NaBloPoMo Day 16

Shop Now at Zaycon Fresh

Guess what you guys! I just got signed up to work with  Zaycon Fresh and I want to take a moment to fill you in on who they are in case you have never heard of them before.

Zaycon sells fresh, never been frozen chicken pork and beef at affordable prices. We love and having been getting their chicken for the past five years or so and I'm looking forward to trying more of their meats.

My  husband is the cook in the house and he has been in charge of canning or freezing in food saver bags, all the chicken when we get it. It comes in 40 lb boxes and lasts us for a year or more when we order since it's just the two of us. I love knowing that the meat is not pumped full of preservatives and we pick it up as fresh as it gets vs going to a grocery store and not knowing for sure how long the chicken has been sitting there. With Zaycon, it's farm to truck to me to my table. So easy!

I'm excited to soon be sharing some pictures and maybe recipes too on the blog that we love to make with our Zaycon chicken.  

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