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Choosing A,B,C vs. A-Z

WHY do I feel the need in my life to have so many choices! I am starting to realize that it just makes things harder instead of easier. Take for example, clothes. Those who know me well, know I have a lot.  I say I wear at least 90% of what I own, depending on the season. I like to have options because I have a lot of colorful shoes that I need to coordinate with my outfits, right? But having so many options gets overwhelming and makes me late for work.  3 pairs of gray pants, 3 pairs of black pants and brown pants, skinny jeans, athletic pants, leggings...I wish I could decide what I liked best and just stick with that, but I cant seem to do that. For awhile I was in to the colored or patterned jeans but lately I just dont want to wear pants. Haha, just kidding. I just want to wear soft , comfortable pants. Not pants that are tight on my legs. It just feels so restrictive. Maybe I need to lose some weight? Or get a little less skinner type of jeans? No! I have too many pants

My Laptop Lives Again!

Tony and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary last weekend by going to southern CA to do some fun things such as Medival Times dinner, Universal Studios and the beach. We stayed the night in Vegas and my Macbook started making a crunchy sound. Tony told me to shut it down and don't turn it on the for the rest of the weekend because my hard drive was crashing. Scary and sad! Luckily we were able to save everything plus most everything was backed up. Friday morning when we woke up, my iPod touch restarted for no reason and did not want to get off the reboot screen no matter how much we tried. There went my camera for the weekend, or so I thought. Once we arrived in L.A. , Tony, who is not a fan of Apple at all, esp iTunes, installed iTunes on his laptop and set to work to fix my iPod. I had already gotten on Craigslist to see about buying another one but by the time we went to Universal Studios on Saturday, he had the iPod up and working again! So amazing he was able to fix i