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Let Me Link You Up

I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's day last week, whether you are single, dating, engaged or married, I think it can be a fun day. It all depends on how you look at it. Tony & I did some fun things which I will be blogging about soon, but for right now, take a look at the Valentine themed Pinterest party I hosted. Too fun! I got to go see the Sacramento Kings play the Utah Jazz at the end of January with a couple friends. It was so fun to hang out with Nicole and her friend and watch our hometown team play. Super huge thanks to Nicole for picking me up because my car was leaking radiator fluid like crazy so I didnt trust driving it anywhere, esp. all the way downtown. Tony wasnt home so she was my only hope! Or I could have ridden the train I guess... I am in love with the new Cricut Explore machine . It slices, dices, cuts, draws and more. I was stoked to be able to play with it some last week and get to know how to use this awesome crafting tool better.  Hav

Bests & Worsts

Wednesday wasn't the best of days but I guess it wasn't the worst of days either. Here's what went down... Bests I used my Cricut machine tonight to attempt to make something cute for Valentine's Day for my team at work Tony and I had good conversation tonight about a whole variety of topics at dinner and while we were driving out and about tonight I think I got my UPS delivery problem resolved (see below) I found out that on Thursday at work, Costco is coming to sign people up for memberships if they want one and also bringing everyone pizza. Awesome. Nobody called and yelled at me at work today. I use the term 'yelled' loosely. I pretty much spoke to nice or semi nice people all day. Win. I thought about the new Cricut Explore machine all day at work today and it helped me get through the day even though the last hour I was super antsy to leave. Tony & his cousin are working on a Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees and my friend Zina s

3 Months to the Day!

Last summer was a crazy one job wise. I ended my position at BMI Systems Group out of Arizona after 5 years. I had 2 temp jobs in the summer here in Utah after that but neither one panned out like I hoped they would. I was looking on KSL Classifieds one day and saw a customer service job to apply for. I was a bit hesitant because I'm not a fan of working with a lot of people and I didnt want to get roped into working at a call center.  Fast forward a bit, they responded to my resume, I got called in for an interview, I got called the same day and offered the job. Passed my drug test (thank goodness they snip a few hairs now for that) and got a desk , computer and phone. Was put on what I now believe (and was told when I started) the best team to be on. My supervisor is great, my teammates/coworkers are pretty nice and I've made a couple friends too. We work hard and get a lot of work orders. My team has won the monthly bonus twice now (once right before I came) and we came