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Scoot Along to School with the Jetson Scooter!

Back to school time has arrived, or almost here for some of you! Maybe you have kids starting school or maybe you or your spouse are starting up this semester! There's not much better way to get to your destination (as long as your city has a way you can get to your school safely) than a scooter. Save your feet from walking some steps during the day. Keep reading to find out more.

My 10" Frying Pan Review - Mealthy

I was sent this Mealthy frying pan to test out and use. Since Tony does the cooking and I do the dishes and eating, I figured we'd make a good pair in using this pan.

Home Entertaining, Part 2

There are so many great places and ideas for entertaining in your home or future home. When you sell your home with Homie, they can send a photographer out to your home to get stellar shots - this is included in the price. They'll also use photos you took yourself in the listing if you want them to.
Here are some fun suggestions for entertaining that I saw in the UV Parade of Homes in June. These houses were in Provo, Orem, Lehi and other areas around Utah Valley.

Entertaining In Your Home

I don't know about you but I just love to invite friends over to hang out, eat, do crafts and connect face to face instead of online. How do you like to entertain? Is it something you enjoy or would you rather be the one being entertained? Keep reading to see how I entertain and what we have set up.

Master Bedrooms with the UV Parade of Homes

I was able to spend a few days going to the UV Parade of homes (last day is June 22!) and I went to every single home on the parade route. It was kinda crazy but really so cool to see so many amazing homes, gather ideas, take pictures and dream.
 I was able to attend the Parade of Homes this last week and did all 40 homes in 4 days. Say what?! It was a bit insane. I averaged 10 or so a day. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. It was quite the experience and kind of intense but it was so very fun!

Summer is Coming!

It's annoying when people are saying "Summer is here!" because no. No it's not. It's not here until the 21st of June. So..I'm not sure why they are saying it when the calendar isn't saying it. Even if the weather feels like it. Even if kids are out of school. It's not technically summer. Soon enough! It's already starting to heat up here, later than usual, but we've already had a low 100* day. Eesh! Take me somewhere cooler, right?! I do like the heat but in a house with only a swamp's less than fun. Especially on the super hot days. Come summer here I get less motivated, more sluggish, tend to be unmotivated...I just need to get to steppin' earlier in the day when its somewhat cool out so I can lay down and do nothing while snuggling a frozen waterbottle in the afternoons.
I've been up to some fun things since I last wrote here. Check it out below!

Anniversary Weekend Fun -Six Flags!

Anniversary Weekend Fun - Knotts …

Utah Date Night Events!

Do any of these sound familiar? 
- “The babysitter cancelled. What do we do with the kids?”
- “Hmmm… well what movies are out?”
- “Last time we ate at Applebee’s, someone karaoke’d all 8 minutes of American Pie. Is anywhere else open?”
This is what A LOT of couples’ date nights look like… but there’s a better way. 
I'm teaming up with Utah Date Night, to help YOU see how incredible your date night can be when you let the experts take over. 
You'll laugh. You'll learn. And you'll leave more connected with your spouse than when you arrived. 
**And maybe win a trip to Disneyland.**
This is going to be the best Date Night yet, and it will sell out, so snag your tickets fast!

April is Hereeee and Almost Gone!

As you might remember from the last time I posted on this blog, March and April were going to be crazy busy months. Lots of travel, lots of conferences, a lot of events. It's all pretty much over for the most part but I do have another trip to Utah happening next week where I'll be volunteering at the Everything Food Conference and my parents are coming from Idaho to visit my sister, her family and me too!

Alt Summit Conference Recap
April Pinterest Party - Utah
March Pinterest Party - California
California Pinners Conference

Disneyland Deal 2019
Hot Air Balloons & Teardrop Campers
Teardrop Camper Rally - Day 1
Big Dunes
Rhyolite Ghost Town
Tethered Rides on Sunday
Dreamscapes Experience at Gateway Mall

March Updates!

Hey friends! Tons has been going on, as usual, since I set off running in 2019! February was full of hot air balloon events, finished up a trip to Utah, a Pinterest party and started working on rebuilding our teardrop camper - finally!

March ...well, we are only a few days in, really but there is quite a lot going on and upcoming that I am soo excited about!

First though, links to February posts:

Here You Go!

January was a whirlwind of a month. We just got back from visiting Idaho for Christmas and New Year's, then a few days later I headed to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. After that fun time, I was home for a few days and then drove to Phoenix to be in town to attend Creativation - a craft trade show I have gone to the last few years. It was really fun, lots of friends to see, brands to connect with and make and takes! Got back to California and unpacked, repacked and headed to Salt Lake City to volunteer at a conference called Silicon Slopes Tech Summit and spend time with family and friends. Plus! Host a Pinterest party. I will say I miss my husband and my birds a lot, it will be good to get back but I am making the most of the time I have on these trips. Minus the big snowstorm that shut many things down today and delayed my 'last day in Utah plans'. Eek! I'm not anxious to leave Utah but I have things to do in California so hopefully, I can make it back …

My OLW for 2019!

It took me a month to figure out my olw (one little word) for the year.
After talking to my husband, taking an online survey a few times and talking to a friend or two, I settled on the word Engage.
This year I want to engage more / better in a few areas.
Church - with my calling as a visiting teacher (now called ministering sister) and with my newest calling as Young Women Girls Camp Leader. I guess that is the official name.
Blogging - I feel like I've already done a better job in 2019 in being more engaged. On social media and my blog as well. If only I can keep it up the whole year I will feel accomplished in this area.
Marriage - I find myself not totally listening 100% to Tony sometimes or when he talks, I'm on my phone doing stuff and I don't put it down and look him in the eye to give him my full attention and engage with what he is talking about. Hoping to do better in this area this year.
Friends - mainly Facebook and friends I currently talk to often or would like to …

Do You Live In Utah?

This post contains an affiliate link
Are you looking for something fun to do after Valentine's  Day to help keep the magic alive in your marriage? Check out this event - Register Here - where you will be entertained by a magician, speakers and the chance to win prizes including a trip to DISNEYLAND!  How cool is this?!