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Bringing all my blogs together today!

You guys - how is July soon to be over already!? Aiii! I cant even! It's my birthday month and has been so very busy! 

We finally took our Yosemite trip which was good and bad so read the post to find out why! We also took our teardrop camper out camping for...the 2nd time this year? So very fun even though there was a dead fox by it when we came back to our campsite. 

I also did the succulents and cactus themed Pinterest party in Ridgecrest which was awesome to do because I've been planning it forever it felt like!

I am back in Utah until the middle of August which I am very excited about - to be back here and doing a ton of fun stuff! Conferences, wedding reception, maybe a bridal shower, seeing family, blogger events, eating too much good food, an owl prowl, wildflower festival, seeing friends and I am going up to Seattle for a week to visit my sister and watch her kids while they celebrate their 10 year anniversary as well!

I cant wait for Tony to come out here in a bit and we will go do a bunch of fun things I am planning. Still in the works! Maybe Lagoon? Timp cave hike? Hot springs? We love Maddox and their rolls and much to do but so little time. 

Stay tuned for links to more fun and be sure to follow me on IG and FB!

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I have quite a few blogs and I just feel like I need to tie them all into one place so this is where I decided that is going to happen. I'll still be blogging on my other blogs but I will link all my posts to this blog so you can easily find them. We'll see how it goes!

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