have tons of friends I'd love to gift something to!  I know for sure I am buying gifts for Tony and my sister Laura. A few select friends I trade gifts with will have to be mailed this time. I think

NaBloPoMo Day 8

Election day = exhaustion when you are a poll worker. I was at the polling place from 6am until 9:40pm. To get paid $100 which isn't even minimum wage. Craziness. It was a good experience overall... I met some nice people and didn't have to deal with anything too insane. I mainly handed the ballots to people in a folder and asked them to return the pen and folder when they were done. I worked with 3 other ladies at my table. One was very old, one was older than me and the other one probably wasn't much older than me. We brought some food/ treats to share and Tony brought in homemade pumpkin pie later in the day which some people really liked. I guess not everyone is a fan of pumpkin pie or pie in general. We got a 30 min lunch and Tony picked me up and we went to Taco Bell bc I wanted to try their rolled taquitos only to discover they were sold out until Thursday. Bummer! At home that night Tony & I watched a couple shows before I fell asleep. It will be nice to catch

NaBloPoMo Day 7

It's the day before the big presidential election on Tues. I'm interested to see what will happen. I woke up at 6am and  drove 2 hours to and from Bakersfield to attend election training to be a clerk (pollworker) at a location in Ridgecrest. The training went alright and we even got out a little early. I stopped at Sonic and to get cheap gas ($2.30's....but in UT at Costco it was only $2.09!) and drove the 2 hours back home. At 4:30 I had to go help set up but I arrived around 5pm. Stayed a couple hours and then went home and went to bed - I was so tired! I slept 730pm (LAME) to 11pm and then went back to bed and slept until 5:30 because I had to be at my polling place by 6am. Craziness. I dont wake up this early ever! Even for hot air balloons it is hard.

NaBloPoMo Day 6

Day 6 day 6! I can't believe I have blogged for almost a week straight. What a fun week it has been. Not only blogging more often but getting out and doing fun things that I have missed doing like shopping at Gordmans, Savers and DI with my sister, hanging out with my nephews, eating out with friends and going on a hot air balloon ride! I have missed my very busy life since life has slowed wayy down in CA.  Tony suggested I do a "Crepes and Crafts" night and I've been brainstorming that! I think it would be way fun. Not sure when I would do it  - maybe a month that doesn't have a Pinterest party like the end of Feb or Mar. What kinds of parties do you like to throw, if you are the type of person that likes to throw parties?

NaBloPoMo Day 5

I made it - with  5 minutes to spare! What a busy day....can't wait to post some pictures on our travel blog. I arrived in Page, AZ last night at 12:30 and was able to reunite with Tony after a week or so of being apart. On Sunday we are going to drive back to Ridgecrest and Monday starts my elections training and back to the 'swing' of things going on back home. That feels so weird to say since I have lived in UT the past 5 years. Oh, life! Can't wait to update you all again tomorrow. 

NaBloPoMo Day 4

With a title like I've been doing on these posts, it's like a surprise every time to see what I'm going to be writing about. Heh! Last day in Utah and I wish it wasn't. It's been so awesome being back. Going to Pinners Conference for a few hours this morning and then to work  in the afternoon and then head out to the balloon festival. I kind of wish we were not going to Page (even though it is way super fun!) because it'd be nice just to stay in UT until Sunday.  But busy things are happening next week like working the elections and unpacking more boxes. Then it's back to the slow CA life where nothing much happens unless I make it happen. Sigh. 

NaBloPoMo Day 3

My sister and her husband and baby got back from Peru late last night and we were up until 1am talking and I was up until 2am just doing things online.  That made for a kind of late start to my day today but I was able to do some work for my social media job, meet a good friend at a new ramen bar in Murray for lunch, pick up a package from my landlord and return it to the sender, go shopping at Savers with my sister, go to tech night at RC Willey and go to the VIP night at Pinners Conference. Phew! I love when I have a productive busy day like that. Seriously. It's been kinda dead in CA...minus unpacking boxes and trying to organize our new place. I miss the life I lived for 5 years here in UT. Granted I wasn't this busy every single day but I prefer to be busy like this than just sitting around. In other news, I got a job working for the election but since I can't make the training tomorrow I have to drive 2 hours to Bakersfield on Monday, go to a 3 hour training and

NaBloPoMo Day 2

I am not sure if I should change the title of each post or not. I don't feel like the titles of my blog posts are ever very cool or exciting but for now I will just keep track of each day I guess, for this month at least. We'll see what happens. I always think of things I will or will never do when I'm a mom - if  that ever happens. Watching my nephews has its moments but it's also been great birth control. I see why parents say it's the hardest thing they have done but it's worth it. I used to think, how can people say those two things in the same sentence? NowI get it. Kids have their meltdowns and moments of disobeying but then they do something cute or funny that makes everything better again. I don't know, it's the weirdest thing! Irregardless, I still lean towards not having kids. I haven't done a great job these past few days and don't feel like I would be a good mom at all. However, here are my thoughts from the time I've spe

NaBloPoMo Day 1

Can I do this? Can I write a post every day in November? I hope so! I'd love to try this again. I have friends doing it and I feel like I have done this in the past but it's been quite awhile. In fact, check out my friend Aimee's blog , because she is doing this NaNoWriMo however when you are blogging, it's called NaBloPoMo (thanks Aimee). Another person I know doing the blogging every day in November is Ryan. His blog can be found here . Like me, he hopes this will get him blogging more often. Its been 3 full days that I have had my nephews. I think we are getting in to a little routine which has been super helpful. My sister and her daughter didn't get their flight Thursday night so they flew out Friday night instead. It was nice to hang out with her for Friday and get a little more instruction on the do's and don'ts with my nephews who are 4 and 2. Saturday was a crazy day, Sunday we got to do some fun things including dinner with Tony's cous

Roadtrippin Back to Utah

I was just in Utah a few weeks ago, living in Salt Lake as a resident the past 5 years. But since the big move happened, I've been in California. It's been an adjustment for sure! I've met a few new people, gotten a taste of being a homeowner and been busy with projects and unpacking a zillion boxes.  My sister and her husband were flying to Peru for his high school reunion and it was good timing to come watch my nephews so I could attend a MojiLife soft launch party as well as Pinners Conference coming up the first week of November. I was a little nervous to drive by myself on new roads but it helped to drive during the day time. I left around 10:30am on Thursday morning, a bit later start than I wanted. I was supposed to pick up 3 people from Craigslist Rideshare in Vegas but they all seemed to fall through so I was solo all the way to SLC. I got to my sister's place at 9pm. The drive seemed to go fairly fast and I didn't run into too much traffic or road cons

There's No Time Like The Present

You guys.  Here I am and hopefully I am back consistently for good. My summer turned out crazier than usual. Besides the obvious road-trips to hot air balloon festivals and National Parks, throw moving into the mix makes it a whole different ballgame. Not just moving down the street or to the next city over but moving states. Yes. That happened.  My husband has worked for his new job since mid-July in a town called Ridgecrest in Southern CA. I refused to move down until we had a place to live and neither one of us wanted the apartment life again even though it went pretty well in Utah. So we worked on getting a house while I finished out my summer in Utah, said a sad good-bye to my job and enjoyed quite a few scenic drives to see the fall leaves in the mountains. After a ton of bad experiences with our realtor, we were finally able to switch from him about half way through. This delayed things a bit and I moved to this town with our stuff in a large Penske only to live out of

Utah Fun

These are going to be an assortment of random pictures that I dont really have a blog post to put them in so they can all go in to one! Hiked to "The Living Room" in SLC by the U on Wednesday night. Okay, I didn't make it all the way to the top but the view where I stopped was pretty legit!

Through July and Into August

July was a month full of so many emotions. Lots of roadtrips too. We ended up taking an unplanned trip to Idaho to visit Tony's grandma before she passed away. It was a fun weekend though of seeing our families and eating lots of good food plus a little shopping . The next weekend was my birthday weekend and I've been badly wanting to go to Bear World up by Rexburg Idaho so we finally went! Tony's grandma had her funeral that weekend as well but Tony decided that his visit to her when she was alive was good and all the family we have seen recently at the reunion in Albion , ID so we did not go to the funeral. I was a little sad about that but it was up to him. Plus this was the only weekend we could do Bear World before Tony went to CA to start his new job. The weekend of July 16th we took my sister and her 2 boys to Lagoon . Tony has been wanting to take my 4 year old nephew for a long time to see how he'd like it and we sure cut it close but we all went and h

It's Officially Official!

I guess somewhat stupidly, I posted details about something super big coming up in my life on Facebook instead of writing a cliffhanger status and directing everyone here to my blog. Oh well! Lesson learned I guess! If you did not read it on Facebook already, Tony accepted a job offer in China Lake, CA and will start work at the naval base located there as a Computer Network Defense Specialist. We found out Tuesday morning that he had passed the security clearance/background check and they need him to start July 18th.  Eek! He has a little less than a month left in Utah with me. Time to amp up the packing and get more serious about how we are going to make this happen. I wish so badly the job was moving us, but it's not. We were thinking to move everything that has been packed to a storage unit so that we can move around a bit more easier and continue packing. I have a baby shower to host and a Pinterest party and I'd rather have a downstairs not filled with boxes wh

Read All The Posts!

You guys! I've gotten to get quite a bit of blogging done lately and there's still more roadtrips to blog about and some crafts but here's what I've got so far! I went to World Market the other day and found some pretty cute stuff. Of course, owls! among other things. There's only 5 days left to enter to win dessert for a year from a fun company here in Utah. My mouth drools and I can't wait to go in!  I got a new niece  in May and she's so adorable! It has been fun getting to know her and her personality a bit. If you live in Utah you may be sick of hearing about the Cavalia show but I got lots of cool pictures when Tony & I went. The show is headed to Portland, Oregon next! The Everything Food conference was one of the funnest things I did in May. No joke! It was such a fun experience and I look forward to volunteering again next year. I was able to check out the Utah Valley Parade of Homes one week with my friend Tiffany

Here's What's Up!

Are you all sick of my graduation posts yet? Well, here's another one you may or may not have read yet. So take a looksee! I got to see the amazing Kirby Heyborne perform at a benefit concert for a school in South Jordan. I started a magnetic chalkboard project with Tony's cousin. In the process of being finished still, got a little stuck, have you ever gotten stuck on a project before? Some of my Target favorites for the month of May! Do you want to take a 5K vacation? Participate in The Color Run happening this August in Salt Lake City! I have a $5 off code on the blog so be sure to use that if you are planning on running (or walking). I am loving Jones Creek beef! Tony & I got to cook up some hamburger meat that we picked to review. Check out what we made here . ***Exciting news***  Our travel blog is getting a complete overhaul! New name! New domain! New layout! New posts! I'm soo excited about it but it's not ready yet. Tony works

Working On My Ideas

I tweeted today that working a full time job stifles my creativity. It's computer work and any idea I have for the company or ways to do things, usually get shot down. Kinda sucks but that's how it is right now. Sometimes at work I am brainstorming things I want to do in my life to do with my blog or social media in general.  I came up with a super super awesome idea of how I want to run my "staciesplace" Snapchat with a format and everything. Right now I am compiling at least a month's worth of content so I can be prepared. I'll be snapping every M, W, F evening I think or roughly around that time. It will revolve around things I blog about so stay tuned for an announcement about that. I'm so excited about it! Finish up my social media resume so I can start actually really applying for jobs. So far I am not in a position to change jobs quite yet but when we move I want to find something. I also have not seen a whole lot I've wanted to apply for

Here We Go!

The time has come where I get to graduate!! This is happening on Friday and it's right in the middle of a huge blogger conference I signed up for a year ago. I had no idea I'd be graduating the same day/time as the conference. #thestruggleisreal Overall I'm happy to be done but also sad at the same time not to be a student anymore. It has been really fun to go back to school and learn some new skills, make some new friends and do some really cool stuff! April has been insane so far and it's not even half over yet. Tony got a job offer in California. The St. George job fell through - boo. We got to attend the movie premiere for Saturday's Warrior  I held another Pinterest party - spring themed! Tony and I participated in a crazy fun 24hr event called Questival ! And last but not least, I did a review for my friend here and am giving away $100 of LuLaRoe clothing! Go enter!