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Bringing all my blogs together today!

I lost my focus already (theme word for 2014 - scratch that) when tonight I thought of a new word/phrase that I want to work on in this new year that I liked better. It is:

 Step It Up

This means so many things to me. Step it up with my blogging, step up with my friendships, step up in keeping in touch with people, step up in my commitments and start saying no to things I dont think I can handle, step it up in my church calling, step it up in my marriage, step it up in my personal many things. It's not going to happen all at once and I'm glad that I have all year to work on this. All goals start with smaller goals and plans so I think I will take the categories I listed above and break them down into what the details of these different categories are and then some ways I can accomplish my stepping it up.

What is the word or phrase you want to work on in 2014?

Do you ever make yourself a to-do list and it looks miles long or is so crammed on to a sticky note that it just feels overwhelming to look at and you dont even know where to start , even when its sorted into categories? How is that for a run on sentence!?

I put all the to-do's I could think of on this stick note the other day. I even put it in to categories this time. Blog. Shop. Clean. Other. Christmas. Just looking at this small piece of paper with tiny writing makes me feel like shutting down & not doing a single thing because its just too much! But while I sit at work I have so much motivation to get these things done. When I get home it seems to want to drain away. Motivation down the drain. 
Maybe it is the super cold weather?

Working 8 hours a day can be tough. I am so blessed to have a full time job though, srsly. I got very used to working 6 hours a day for the last few months and having a lot of time to do things when I get home. Maybe part of the problem now is that it is dark outside and I feel like there is less time to do things. Maybe the problem is that I get home and get easily distracted by anything and everything that is not on my to do list. I thought writing it out on a paper would help instead of having it on my iPod. I thought writing it on my hand would help. It did a little but not as much as I hoped. I thought about it today and I think that my current to-do lists makes me feel like they are impossible to accomplish. I think I need to order it not in categories but in order of most important to least important. To me though, everything is important and must get done the day I write it down! Sadly, it's not reality.

I attempted, I did, I tried a few days ago and came home with good intentions to not get distracted so I was downstairs doing the dishes. Had to unload the dishwasher and on my 3rd time of reaching down and grabbing silverware, I cut my finger on one of Tony's Cutco knives that have recently been sharpened. At first I was stunned by the pain and my mind with racing on what I should do. So I stuck it under the running water. A lot of blood seemed to be coming out of my finger so I grabbed a clean paper towel and put pressure on and went upstairs to call Tony. I'm so glad he answered and he was already on his way home. I was standing against our bed with my head resting on the mattress and knew I needed to get on the floor and lie down before I passed out. I felt so light headed. Tony came home and took a look on my finger and got a bandaid on it for me. I hadnt eaten dinner yet so this is probably why I felt like I was going to pass out. That evening I pretty much took it easy and didnt work of anymore of my to-do list. It hurt to type so I mainly used my ipod touch til I fell asleep. So glad my finger is feeling better now.

Anyways. Back to the topic at hand. I think my goal for 2014 is going to be to better organize my life so I can get more done. I'm all for being spontaneous and doing what I want when I want but being like that does not get my to-do lists done. I also think my to-do lists could possibly be shorter if I worked on it every day instead of letting it pile up and look impossible. I am working on setting attainable goals for my blogging, how I keep in contact with friends, shopping habits, projects I work on with people long term and a few other things I might blog about another time.

I'm sensing also that my theme next year, as it was this year, will be to FOCUS.

I just got back from an awesome time in Idaho for Thanksgiving with my family and Tony's family. We left late Wednesday night after I took forever to pack, then we met up with Laura & Rocky at In N Out for dinner and then we were on our way to Boise. Tony drove the whole way which was surprising because usually the last hour or two he gets tired and I take over. It was nice to finally get to my parents house and go to bed.

Thanksgiving Day, I was a little sad to have missed the parade on TV. For some reason my brothers always manage to find a football game to watch instead. It seemed like not much time passed at all and we were sitting down to eat. I took pictures and made a Vine video of all that but it will be posted soon so I will be sure to link to it here.

Tony and I didnt head out to do black Friday shopping until about 8pm and we were able to get everything his mom wanted us to get for her at Target. Win! We spent 2 hours in line at Kohls - fail - but we got some really good stuff - win! 1/2 off the entire store at Old Navy...yesss and we stopped at Shopko since it was just next door. The other stores I wanted to go to didnt open for a few more hours so we headed home around 2am to sleep. I was up online though til at least 3/330.

Friday-day was full of more shopping and deals. I was sad my brothers didnt want to go, or if they did, they had to work. Better luck next year. Tony was such a good sport and went to the mall and Plato's Closet with me even though he had homework he wanted to be doing. We went bowling with some of his family at Big Al's in the evening.  I'm a horrible bowler (I got an 82) but it was fun.

So much more to write... but I have pictures to post too so I will try to get that up this week!

Blog updates, all I have for you guys right now is my trip to Vegas in September. So check that out and comment if you like!

I've been paying with Isis all summer and I love it!  Isis is a free app you can get on your phone and use if your phone is equipped with NFC. You can see if your phone qualifies here. It first was only available in Utah and Texas but has recently become available nationwide. 

Basically when you hook up your credit or debit card, you can pay with the Isis app. Handy not to have to carry a wallet around, just a phone! In order to promote the app, Isis has teamed up with places in Utah such as restaurants, a movie theater, a grocery store and more to give $1 deals. Isis is paying these places the difference so the companies arent losing anything by participating. 

Here are some of the deals Tony & I have enjoyed using a lot and these promotions are good (in Utah) until the end of the year.

- $1 medium pizza with a topping from Wasatch Pizza. You can order more than one at a time but have to scan  your phone for each transaction separately. Tony ordered 30 pizzas once for a study group at BYU, I ordered 10 for a mutual night activity, we ordered about 20 pizzas to give to the homeless. We have eaten so much of this pizza that we have had to take a break for awhile. It's pretty tasty though and for $1? Cant beat it. 

- $1 Jamba Juice (or free ones too!) It was nice when they had the free and $1 promo going on at the same time. I'd go in to a Jamba Juice to get a free one for myself and then $1 for one that Tony could have.  Recently I've had a bad cold and have gotten a couple of the cold buster Jambas and I honestly believe they have helped me recover a bit faster by getting all the extra vitamins in me.

- $1 Barbacoa burrito or salad bowl. Another place where they let you order as many items as you want, you just have to pay for each food item separately. We have gotten some tasty food here and one burrito can last me for lunch for 3 days because they are so big.

- $1 milk at Whole Foods. The milk is Winder Farms and sells for $4.79 at Whole Foods. This store is trickier to get multiple of the same item at because their machines, when you pay, do not like duplicate transactions. They have to ring one milk up for $1 and some change which is ok because it's still cheaper than almost $5 for a gallon of milk! 2%, 1%, fat's been great getting milk for this amazing price just by paying with Isis. 

- Toasters - $1 meal. This is a sandwich shop in SLC and when I worked at White Label Marketing, Toasters was literally downstairs just one or two businesses over. $1 for a $6-8 meal. Sandwich, chips and a drink. I would often get Tony a sandwich when I got off work to bring home for him. I got my coworker food a few times. So fun! I miss working so close to a Toasters.

Some other places that have the $1 deals that I have yet to use are:

$1 Large popcorn, $1 candy, $1 large drink at Megaplex Movie Theaters
$1 16 oz drink at beans & Brew
$1 bottled drinks, $1 Icee Fun cup at Lagoon
$1 burger combo from JCW's
$1 green smoothie from Roxberry

Where can YOU pay? Check out this link to see just what stores around you let you pay with Isis. In the app you can download coupons to use locally as well. 

What dollar deals are around you?

I was craving kabobs from Texas Roadhouse on Saturday evening but by the time we were able to go, it was after 11pm and they were closed. I mentioned it to Tony on Monday that we should go share a kabob for dinner and to my surprise, he agreed. 

We got in and seated without too much of a wait. We scarfed down our four hot buttery rolls and waited. And waited.  I was very thirsty. Servers were walking past us, serving tables, cleaning up tables and we waited. Finally we got the attention of our server, Clay and he was so apologetic that we had been sitting waiting so long to order. I knew exactly what we wanted; kabob with meat done medium well on a bed of rice with a side of mashed potatoes. Brown gravy on the side. I wasn't expecting him to say, "What else can I get you? It's on me. How about some blooming onions?" I was so taken aback. He kept trying to make it up to us!  

Turns out the couple before us had sat there forever, for so long after they paid their bill that eventually Clay just kind of tuned them out because they were done needing anything from him. He didn't notice the people changed when we sat down and it took him awhile to notice. He felt so bad!

We ended up with an appetizer (cheese fries - our favorite), extra potatoes & gravy for Tony and a strawberry lemonade for me and then he brought me a virgin Shirley Temple drink with not one but two cherries. Hip hop hooray! Then he brought me a couple to go cups and a bag for all our food. And a whole to go box of extra rolls. He definitely went above and beyond for us.

It definitely paid off to be patient and not get upset and rude to anyone about having to wait so long to be able to order our food. Ended up being a great night at Texas Roadhouse!

This last week has been a busy one despite the fact I got sick Monday night when I got home from a VIP night at Zupas. Sad day! Just a cold but I couldnt seem to kick it. Had to go to work every day and I tried to email people instead of calling, which semi-worked. I was trying not to use my voice because it sounded so stuffy.  I had to cancel going to the mutual activity on Tuesday, roasting marshmallows (yum) and hotdogs (ick) ...we also had potential tickets to a movie screening but I didnt get off work in time to go claim them. Sad day! I ended up just staying at home not doing much which felt weird.

Wednesday the only thing I had going that i need to do was to participate in a focus group online about travel. It went from about 630-745pm and it was fun to get to know the other people in the group and collaborate with them. Being the only girl was kind of interesting. One guy was really intriguing, maybe about my age and he has traveled all over the world! He has lived off the grid for 6 months in CA. It would be cool to follow his adventures. 

Thursday I was still battling a really stuffy nose, a manly voice and little bit of a sore throat - mainly in the morning. I was taking OnGuard (DoTERRA) , putting Vicks on the bottom of my feet and on my chest and throat and taking some Echinacea. I had a Paparazzi Jewelry party planned for that evening and that day at work 2 people canceled coming and so did a couple other friends. Made me pretty sad because I tried to get the word out but it's just a really busy time of year for people. I get that, but if its something I really want to do or a friend I really want to support - I dont care how busy I am. I will do all I can to arrange things so I can stop by. Esp if its a come and go event - like what I was hosting. Kind of a bummer when other people dont feel the same way. I had 2 friends show up -thank you thank you! and a great friend who ordered a necklace when I posted a little collage on Instagram. I swore I was never going to do this again, its too hard to get people to come to anything I try to set up...Pinterest parties included.

Friday I met up after work with Laura, Rocky & his sister Rossmary at the expo center in Sandy for the "What A Woman Wants" show. They have these shows pretty often but I always end up going even though a majority of the same vendors are there. Rossmary had never been before and was really intrigued by it all once she got there. She got her hair braided, hair chalk in her hair and airbrush makeup done on her face. I got a henna tattoo on my hand which I was pretty stoked about. Stayed for a couple hours and called it good. I picked up Tony and we went to Holladay, to El Chihuahua to meet up with my friend Kylee from Las Vegas. I felt bad being all stuffy and with a yucky voice but it was really cool to see her and meet some of her friends.

Saturday! Oh Saturday! I was soo glad to get off work and have a lot of hours to do whatever I wanted to for my weekend. Tony & I helped my friend Emily get her table out of a storage unit in SLC and we took it up to her place in Layton. Got home and I felt awful. I ended up sleeping all afternoon while Tony went to study at BYU. I finally woke up and met up with a friend at Tai Pan Trading for the Waffle Love truck. Stopped by JC Pennys, 2 Michaels stores, Jamba Juice where I 'paid with Isis' and got a free Jamba, cold booster/blaster one and they messed up my drink by making too much? so I got a larger size than anticipated. That was cool! Came home and Tony was back but still doing homework. We ended up going to Walmart after midnight to get ingredients for feeding the missionaries dinner on Sunday. Then Sunday morning they called and canceled on us. Too bad they did because the food Tony made was super delicious. They missed out!

Now it's Sunday night and I just finished watching the American Music Awards a couple hours ago - it was good, I liked the performances by Luke Bryan , Macklemore and Florida Georgia Line & Nelly. I finally opened my laptop which I have not done for the past few days - rare thing for me! I'm behind on so many things but it was easier to lay on the bed next to Tony with my ipod touch in my hand , trying to keep up to speed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and reading emails but not responding to anyone.  

How do you battle being sick with a cold? How was your week and weekend, do anything fun? Tell me in the comments below!

First, just wanted to let whoever is reading this know that I posted about going to Glen Canyon Dam in Page AZ on mine and Tony's travel blog so if you want to check that out and see a ton of nice pictures...go do that! I need to be better about posting on the travel blog....I need to post more of the Page trip and there are a few other trips (including Labor Day weekend in Idaho with Tony's family!) that I still need to blog about. Need...want...I def. want to! and need, because I dont want to leave anything, esp big things - undocumented.

I went to a blogger event tonight that happens once a month called Connective Circle. It's a series of workshops and social events and they are always really good & I usually learn a lot. Most of the time they are held on a Tuesday night which doesnt always work (I often pick it over going to YW's though...cough) but this time they had it on Wednesday which was nice because it's usually a night of the week I dont have anything going on (lies - usually I do). It's not free to go but it is worth the money. I will blog more in detail about at Stacie's Place - uhh the other Stacie's Place. 

For now, I will grace you with a picture from tonight that Aimee took for me.
Everyone loves a hat that can hold chips and salsa for you (kinda like in Despicable Me 2).

So last week I started a brand new job after being let go from my previous job, had a couple weeks off to chillax and send out resumes. It was a nice break. In the past all my jobs have been found on Craigslist, but this job I got was actually on KSL. 

I felt like I totally bombed the interview (in a bad way) and left feeling like whatever was going to happen would happen, I did the best I could. There were 3 people in the room for the interview and that makes me even more nervous than I already am at interviews! So I was really surprised when I got a call a couple hours later saying they wanted to hire me. I was pretty shocked! 

November 4th was my first day at this company called Symbiot, but most of our customers know us by Integrated or Pipeline. Basically I do customer service for companies who need things done at their business or location. We are a "maintenance management company." For example, servicing cell phone towers if there are weeds or broken locks, sending out snow plows for jobs on the east coast, repairing pot holes at a daycare playground area, etc. These are some of the things I have done or learned about already.

The first week was training in the classroom and some shadowing. There were 2 others being trained besides me. Yesterday was my first day out on the floor at my own desk with my own Outlook email and phone. I was really nervous about how things would go but it actually went a lot better than I thought it would. Hooray! I kept finishing the work I was given and had to ask for more. Got a high five from Amber (who trained me) and words about how well I was doing from my boss Aliesha, over Skype. This made me feel pretty good. I hope the rest of the week goes just as well.

I am usually not a fan of being on the phone but figured I would give this job a shot. I prefer doing the same job every day, working on my own. In this job it's something new and different every day and I'm on a team with 6 other people. Say what?! I've never been on a team before but so far it has been good. I hope it remains a positive experience. There are all girls and just 1 guy on my team. Everyone seems nice and genuine and ready to help me with any questions, which I am so grateful for.

- health insurance after 3 months
- opportunity for bonuses
- Friday breakfasts every week
- celebrating birthdays once a month (can you tell I like food?)
- close to my house & I dont have to drive on the freeway to work anymore :)
- my hours are pretty good
- opportunity to get paid vacation

- no hats (I cry...for reals...)
- no soft pants (in the winter I'm all about the soft pants..they keep me warmer than jeans!)
- no wifi password yet :-/
- no paycheck yet. I sure am anxious for it...6 more days!

Well, looks like the pros outweigh the cons. Even being on the phone hasnt been too horrible. Fingers crossed this is a job I can keep for a long time. Kinda tired of bouncing from job to job.

Do you like starting a new job? What are some pros and cons you have experienced? Comment below and let me know - I want to hear!

How crazy is this...I started this blog - with just one post - back in 2006! I forgot allll about it until my friend Aim brought it to my attention today that she had been thinking about me and my blogs and after doing some searching online, found this domain and it belonged to me! Wheee! Yay! I had totally forgotten about ever starting this blog but I sure am happy it's been found. I have so many blogs and I am going to use this one to tie them all together. I will also use this as a place to type and post whatever  is on my mind or that I want to share. Usually I would post my thoughts and feelings on a private blog but I think I will bring some of that here with whoever wants to read it. So stay tuned, I'm excited to organize everything!

I won this Diamond Candle in a blog contest and was super excited to find out I was able to choose any candle I wanted on the website. The candles normally sell for $24.95. I picked Vanilla Lime , it was a hard decision though - so many good flavors, I mean, scents. The categories for candles are floralfruityfoodfreshfall and life moments. A scent (or more) for everyone!

So when you burn the candle for awhile, in my case I put it under a bulb that just melts the wax instead of burning the wick. This is why my picture above looks really dark on the top part of the candle because that is the part that was melted.

I didnt have to go down too far to find a small piece of foil that would have a ring inside. Yes, these candles have a ring inside worth anywhere from $10-$5000! I was not that lucky to get a ring worth a lot but I am really happy with what I got and it fit perfect ( I wear size 8 )

Side view

Another side view

Ah, it was pretty cool to unwrap the foil packet to see what ring would be inside. The candle smells awesome and I have it downstairs right now and even though our place isnt huge, you can tell it smells great whenever the candle is burning/melting. 

Have you ever gotten a Diamond Candle before? What scent did you get? Let me know in the comments!

I rented this car from a rental company down the street from me for my trip to Las Vegas. I was supposed to get an economy size car but there were non s when I went to pick it up on Friday afternoon. 

Idaho plates, that's what I got. 

Leg room and seat space seemed good. I liked the pockets in the back of the driver and passenger seats. 

Sport button. Didn't make a difference it seemed when it was turned on. Had to re-turn it on every time I got back in the car. 

These vents were able to spin 360*. I liked that. 

Storage space for sunglasses and that tiny hole in the right? Had a weird orange light that was very dim. Only came on at night. Not sure what it was for. 

I'm a fan of the built in light here. Handy. 

I like the auxiliary port always. Probably because my current car doesn't have one built in. The big round button near the top in the middle - this was the volume. My hand could never find it unless I was looking. I think I'm just used to where mine is at (left) on my car. 

There was a lot of information in that middle box about gas mileage and apparently it tells you how many miles you can go before you have to get gas. Didn't discover that until after the trip though. Darn! 

Overall I did not care for this car. I thought it should have gotten better gas  mileage than it did. I think I got about 25mpg in the freeway. 

The main thing I didn't like was that I couldn't see over my right shoulder well at all. I had to sometimes ask my friend to make sure I was clear to move over or sit up a lot higher in my seat or rely in the side mirror.

I missed my Bluetooth connectivity and being able to control the radio from the steering wheel. Overall I would not buy this car in real life. Giving it a 4 rating (on a scale of 1-10) since my :-| face didnt show up for some reason.

My blogger friend Sarah posted on Facebook about the opportunity to test drive a car from Ken Garff Honda of Orem and be treated to a meal. Free food? Test drive a car with no pressure of a salesperson? Count me in! We started out with a drive over to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I got the spaghetti with mushroom sauce. So delicious!

Can't forget the spumoni!

Now on to some of the features I loved most about this car.

Loved this button to turn on and off the car. No need to put a key in! This is handy esp at night , you dont have to fumble for your keys in the dark.

Want better gas mileage but a little less power in the engine and ac? Pressing this button gives you better gas mileage. I think I'd have that button pressed all the time!

I would totally use the heated seat feature in the winter here in Utah

Super love that there is an auxilary port and place to plug in a USB. I get excited when any car has this because my car currently does not have this feature

I backed into this spot with never turning my head. I went super slow, was nervous but I did it! The camera also can be switched to look at the ground underneath the car where the camera is.

Need to pass someone but feel like someone might be in your blind spot? It's one thing to turn your head quickly to check and see but it's a whole other thing to just turn on your right blinker in this car and look at the dash which shows if there is a car in your blind spot and if it's safe to move over. I've never seen this feature in a vehicle before and I liked it a lot. 

Sarah had her phone synced up via bluetooth so we could listen to her music, some fun tunes! It was quick and easy to do and I believe you are able to sync up more than one device which is nice. 

White lights, nice for your eyes when driving at night. I also liked the feature that says what the temperature is outside. Very handy.

One thing I didnt take a picture of but that I liked a lot was that the back seat was very roomy and spacious. Lots of leg room. 

I'm more into hatchback style cars right now but i did love the design  of this car and would add it to the small list of cars I'm considering after I sell my current car.

Bye Maddie! It was so fun to hang out for a couple hours and get to know you and your cute kids and this awesome car better!

So I recently saw this nailpolish at Target on sale for a couple dollars off and thought I would get it and test it out. It sure felt like sugar on my nails, just how it looks in the picture. Like sandpaper, coarse and a little rough. I painted clear polish over a couple of my nails to see if it made a difference and it did not really , which I was surprised at. I super love the color but not sure that I like the gritty feeling on my nails. I will probably wear it again though just because the color is so awesome but maybe I'll try 2 coats of clear instead of 1.

Have you tried this? How do you like it?

This is my second box from Love With Food so I thought it might be cool to review a little bit of it. I actually won the first box in a blog contest and I have not canceled the subscription yet. It's $12/month which isn't terrible but when you are trying to save money for big life things you try to cut out all the little things. 

Here's a closer picture of the box and here are a couple items I really liked 
(besides the Necco's...)

I am not a fan of figs but this Fig Bar - Strawberry was so delicious. There were 2 pieces inside and the flavor was really good, not grainy. I'd eat this again as a snack.

This was my #1 favorite in the box I think. Not huge into salted caramel stuff either but this....was so delicious in my mouth. Starts out tasting sweet like caramel popcorn but then my mouth filled with a salty yet still sweet flavor. I wish I had a bigger bag of this!

Overall this is a great way to try samples of food you might not get to try usually. You can order more from their website or possibly find some of this in a local store. 

Learn more and sign up here 
Sorry I dont have a coupon for you guys!

I learned very recently (thanks @imtopsyturvy & @utahsweetsavings) about a fantastic new store opening up across from South Town Mall in Sandy called Hut No. 8. Right now they are looking to buy gently used name brand clothes and I went in yesterday with 3 bags of clothes to try my luck. 

If you cant stay while they look through your clothes, they let you leave the store and come back later in the day. if you don't have time to stay. It sounds like it takes about 45 min for them to go through a few bags of clothes and decide what to give you for them. I thought that was nice to be able to leave and come back later.  I had a little time to stay and look around so while they looked through my clothes I browsed the racks. They have a small selection of guys clothes so far and quite a few clothes for the girls. I saw a dress, shirt and jacket + a pair of boots I liked. Fingers crossed they are there when I go back to shop!

Look how cool the ceiling is! I also love the wood floors and that the racks are not so jammed together that you can't comfortably shop. Def. a fan! (pun intended? there are a lot of ceiling fans to keep you cool while shopping!) 

I am into nail polish right now and thought these colors were so pretty!

So many jeans hanging neatly-I love the organization

One contest that is going on right now ....

If you see this little mini around town just take a picture and post a picture to Instagram or Twitter with this hashtag: #hut8mini Doing this enters you to win a coupon or gift card or even a free accessory to the store. 

The other contest is the interchangeable outfit wall where you can put together outfits and then Instagram it with hastag #hut8wall . Its a fun way to pass the time while you wait for friends to try on clothes or while you wait for an employee to go through clothes you bring in to sell. 

The prize will be announced at the beginning of each month for both of these contests and 
every month there will be a winner. That is pretty cool I think! 

I am also excited to see that they are opening 2 more Hut locations in Utah....SLC and Orem. 
They have other locations around the US as well so check out their site and see if you might 
be lucky enough to have a Hut No. 8 in your state!

This location in Sandy is having their grand opening on August 14th so if you have clothes you 
want to bring in to sell to them, please do it soon! On their Facebook page there is currently 
a coupon for an extra 10% back (either cash or credit) if they select any of your clothes. I chose 
a $30 credit to the store or I could have gotten about $26 cash in my pocket. 

Let me know if you have been in to a Hut No. 8 and what you think!

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