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Bringing all my blogs together today!

I have so many things going through my head tonight so I thought I would write them down. Here goes! 

It's less than 40 days until Christmas and I have barely done any Christmas shopping. This is the first year in a very long time that this has happened. I tend to shop throughout the year. This year, not so much.

I do not want to be a crabby and stressed person in December but I have a feeling that's going to happen whether I like it or not.

I am already thinking of the Christmas themed Pinterest party but I have to make it through Thanksgiving first before I can commit fully to it.  I have a couple crafts I need to put together to make in Idaho with family and that combined with food we need to bring and planning a strategy for Black Friday's just too much to think about all at once. 

I guess I have Christmas on my mind. How ready are you for Christmas?

I refuse to decorate or have anything much to do with Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.

Moving on. Let's get more random.

Beachbody program and working out. I have so many friends in to it right now and it is kind of annoying but intriguing at the same time. I have no desire to work out and eat super healthy at the moment but maybe someday. So many people around me are having strokes it is not even funny. Some people die, this is so so sad to me. Others have no lasting effects from it it seems.  Other are affected in a way that it takes them awhile to recover. I have heard of 5 stroke scenarios now and they are all people I know or that a friend knows. Yikes! My Cricut machine. My Minc machine. So many great ideas in my head for projects I want to do but I do not make the time to do them. Work sucks up 8 hours of my day. Then there is school (which I love) , homework (which i usually don't mind) , community or blogger events, cleaning, errands, car repairs...and before I know it my craft time is whittled down to zero. I know its all about priorities...I hope the good ideas in my head don't disappear before I can get to them. Owl Cafe. This idea is still in my head. Maybe I can make it a reality someday. We'll see. I'm having a little more luck selling things online, just a little! But it's progress and I'll take it. My coworker offered to keep my bikes in her storage unit til February. Hip hop hooray! My sister is hopefully coming to pick up my extra washing machine any day now. I seriously just need a house. But I am still entertaining the thought of living in an airstream and traveling the US for a year or two or more. I can't believe both Tony & I graduate in the spring. Seems far away but also it doesn't.  I am excited to see what next year brings.

There's more in my head but its almost 230am and my eyes are closing. 

What random thoughts are in your head at the moment?

How many of you feel like it was a whirlwind of a summer? Inbetween working full time, 2 classes at LDSBC, homework, roadtrips and my husband's summer internship, I can't believe the long warm days of summer are over. Tear. I heart summer. 

Here are some links to what's been going on so you can catch up!

I got to go to the Mystery Escape Room at the Gateway mall in SLC. Does your city have one of these? It was a pretty fun experience!

There was a hot air balloon event every weekend in June, so crazy fun! I loved all the roadtrips and visiting some of my favorite small towns in Utah. We volunteered at an event in Springville which we had never gone to before.

There were not a whole lot of blogger events this summer but I did go to one at The Roll Up in Orem which has crepes - one of my favorite foods!

Tony & I had a fun little trip to Idaho for his nephew who got baptized plus we got to see family and hang out for a few days. That's always nice!

My friend offered me two tickets to the Neon Trees concert and Tony & I were able to go and have a really fun time.

This year marks the 10 year mark I got home from an LDS mission in Portland, Oregon. I just HAD to go back and visit and I actually bought plane tickets on my phone at the Neon Trees concert (before the show started, of course). This trip to Portland was one of THE BEST. Seriously. I have a few more posts to do about the trip but here's one to start you off

While I was in Portland, lucky for me, I got to take my friend Lindsay to one of my favorite craft stores - Craft Warehouse! If you have never been, you gotta go sometime! It's the best!

There are hot air balloons every year in Sandy which is basically down the street from where we live. I went in the morning and at night to see the balloons. So worth it!

I was super stoked to participate in The Color Run 5K again this year and some of my friends came which made it even better! I missed going with my sister but it was fun to go and still know people who would hang out with me. 

You may or may not know that my husband graduates in the spring and is applying for jobs all over the place. He didnt want the stress/hassle/trouble of transporting our honey bees when we move so he ended up giving the 2 hives of bees we had away to a couple who keeps bees and then harvested the honey that was left behind.

Bucket list item accomplished! I've always wanted to go to a lantern festival, especially after hearing / seeing so many pictures and video of the one in Las Vegas last year. Lucky for us, the Lantern Fest came to Grantsville and we participated as volunteers.

Not too many bummers happened this summer but one big one (more for our neighbors than us) was a 4plex fire just 2 buildings down from us one night. Scary stuff. 

I knew I had to embrace the fact that fall was here when I went to the annual KSL Preview night to see what new shows would be coming out this season. One of my favorite events!

I know a lot more of what I did is missing here but do not fear, I will link you to those posts next time! Leave me a link of something fun you did this summer & I will check it out and leave a comment. 


Times are changing, the world is crazy. Things will change in my life, dramatically or not, maybe even less than a month from now. What I do know is that I never want to forget these days. Mainly in my own personal life.

I never want to forget the times when Tony is in school or working his internship and we dont get to do as much together because he is busy with all that. His working on a website for BYU or endless hours of studying with his headphones in or falling asleep with his laptop.

I do not want to forget when I decided to go back to school to get a degree in Social Media Marketing after not being in college since 2007 and the fun times, things I learned and the friends/connections I made and continue to make. Winning the selfie contest on the LDSBC Facebook page, that was fun.

I do not want to forget living where I live. It may not be my dream home but it's what I've known for the past 4 years since living in Utah. The crazy neighbors. The cool neighbors. Swamp coolers. Thieves. Paying an awesome price (to us) for rent. Access to the freeway and Bank of the West. Peruvian Restaurants. 

I do not want to forget the fun roadtrips and places we go. National Parks. Hot Air Balloons. Airbnb. Couchsurfing. Hiking. Camping. Smores. Our tear drop camper. Rideshare. Numerous trips to California, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.  Sometimes Wyoming. Traveling to Vegas for CES. Our travel blog. Documenting with tons of pictures. Camping with friends. Camping together. Snuggling under the stars. Foil dinners. 

I want to remember my ward and the people I met. The friends I made that always moved because they bought a house. My long calling serving in the Young Women program and now as Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. Ward parties. Service projects. The occasional Relief Society activity. 

I want to remember all the jobs I had here in Utah after my work from home job with AZ ended. So many jobs here because they were through temp agencies. Weir Minerals. Integrated Services. WGU. Tai Pan Trading. Being on unemployment multiple times. The stress of looking for work and submitting my 3 jobs a week.  The fun of having freedom every day but knew it wasn't going to last forever. Employers that treated me nice. Employers that treated me not so nice. Making lasting friendships with at least 1 person at each job I've been in. 

I want to remember my hobbies and things I like to do. Hanging out with my sister and her boys. Going to garage sales every Saturday. Attending blogger and community events. Food truck roundups. Car shows. Trying new restaurants. The dollar theater. Festival of Trees. Womens Expo. Scrapbook Expo. Pinners Conference. Build Your Blog Conference and soon Snap Conference. Doing crafts with friends and Pinterest parties. Having to celebrate Daylight Savings again. My Pass of All Passes. RSL games and the oval track at Rocky Mountain Raceway. Endlessly cleaning my place and trying to get rid of piles and working on downsizing. Movies in the park. Going to the drive-in in Tony's truck with our bean bag chairs. Comic Con. Seeing the Tree of Life at Christmastime in Draper. The 12 Days of Christmas. Traditions for the holidays. Playing the Wii. Buying and selling things on KSL and the yardsale pages. Going to Tony's work Christmas party and getting my our name drawn for an iPod touch or National Parks pass. General Conference Weekend. Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork. 

Next year Tony graduates. I will be done with over half my classes that I need to graduate. He is applying for jobs in other states. Who knows where we will end up or how we will live. In an airstream traveling all over with telecommuting jobs? Buying a house with more room and a yard with a firepit and garage? Renting again?

I am sure there are many things I am forgetting but this is what comes to mind at 2am. It's overwhelming to think about all the changes that will be coming up but I know one thing that won't change, that I do not ever want to forget these days.

WHY do I feel the need in my life to have so many choices! I am starting to realize that it just makes things harder instead of easier.

Take for example, clothes. Those who know me well, know I have a lot.  I say I wear at least 90% of what I own, depending on the season. I like to have options because I have a lot of colorful shoes that I need to coordinate with my outfits, right?

But having so many options gets overwhelming and makes me late for work.  3 pairs of gray pants, 3 pairs of black pants and brown pants, skinny jeans, athletic pants, leggings...I wish I could decide what I liked best and just stick with that, but I cant seem to do that. For awhile I was in to the colored or patterned jeans but lately I just dont want to wear pants. Haha, just kidding. I just want to wear soft , comfortable pants. Not pants that are tight on my legs. It just feels so restrictive. Maybe I need to lose some weight? Or get a little less skinner type of jeans? No! I have too many pants already. If anything, I should be downsizing in that area. I dont know why I struggle each day to figure out what color to wear. Its not a huge struggle but I need it to be faster than what the routine is right now.

Shirts. Tons of shirts. Long sleeve, short sleeves, quarter length sleeves and capped sleeves. Shirts for layering, like tank tops. Plaid short and long sleeve shirts. Shirts for Sunday. Shirts with logos. So many shirts in so many colors. Owl shirts and bird shirts in general are something I am a #1 fan of so I have a fair amount.

Dresses. Skirts. Maxi skirts and knee length skirts. Wrap dresses. I like to take my #ootd and #selfiesunday pictures for Instagram and dont want to post the same dress every week. It would be nice to just have 3-5 things I can mix and match instead of 15 different options in my closet. If only it were that easy. I have colors for fall/winter and spring/summer. Sunday clothes are not things I wear during the week unless a dress-up event is going on. My Sunday clothes tend to be a bit dressier than what I wear on a day to day basis.

Jackets. Hoodies. Sweatshirts. Button up and zip up jackets. Jackets/sweaters for church because the building is cold - even in summer. Work is cold with the ac blasting - even in the summer I am sure. I have the bigger closet where we live and its full from end to end. A smaller section is dresses and a couple hanging organizers but the rest is jackets. 2 jackets from my mission are still hanging in there. Shameful I guess to have held on to them for that long. 

With all the clothes I have.. I do try to recycle, ie: post them on apps like Mercari and Poshmark in hopes of selling them for a few dollars. I post them on the yard sale pages with usually not much luck. I would love to host a clothing swap with friends but nobody has seemed too interested. I did host one once and my sister + 1 friend came and we had a blast but it would have been cool to have more people there. 

Pretty much all the clothes I buy are from Savers or D.I to be honest. Sometimes garage sales. A few have come from stores like Plato's Closet, Uptown Cheapskate and Hut No. 8.  I rarely pay retail price for clothing. My like for clothing seems to change so muc that its not worth spending $30 on a shirt because I am only going to like wearing it so many times.  Why am I this way? Is it because where I live has so many shopping options around me?

I have recently heard of a minimalist living lifestyle and it intrigues me. I have been slightly tempted to give it a try and challenge myself to do it but am afraid of failing I guess because I have so many favorite shirts, dresses, jackets and pants. How do I narrow it down and decide!? I have tried the 'turn your hangers backwards and when you wear the item, turn the hanger forwards' and it has worked a bit but my closet, especially the one with jackets, is kind of tightly packed so its hard to do that. 

I wish I knew why I felt the need to have choices that run from A to Z instead of just a few choices , those can be my A,B,C. It is nice not having to do laundry very often because I dont run out of things to wear however, I spend a lot of time deciding what to wear sometimes and it feels so ridiculous that it should take that long. I will put an outfit on and decide I dont like the way it looks or fits, throw everything off and try again. Oye. 

My sister has helped me match up shirts to skirts which I think has been really good to have every outfit hanging in the closet, ready to go. I need to be more strict with myself that when I put an outfit on, if I dont like it for whatever reason, it needs to go in the donate pile. I cannot keep hanging on to items that I constantly tell myself that I will wear another time. It's a waste of time and space.
Have you run into this problem? How do you combat it or are you still trying to figure out a solution?

Tony and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary last weekend by going to southern CA to do some fun things such as Medival Times dinner, Universal Studios and the beach. We stayed the night in Vegas and my Macbook started making a crunchy sound. Tony told me to shut it down and don't turn it on the for the rest of the weekend because my hard drive was crashing. Scary and sad! Luckily we were able to save everything plus most everything was backed up. Friday morning when we woke up, my iPod touch restarted for no reason and did not want to get off the reboot screen no matter how much we tried. There went my camera for the weekend, or so I thought. Once we arrived in L.A. , Tony, who is not a fan of Apple at all, esp iTunes, installed iTunes on his laptop and set to work to fix my iPod. I had already gotten on Craigslist to see about buying another one but by the time we went to Universal Studios on Saturday, he had the iPod up and working again! So amazing he was able to fix it at all. I seriously thought it was toast.

It took a bit longer for my laptop to be fixed but the new hard drive arrived on Saturday & Tony was able to install it as well as the new OS (which is so different from what I had before!) and I have lots more room to hold all my pictures and files now. Okay, a majority of what is on my laptop is pictures. It will be nice to get organized and back to blogging again. I can blog on the other computer but have to email pictures to myself, 5 at a time, so it can be cumbersome.

I had a fantastic weekend with Tony & we have 1 more week together before his internship starts and things get cray cray. These will be blog posts coming soon if they have not been written and scheduled already.

Friday night we went to our ward YW dinner and girls camp fundraiser - dessert auction.

Then we headed to SLCC for the Bruin Bash, one of my favorite fun things to do in Utah.

Saturday we slept in and lazed about until we headed down to Payson for a tour of the new LDS temple. Then we went to Orem for lunch.

Got back late in the afternoon and I did some cleaning, tv watching, iPod playing,etc until I saw a post on Facebook that a swarm of bees was up for grabs.

I can't wait to blog about this - we went to catch our first swarm of bees and we both got stung in the process. It was super scary but we managed okay.

Sunday was church, I feel like I haven't been in forever. It was nice to have not much else planned for the rest of the day except to spend time together and go check on the bees.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to the Tulip Festival in the evening at Thanksgiving Point.

My sister is in Peru and will hopefully catch all her flight so she should be back Monday night as well.

Sandra is back at work after a week long vacation in CA and my coworker Tiffany and I could not be more relieved. 

School starts on Wednesday so that will be interesting! 2 new classes and most likely rooms full of students I don't know + a new schedule to get used to.

How about you? What fun things are going on in your life? Leave me a comment and let me know!

My social media marketing strategy class put together this video to help drive donations for Operation Underground Railroad. It was quite the process to put this all together. I was there the day most of this was filmed and my sister brought her boys to be in it. My nephew Riley made it into the scene with the kids at the playground. It's been really neat to watch this all come together. 

Check it out and share it on your social media accounts. Plus consider donating $5/month to help rescue a child from slavery. You can visit Operation Underground Railroad on Facebook too to check out a competition going on where you can win some O.U.R swag.

Here are some new blog posts to check out!

One of our favorite places to eat, The Habit

Free Ice Cream night at Dairy Queen

Celebrating Pi day with food and fun

As you can tell by the links, they all revolve around food. Oh well, sometimes its like that!

Just wanted to say Hello! to anyone new who might be reading my blog since snagging my card at Build Your Blog conference over this past weekend. I got home Saturday evening and my head was spinning with all the awesome things I learned, people I met and fun experiences. I cant wait to write out everything in the next day or two.

In the meantime, I have a big'ish project due for one of my classes on Saturday but I want to turn it in earlier since I may be going down to southern UT this weekend - all depending on the weather. Not sure what happened to the early spring Utah was getting but winter seems to be back. It may look nice outside but it's a trick because it is icy cold! Every time I look at the weather for Kanab, its a mix of snow and rain. Bad bad bad. Hot air balloons can't go up in that kind of weather! Hoping and praying for a miracle. I have wanderlust so much right now.

What's new with you? Let me know and link me to your blog too so I can come say Hi!

Many of you reading this are most likely aware that after my job at WGU ended in early November, I've been looking for a job and working with temp agencies. I've had interviews here and there but nothing happened from them. Until last Friday I got a call asking me if I was still looking for a job and would I like to come in for an interview on Monday. Stupidly I said I could, forgetting that Monday was a holiday. Oops. I had badly wanted to go to Capitol Reef National Park to see a friend, hike and do fun things but I was unable to find anyone who could come with so I decided not to change the interview and just stick around town for weekend. 

I went in at 10am for the interview...well I got a little lost but luckily was only delayed by a few minutes.  I started filling out paperwork and by the time everything was said and done , about an hour and a half later! they were offering me the job. I was stunned because I never had anyone offer me a job so quickly before, at least, not that I can recall. I was granted some time to think it over before I made a decision. I had another job that I was waiting for a 2nd interview for but after contacting them, the interview wasn't able to happen yet. I had another interview set up but I ended up calling to cancel when i realized and confired that it was only going to be a part time job. I didn't want to settle but I didn't want to keep waiting to start a job again either. I ended up emailing and letting them know I would accept their offer and come work for them. Hardest email I've ever had to send! It felt so good to know the job hunt was over but scary too because I don't want to let anyone down. 

So! I start Wednesday morning and I was luckily able to get Friday off for Build a Your Blog conference and L2E (college conference). Hallelujah. 

I think it will be challenging to go back to working full time after being off work for so long. I know the next few days will most likely be exhausting but hopefully not too terrible. More in the sense that instead of waking up at 8 or 830 , I have to get used to waking up at more like 7. Eesh. I've never been a good morning person but what can you do?! 

The job details are that I will be doing office work and data entry for a Utah based company that sells home decor. They have a few locations in Utah, a couple in California and one in Boise. Fingers crossed I catch on quickly to all I'm taught and that I fit in with everyone. There is one lady in the office that seems in charge, one girl hired a couple weeks ago and then me. There is a guy who does payroll and HR then the people who work in the warehouse.  I think one of the owners comes in somewhat often and the other one works out of LA. 

And of course, after I send the email accepting the job, I get calls and emails from at least 8 companies today asking if they can interview me. No joke. was a focus group I had signed up for but still. Omgosh. Where has everyone been these last few months! Serously. 

Hoping I won't be too terribly nervous on my first day and that the time goes fast. I think I'll be ok but any extra prayers or good vibes you can send my way would be appreciated! 

Last Wednesday I got to go to Dev Mountain in Provo to hear YouTuber Stuart Edge speak. If you have not heard of him, definitely go check out his channel. He is pretty funny!

He spoke about "How To Be Funny & Make Money" which caught my attention although I did not know that was the topic before I went. What drew me in was who he is (I have seen him before and watched some of his videos) and there was free food afterwards. Spoiler alert - it turned out to be just cookies. All I wanted was real food! However, Sodalicious has fantastic cookies, esp their sugar cookies. 

Alright! Here are my notes, enjoy.

Figure out what you do. Figure out who you are. 
Don't paint yourself in a corner 
We paint ourselves as something. Facebooker. YouTuber. Don't paint yourself in a corner. 
What/who does the real world say I am? Give yourself more room to grow. Vlogger? Ok a 
reality tv show. How are my ratings. How can I grow? Expand your brand. 
Figure out how we can make money 
Watch That Thing You Do movie 
With what you love to do, do you want to do that the rest of your life? 
Try and make money thru paid jobs. 
Comedian? Do commercials or shows. Pay based on talent. 
Sponsors - Plaid Social - Ricky Butler
People / sponsors who like YOU not your following 
Merchandise. Music. Video footage. Tshirts. Wristbands. 
Last: Ad revenue - avoid making money just on this. It can hinder creativity. 
Don't apologize! For making money. 
For putting an ad up. It's a turnoff. When big companies see that, they see you are not 
FOLLOW TRENDS. Trends are good. Hashtags. Harlem Shake. Ice bucket challenge. Trends are 
amazing. That's how you build a brand. That's what the normal person is watching. Is a way 
to show you know what you are doing. You know the current events going on. It's ok! 
Follow trends? But be original. You are creating your brand. It pays off. 
Make money off your talent and who you are. 
Creator studio on YouTube. Free music. Ad supported music. YouTube has music you can use. 
Agency Zephyr. Brock. Good brand deals for creators. 
Maker studios. 
If you are focused on ad revenue it's going to be hard to work with networks 
"Consistent content is a consistent audience." - Devin Graham
Stuart is talking about blogs! Blogs picking up his videos and sharing them 
The power of something stupid! Book by Richie Norton 
Just go out and do your crazy idea. Don't worry about what others think.  The brain is powerful. 
So...hope you liked all that and learned from it. I know I did!  I hung out a bit afterwards but got super shy and didnt talk to anyone so I just ate my cookie and people-watched for a bit before heading home. I feel like it was worth the 40 min drive there and back. Plus it was cool to hear Stuart speak in person and give personal experience and share some of his videos which I hadnt seen yet.

I've been upping my blogging lately and working on redoing what I do, as in, I have too many blogs and I am trying to think of what I can do to get rid of 1 or maybe 2 of them. In the meantime, while I figure that out, you may have noticed that Stacie's Place is now a .com! So excited to finally just DO that. I think it looks great and will be easier to tell people as well.

Check out the Valentine's Pinterest Party I hosted last week

I also took a quick trip to Idaho over the weekend with my sister and her boys

Tony & I got to go to Midway to see the ice castles for our first time ever.

 I blogged about some moving tips for moms (or anyone!)


have you heard of the Great Inflatable Race?

What fun things have you been up to lately? Link me in a comment below and I will come check it out or comment back!

I super love that the daylight is lasting longer. It's happening slowly but each day is a little better. The longer it stays the light, the more I feel like I can get done. Especially things outside.

These past few days I have gotten a lot better somehow about getting rid of stuff. Or at least, committing to get rid of it and organizing clothing , shoes, craft supplies and other items into a donate and sell pile. 

Unfortunately the pile to sell grows bigger and I am not really getting much sold. I did sell one item from the Facebook yardsale pages. I sold another couple items on eBay. Made less than $30 but something is better than nothing! More things are posted so fingers crossed I can make a few more sales. Eventually though I  will have to decide what to just let go because I just keep re posting, it doesn’t sell and it takes up way too much space.

The other day my friend came over and helped me go through my closet full of jackets and sweatshirts. She offered and I knew I had to get someone else helping me or I was just never going to do it. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I would find anything to get rid of because I wear so much of everything hanging in there, especially because its wintertime and long sleeves are handy. However, I was extremely shocked and also pretty happy, that I had a stack of items to sell or donate once we were done. She was so nice about it too! Much different from when my mom came and helped. My mom was helpful strict. All in all, I'm so grateful my friend came and helped because we were able to organize things better plus I learned if you zip up your jackets on the hanger, it gives you a little extra room. Who knew?! Well, probably everyone knew except me but, you know. It's a work in progress and I am so happy for what we accomplished!

Now, on to more tubs, boxes and the office/craft room. Oh my!

My first week (er, day) at LDSBC seemed to go well. I only had 1 fail where I had a smear of chocolate on my jacket. Maybe it blended in and nobody noticed (hopefully). Tony wasnt home to check me before I wrecked myself.  Sigh.
Luckily in my classes I dont feel like the oldest one. It feels like mostly a good mix. It will be interesting to go to class tonight and see who has still stuck around.

Tony and I are sharing a car at the moment. My poor HHR. Tony's poor truck. I feel like I dont have good luck with cars and I have not even had the HHR a year yet! Both of our vehicles are drivable but need work so its best to avoid driving them. My HHR died last week waiting for my sister in the Smith's parking lot. A kind teenager used his truck to help me jump my car. I got it home and it promptly died in front of my house. I started driving my Mazda again. I heart that car so much, despite its problems.

Since Tony had Monday off of work, we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch on Monday and a lady and her daughter pulled up in their Mazda Protege5! I get so excited when I see these cars. It took most of lunch to work up the nerve to go over and talk to them but I did it, on our way out, and the owner of the car gave me a high 5. She only has 80k miles on her car. Say what?! I can only wish my car had that many. It's currently at 220k. Later , driving down State St, they were driving next to us and they waved and gave us a thumbs up. Phew. I hoped I didnt appear all crazy eyes about Mazdas to them at the restaurant.

I went in to yet another temp agency on Monday to fill out paper work, do an Excel test and drug test, etc. Hopefully I can find a job soon.  I'll say though, it's been way nice not to have had work these last couple months. I've gotten so much done. I can hang out with my sister and her boys whenever. Or other friends. Or do errands during the day when its light instead of at night. So many pros...but also cons. Not having a paycheck really stinks and trying to sell things on the yardsale pages, eBay, KSL and Craigslist is super slow. 

At least I was able to pay for my first couple classes at school and for some car parts so Tony can fix the HHR.

These are just the ups and downs of life!

Am I going back to school? Yes. Hopefully. I sure hope so. Here's what is going on.

Late last year I heard a commercial on the radio I believe it was, for a degree being offered at LDS Business College in Social Media Marketing. It's an AA degree which I have already but that's okay. They offer a certificate starting in summer of 2015. I love being online, I love my social media and that degree sounded really fun to me. So I got the crazy idea in my head to apply. I put it off for a bit but with the encouragement of a friend or two, I thought, what the heck. So I filled out the FASFA and waited. Then Tony told me one day when we were talking about it, that I need to apply to the college I want to go to to find out if I will get accepted or not. WHAT?! I have only ever gone to Woodland Community College in California and everyone gets in, there is no 'applying'. So this is all new to me! I scrambled to start applying. This was in late December. Apparently LDSBC is like BYU and you have to get an interview with your bishop and stake president for an endorsement. 

Here is the nitty gritty of doing that! When I found out I had to meet with my bishop and stake president, it was right before I was headed to Las Vegas for CES. I scrambled and was able to get an appointment with my bishop on Monday Jan 5th at 530pm. Family night, so I felt bad, but there was no other way. I was supposed to click something on the website that alerted him that I needed to meet with him but I had no idea I needed to do that. Luckily we were able to do that part at the church, go through the interview questions and then he submitted his endorsement.
On Tuesday I had a job interview in the afternoon and then headed out to CES in Las Vegas. I also contacted the person in charge of scheduling interviews with the stake president and we set it up so that he would give me call for my interview on Wednesday evening. I am so glad we were able to do the interview over the phone! The stake president said he would submit everything he needed to within 24 hours.

Fast forward to Friday. I had been checking and checking my application status and the bishop and stake president endorsement still said 'pending'. Back story, when I called the LDS Business College they told me that the 2nd had been the deadline to apply if I wanted to start Feb 1st! However they extended the deadline to the 9th. PHEW! Hooray for me! So on the afternoon of the 9th I called the Stake President at his house and his wife answered. I explained to her that this was an emergency situation , I needed to have his endorsement by 5pm. She got ahold of her husband and I finally got a text from him saying everything was done. 

Meanwhile, I had been on the phone, on hold for such a long time off and on in the afternoon (while at CES!) with the college, trying to find out what was left that needed to happen. They had not gotten my transcripts still and I had paid extra through the Student Clearinghouse website to get them emailed to LDSBC quickly.  I got a text and email confirmation that the college had received that yet when I called, they said they hadn't gotten it. Stress again! After some more checking, a dropped call, deadline coming closer, they finally said they had received it.


Everything was in. I had done everything I could do. Now I just had to wait and see if I got accepted. 

I ended up driving back from Vegas late in the afternoon on January 9th. As I drove, I could not get LDSBC and the degree out of my head. I wish I knew what was going to happen! I cried and prayed for awhile about it which is weird because I have never felt this passionately about doing something before. Wanting to get in to something where people had the ability to tell me a yes or no. I felt good about everything after awhile and was just going to leave it in God's hands with whatever was meant to happen, that I would be okay.

I have felt kind of lost lately, school wise. For the longest time I was okay with having an AA in General Education and I hated school, never wanted to go again. However, when this degree of Social Media Marketing came up, I felt so excited about it! I wanted to go take all the classes! Lucky for me they dont involve math so I should be okay. Hearing about this degree from LDSBC (a college I thought sounded cool to go to when I was a kid but I had forgotten about it for quite a long time) lit a fire in me and I felt like this is what I should somehow be doing. Especially since jobs for me in Utah have not stuck for as long as I would like them to.

My sleep schedule was all messed up from the excitement of CES and applying for LDSBC. I was up pretty late , I believe it was now Friday night/early Saturday morning. I checked my email and found one from LDSBC saying I had gotten accepted!!!!!!!!!


I couldnt believe it! It felt like a dream come true.

So, now to present day. I finally got set up on the website with my user ID and can register for classes. I was on a live chat with FASFA today because LDSBC told me it didnt look like I qualifed for FASFA. Are you kidding me?! Tony works pt and goes to school pt. His money goes towards school and his half of bills. That's basically it. If I want to go to school, I need to figure out a way to pay for it. I was super hoping FASFA would work out for me but for some reason it is not and I am pretty discouraged about that. I didnt work a full year last year due to being laid off from jobs a couple times. I'm not sure what to do. Without a job, I cant get a loan or pay for school. I am hoping and praying for another miracle so that I can attend on February 1st. There has got to be a way! I posted a bunch of things for sale online today but no interest so far. I have some money in savings but I have a ton of dental work that cant be put off much longer. It's hard to have faith! I yawn through those church classes that talk about faith because I've, "heard it all before" but as my dad always said, "knowing and doing are two different things." I dont want to get all church with this post (even though it is LDS Business College!Ha!) but now that I have heard zillions of lessons about faith, now I need to DO. Apply what I have learned. And its definitely not easy.

Maybe all my Facebook friends can donate $1 to me so I can attend for a semester. It wont even be full time because I have to work too. That's another issue, finding a job that will work with my school schedule. Tony sure is blessed to have a job that works with his school!

I am applying for scholarships and finding what else can happen to get some money so that I can pay for school. I'll keep having faith that somehow, some way , it will work out for me to attend. I thought getting in would be the hardest part but that was only step 1 in this journey of going back to school!

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