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OLW - 2023!

  I can't believe the new year is here, again. This means I am back, with my one-little-word I want to work on this year. And it will be work ! I put that graphic on my Instagram stories and nobody sent me a guess. I suppose it was too hard of a word to unscramble? I am kidding... So let's get to it. My word for the year is  PIVOT Pivot .  I fought this word for a bit. I did not want it. I did not like it. It feels scary. It feels like big changes and I do not care for big changes, mainly ones that are out of my control. It kept coming back to my mind though and I couldn't shake it loose. So this is the word it shall be for me to focus on in 2023. The definition of pivot online is "to turn or rotate." There are some things in my life I need to turn/rotate I suppose.  This is my brain dump so bear with me.  In years past, picking one word to work on for the year, I wanted it to cover all aspects of my life. Social media, family/friends, church, get the id