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FanX, CVX Live, Graduation - Oh My!

I can find time to crank out a post occasionally here but there is so much still I want to write about and include pictures! Hot air balloon festival in Kanab, Outdoor Expo in Sandy, a family dinner with some of my siblings last Sunday...I dont know - just whatever random stuff I am up to! So here's the latest. This week started off slow and has gotten busier and busier.  Tonight after work I got to attend a "Cricut Crafternoon" at the Cricut HQ. It was so crazy fun. I got to design 2 baby onesie outfits. I ended up ironing one on a bib because all the onesies except preemie sizes got snatched up. We got a bag filled with tons of swag , I had hearts in my eyes! I learned some new tricks and am excited to figure out time to sharpen my skills. Thursday after work I head to FanX - I won a multi-day pass! and I got a ticket to meet and get a picture with NICK CARTER from the Backstreet Boys. I gotta pinch myself - is this real life?! Thursday I need to make a