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Diamond Candle Review

I won this Diamond Candle in a  blog contest  and was super excited to find out I was able to choose any candle I wanted on the  website . The candles normally sell for $24.95. I picked Vanilla Lime , it was a hard decision though - so many good flavors, I mean, scents. The categories for candles are  floral ,  fruity ,  food ,  fresh ,  fall  and  life moments . A scent (or more) for everyone! So when you burn the candle for awhile, in my case I put it under a bulb that just melts the wax instead of burning the wick. This is why my picture above looks really dark on the top part of the candle because that is the part that was melted. I didnt have to go down too far to find a small piece of foil that would have a ring inside. Yes, these candles have a ring inside worth anywhere from $10-$5000! I was not that lucky to get a ring worth a lot but I am really happy with what I got and it fit perfect ( I wear size 8 ) Side view Another side view Ah, it was p