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Do You #PayWithIsis ?

I've been paying with Isis all summer and I love it!  Isis is a free app you can get on your phone and use if your phone is equipped with NFC. You can see if your phone qualifies here . It first was only available in Utah and Texas but has recently become available nationwide.  Basically when you hook up your credit or debit card, you can pay with the Isis app. Handy not to have to carry a wallet around, just a phone! In order to promote the app, Isis has teamed up with places in Utah such as restaurants, a movie theater, a grocery store and more to give $1 deals. Isis is paying these places the difference so the companies arent losing anything by participating.  Here are some of the deals Tony & I have enjoyed using a lot and these promotions are good (in Utah) until the end of the year. - $1 medium pizza with a topping from Wasatch Pizza. You can order more than one at a time but have to scan  your phone for each transaction separately. Tony ordered 30 pizzas onc

It Pays To Be Patient

I was craving kabobs from Texas Roadhouse on Saturday evening but by the time we were able to go, it was after 11pm and they were closed. I mentioned it to Tony on Monday that we should go share a kabob for dinner and to my surprise, he agreed.  We got in and seated without too much of a wait. We scarfed down our four hot buttery rolls and waited. And waited.  I was very thirsty. Servers were walking past us, serving tables, cleaning up tables and we waited. Finally we got the attention of our server, Clay and he was so apologetic that we had been sitting waiting so long to order. I knew exactly what we wanted; kabob with meat done medium well on a bed of rice with a side of mashed potatoes. Brown gravy on the side. I wasn't expecting him to say, "What else can I get you? It's on me. How about some blooming onions?" I was so taken aback. He kept trying to make it up to us!   Turns out the couple before us had sat there forever, for so long after they paid the

Busy Being Sick or Something

This last week has been a busy one despite the fact I got sick Monday night when I got home from a VIP night at Zupas. Sad day! Just a cold but I couldnt seem to kick it. Had to go to work every day and I tried to email people instead of calling, which semi-worked. I was trying not to use my voice because it sounded so stuffy.  I had to cancel going to the mutual activity on Tuesday , roasting marshmallows (yum) and hotdogs (ick) ...we also had potential tickets to a movie screening but I didnt get off work in time to go claim them. Sad day! I ended up just staying at home not doing much which felt weird. Wednesday the only thing I had going that i need to do was to participate in a focus group online about travel. It went from about 630-745pm and it was fun to get to know the other people in the group and collaborate with them. Being the only girl was kind of interesting. One guy was really intriguing, maybe about my age and he has traveled all over the world! He has lived off

First Picture On This Blog! Woot!

First, just wanted to let whoever is reading this know that I posted about going to Glen Canyon Dam in Page AZ on mine and Tony's travel blog so if you want to check that out and see a ton of nice pictures...go do that! I need to be better about posting on the travel blog....I need to post more of the Page trip and there are a few other trips (including Labor Day weekend in Idaho with Tony's family!) that I still need to blog about. Need...want...I def. want to! and need, because I dont want to leave anything, esp big things - undocumented. I went to a blogger event tonight that happens once a month called Connective Circle . It's a series of workshops and social events and they are always really good & I usually learn a lot. Most of the time they are held on a Tuesday night which doesnt always work (I often pick it over going to YW's though...cough) but this time they had it on Wednesday which was nice because it's usually a night of the week I dont have

New Job, New Adventure

So last week I started a brand new job after being let go from my previous job , had a couple weeks off to chillax and send out resumes. It was a nice break. In the past all my jobs have been found on Craigslist, but this job I got was actually on KSL.  I felt like I totally bombed the interview (in a bad way) and left feeling like whatever was going to happen would happen, I did the best I could. There were 3 people in the room for the interview and that makes me even more nervous than I already am at interviews! So I was really surprised when I got a call a couple hours later saying they wanted to hire me. I was pretty shocked!  November 4th was my first day at this company called Symbiot, but most of our customers know us by Integrated or Pipeline. Basically I do customer service for companies who need things done at their business or location. We are a "maintenance management company." For example, servicing cell phone towers if there are weeds or broken locks, s

Super Crazy!

How crazy is this...I started this blog - with just one post - back in 2006! I forgot allll about it until my friend Aim  brought it to my attention today that she had been thinking about me and my blogs and after doing some searching online, found this domain and it belonged to me! Wheee! Yay! I had totally forgotten about ever starting this blog but I sure am happy it's been found. I have so many blogs and I am going to use this one to tie them all together. I will also use this as a place to type and post whatever  is on my mind or that I want to share. Usually I would post my thoughts and feelings on a private blog but I think I will bring some of that here with whoever wants to read it. So stay tuned, I'm excited to organize everything!