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Having Been Nominated....

Image not 1 but 2 girls online, I had to get this up as a blog post and it is way overdue!  I was nominated for the by Nicole and Jessica - thanks girls! The award has three parts: Answer the interview questions from the nominator. List 11 random facts about yourself. Nominate other blogs that are just getting started. Here is my interview: How long have you been blogging and why did you get started? I started in 2007 when I moved to AZ. I started it to keep in touch with my family who had moved to Idaho and my friends in California What is your favorite recipe of all time? My dad's noodles, meat and veggie dish. I dont know how he makes it, I just know that it is so so good. Are you a part of any public groups? I am not sure what a public group probably not. What was your favorite show growing up? 3-2-1 Contact on PBS. Shining Time Station, Reading Rainbow, Ghostwriter, Zoom and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yea..we watched quite a lot of PBS shows D

Leave No Regrets

I came up with this "motto" about half way through my mission one day, the words just popped into my head.  I think it helped me become a better missionary.  When you live life with this thought in mind I think you do a little more to be a little better because we don't know when our last opportunity will be to make an impact.  I forget my motto occasionally but I remember it better when I'm on a roadtrip and see something I want to take a picture of and remember.  Sometimes I think, oh we don't have time  to stop or, it'll be inconvenient to turn around but when I shove these thoughts out of my mind, I'm so glad I do because  I get some of the best photos or memories.  It's not always a photo but it's doing something that when you have a tiny thought of something you want to do and instead of dismissing it, you act on it, it creates some of life's best opportunities.  What have you done lately to 'leave no regrets' ?