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My OLW for 2019!

It took me a month to figure out my olw (one little word) for the year. After talking to my husband, taking an online survey a few times and talking to a friend or two, I settled on the word Engage. This year I want to engage more / better in a few areas. Church - with my calling as a visiting teacher (now called ministering sister) and with my newest calling as Young Women Girls Camp Leader. I guess that is the official name. Blogging - I feel like I've already done a better job in 2019 in being more engaged. On social media and my blog as well. If only I can keep it up the whole year I will feel accomplished in this area. Marriage - I find myself not totally listening 100% to Tony sometimes or when he talks, I'm on my phone doing stuff and I don't put it down and look him in the eye to give him my full attention and engage with what he is talking about. Hoping to do better in this area this year. Friends - mainly Facebook and friends I current

Do You Live In Utah?

This post contains an affiliate link Are you looking for something fun to do after Valentine's  Day to help keep the magic alive in your marriage? Check out this event - Register Here - where you will be entertained by a magician, speakers and the chance to win prizes including a trip to DISNEYLAND!  How cool is this?!