NaBloPoMo Day 3

My sister and her husband and baby got back from Peru late last night and we were up until 1am talking and I was up until 2am just doing things online.  That made for a kind of late start to my day today but I was able to do some work for my social media job, meet a good friend at a new ramen bar in Murray for lunch, pick up a package from my landlord and return it to the sender, go shopping at Savers with my sister, go to tech night at RC Willey and go to the VIP night at Pinners Conference. Phew! I love when I have a productive busy day like that. Seriously. It's been kinda dead in CA...minus unpacking boxes and trying to organize our new place. I miss the life I lived for 5 years here in UT. Granted I wasn't this busy every single day but I prefer to be busy like this than just sitting around.

In other news, I got a job working for the election but since I can't make the training tomorrow I have to drive 2 hours to Bakersfield on Monday, go to a 3 hour training and drive 2 hours back to Ridgecrest. Bummer! Tuesday I will be working from 6am to 9pm. Long day! Pay isn't great but it will be fun to switch up my day a bit - even though it starts super early. Blah. I'll be sleeping in the rest of the week! Me and the elections dept go way back to when I was 12 or so. A lady in my ward would be in charge of getting all the election materials delivered around Yolo County and my dad was a driver for her and I got to go along and be a helper. So great! I did it throughout the years as much as I could and when I moved to Arizona, I got an actual job for awhile with the elections dept in Phoenix. Besides working in the warehouse, I also got to be a troubleshooter. That was fun, frustrating at times and stressful but mostly good.  So I'm excited to get back in to it and learn some new things. 

I can't believe this week is almost over! and so is my time in Utah, sadly. But I'll be back. I always come back :)


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