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I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's day last week, whether you are single, dating, engaged or married, I think it can be a fun day. It all depends on how you look at it. Tony & I did some fun things which I will be blogging about soon, but for right now, take a look at the Valentine themed Pinterest party I hosted. Too fun!

I got to go see the Sacramento Kings play the Utah Jazz at the end of January with a couple friends. It was so fun to hang out with Nicole and her friend and watch our hometown team play. Super huge thanks to Nicole for picking me up because my car was leaking radiator fluid like crazy so I didnt trust driving it anywhere, esp. all the way downtown. Tony wasnt home so she was my only hope! Or I could have ridden the train I guess...

I am in love with the new Cricut Explore machine. It slices, dices, cuts, draws and more. I was stoked to be able to play with it some last week and get to know how to use this awesome crafting tool better. 

Have you entered to win a wood watch yet? There are about 13 days left in the contest so you have some time to enter but I would not delay if I were you. These watches look pretty cool, I love the design. 

Oh man, grilled cheese is one of my favorite foods and Cravings Bistro is not about just cheese and bread. There's so much more you can do with grilled cheese! They are moving locations so Tony & I ate at their (now old) location, one final time before they closed. If anyone in Utah ever wants to eat there with us in the future, let me know. We love it!

My font looks huge in "Large" size but too small in "normal" size. What do you think?

The hunt for a car goes on. Thought I had almost found the perfect car but luckily an extensive all over inspection at a shop on Wednesday uncovered a bunch of problems that I think raised a lot of red flags for me. So disappointing. I found the same car, less miles and less money, in Colorado. The problem is that a) someone else is interested and getting the money together tonight to buy it tomorrow b) no automatic window's or locks. I dont know if I can go back to the 90's! This is a car I would keep for 5 years or longer. Tony found a kit online that we can make the doors and locks automatic ourselves. Hmm. Need to figure this out really soon. I have a guy on State Street who is going to an auction on Friday again and has his eye on a car for me. I need to go south to some other places on State Street instead of north. Would be nice to find what I am looking for really soon. Car shopping gives me a headache. What task do you have to do that gives you a headache?

Wednesday wasn't the best of days but I guess it wasn't the worst of days either. Here's what went down...


  • I used my Cricut machine tonight to attempt to make something cute for Valentine's Day for my team at work
  • Tony and I had good conversation tonight about a whole variety of topics at dinner and while we were driving out and about tonight
  • I think I got my UPS delivery problem resolved (see below)
  • I found out that on Thursday at work, Costco is coming to sign people up for memberships if they want one and also bringing everyone pizza. Awesome.
  • Nobody called and yelled at me at work today. I use the term 'yelled' loosely. I pretty much spoke to nice or semi nice people all day. Win.
  • I thought about the new Cricut Explore machine all day at work today and it helped me get through the day even though the last hour I was super antsy to leave.
  • Tony & his cousin are working on a Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees and my friend Zina sent me a bunch of money from around the world that we could use to decorate the tree. So awesome! Tony had fun sorting it and making a spreadsheet all about it tonight. I enjoyed looking at the bills, Zina is such a world traveler! 


  • The IT guy at work, Brock, decided to 'pursue other opportunities'. Sad day. I was kind of shocked too that he all of a sudden left. I am sure he had thought about it for awhile ago and I hope he has a good plan B. He was a nice IT guy. Hopefully the new guy is nice too and sets up my iPad on the wifi, hehe.
  • I ordered a new case on Amazon for my iPad and it was supposed to arrive today. I got home from work and found a tag from UPS saying that my package required my signature. I had barely missed them by about 10 minutes or so. I called UPS and they said I could pick it up between 7-730 at their facility in West Valley. I get there at 720 and am told that the driver never took it off his truck.  So upsetting! I ordered the case over the weekend and have been patiently waiting for it to arrive.
  • We went to Pei Wei for dinner tonight because a) we didnt have any other ideas for dinner [bad Stacie, no meal ideas scheduled this week] b) I had a B1G1 for food at Pei Wei that expires on the 14th. We only ever eat there if I get a coupon. We went to the one on Fort Union instead of the one we normally go to on State Street in Sandy. They got my order wrong once. Brown rice instead of noodles?! Redid my order and forgot to put teriyaki on the steak. Thin carrot strips instead of sliced ones. First world problems I know but at least now I have lunches for the next few days.
  • I feel like I am often replacing the lights on my car. Tonight a headlight went out, $15 at O'Reilly! Luckily Tony paid for it since he was buying a bulb for his truck and also because I had paid for dinner.
  • I cant seem to get done with all I need to do before 2am the last few nights. It's okay but I feel like I fall asleep feeling like I haven't accomplished much and its hard to wake up in the morning (well, it always is). I make lists but sometimes I feel like doing nothing.  Such is life.
  • The craft I was trying to make with my Cricut Mini is on their website but I was unable to open up the .crr file which I thought might have pictures and step by step instructions on how to make this cute mailbox. So I got on YouTube and found this video but my pieces of paper were still not going together right! I didn't resize anything but it seems that some of my pieces are too small. No idea though. If you know of a good step by step instruction page I could look at or have any tips for me, let me know!
All in all it could have been a much worse day. Super looking forward to celebrating the 14th with Tony in the evening with dinner at a new place and an event at Blickenstaff's in Orem. Hoping to get out of town for the holiday weekend, we'll see!
What were the bests/worsts of your day?

Last summer was a crazy one job wise. I ended my position at BMI Systems Group out of Arizona after 5 years. I had 2 temp jobs in the summer here in Utah after that but neither one panned out like I hoped they would. I was looking on KSL Classifieds one day and saw a customer service job to apply for. I was a bit hesitant because I'm not a fan of working with a lot of people and I didnt want to get roped into working at a call center. 

Fast forward a bit, they responded to my resume, I got called in for an interview, I got called the same day and offered the job. Passed my drug test (thank goodness they snip a few hairs now for that) and got a desk , computer and phone. Was put on what I now believe (and was told when I started) the best team to be on. My supervisor is great, my teammates/coworkers are pretty nice and I've made a couple friends too. We work hard and get a lot of work orders. My team has won the monthly bonus twice now (once right before I came) and we came |thisclose| to winning in January. It was so close with one of the other teams that the results are still TBD.

I have learned a lot. I have learned to tolerate being on the phone. I have learned how to use NetSuite which is a computer program that all the work orders are on. There is so much more still to learn on that program but I feel like I am navigating it pretty well after 3 months. Thank goodness! I use Google & online maps more than I ever thought I would. I am learning how to work on a team and get along with others in a workplace environment. Cant wait to continue to learn more but I'd be happy doing regular work orders forever! lol

Not being able to wear hats and my sports wear is still tough and I know the no shorts policy in the summer will be hard but it's a trade off that has to happen at this point in my life right now. I know it wont be this way forever. Someday we will live in AZ again (fingers crossed) , someday I might have kids maybe and wont have to work....someday, so many things could happen.

Right now I just feel so blessed and grateful for a job that lets me work overtime occasionally if I want it, that I have a supervisor that understands my need for time off once in awhile and that for the first time ever in my life I'll have benefits.  Even though some days at work are hard and stressful I know this is where I need to be at in my life right now.

Someday (someday again!) I'll own a house in AZ and UT so Tony & I can travel back and forth and live in both states. Or maybe we'll upgrade our teardrop to an airstream and take a year off work to travel around the US.  There are so many options , stay tuned to where life takes me in the future!

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