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Man Down...Instagram Down!

      I have people ask me every so often what happened to my Instagram account. What did you do? Why did it get taken down?

Shop, Play, Win! Monopoly game with Albertsons is Back!

  #GoShopPlayWin I am always so excited for something fun to do where I live that when the Monopoly game starts at Albertsons, I am all in for participating. Plus I love trying to win stuff anyways! We have an Albertsons less than a mile from our home, so we do get a portion of our groceries here throughout the year. I won't lie, I may try to go in extra times to get playing pieces during this promotion.

My One Little Word for 2021

 Every year that I've picked "one little word" to work on, it hasn't been little. It grows, gets complex and has lots of facets to it. But that's okay. I have 365 days to work on it, right? So with that being said, my word for 2021 is, I did not take choosing my word for the year lightly. I never do. I give it lots of thought and consideration. At first, the word that came to mind was "can". Like, "I can." But..."can" seems like an odd word just on its own. I hear it and think of canned veggies or fruit. So what can I do? What did I need to be able to do in this new year? I need to do some hard things. Mainly body related stuff and there is really only 1 hard thing that tops the list. So lets get into the categories of areas I can "Grow." Physically Spiritually Mentally Marriage First up - physically . I take this to mean body stuff - which I am never good with. I avoid body related things at all costs because it freaks me