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I have a couple really cool blog posts coming...the rest of the trip to Las Vegas is one and I went to the Museum of Ice-Cream! Ahh! So freekin fun. I went on Thursday actually and now it's technically Friday but yea. Got tons of great pics, you can see a few on my Instagram if you want a sneak peek.

Here's what else I've been blogging about!

Our Jockey Club experience in Vegas

Getting cool treats at Creamberry

Making neighbor Christmas gifts

Tried my hand at making unicorn ornaments

Hosted a Christmas Pinterest party

Prepped a craft with glass blocks

Visited my favorite rock houses

Visited a new national park - Cabrillo National Monument

Saw some new things in downtown LA

Saw the Trona Pinnacles, kinda!

First time at Belmont Park

It's been awhile since we've been to Monument Valley

Walked La Jolla Cove with a friend

Traveling tips when you involve food trucks

Took Tony's family to the La Brea Tar Pits
Horseshoe Bend - love this place!

I know, the day is almost done and I've been shopping and on the computer pretty much all afternoon and evening. It takes time, this online shopping! I only closed out of a few of my tabs but here's the stuff I did get that I am so excited about!

PJ's (panda and owl) for my nieces in WA from The Children's Place ($15)

Shirt, skirt and the cutest shoes from Downeast Basics ($30)

Hot air balloon owl fabric from Joanns ($10)

Half off images from Silhouette ($9)

Dress from Mindy Mae's Market ($15)

A Piano Guys cd ($5)

S'mores Woven Pear socks from Groopdealz

Membership to 365 Mile Challenge 2018!  ($15)

Craft tool on Amazon (affiliate) that is Sizzix and I've been on the hunt for it forever. ($10)

This is all I remember for now. I would love to do 15% off at and use my Kohls cash and Old Navy cash but time is running out and I'm getting kinda tired. I got such good deals on everything! I'm still a huge Cricut fan but I can't resist half off images that happen every Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The owl fabric I tried to get in Idaho but was unsuccessful. I knew about the panda pjs from a friend but the owl ones light up in the dark so of course, I had to get them! I heart Downeast Basics and the shoes are what I think I am most excited about from them. The dress from MMM is a wrap dress and I have 2 or 3 wrap dresses but this one is a bit longer so I dont have to wear leggings underneath. Anywhooo , what did you get for Cyber Monday?

Do you guys love Black Friday shopping or do you avoid it like the plague? I remember my mom taking me and my sister out when we were young..12? I am not sure, but to Joanns and it was Black Friday! We got up so early it was dark outside. When I became a few years older somehow my sister and I would do Black Friday shopping at the mall in Woodland, CA. It was better then than it is currently.

Now I'm married and my inlaws like to do Black Friday shopping and my siblings..not so much. Those that do are usually not able to come to Idaho where I am at for Thanksgiving so it ends up being me, Tony, his sister, sometimes other siblings, and his parents. We all start out shopping separately and then meet up. If someone wants something at a certain store and another person is starting out there, they pick it up for that person. It works out nicely.

This year it was a bit different, Tony and I started at Walmart at 6pm. We picked up a soundbar ($29), lots of pop sockets ($2/ea), some kids clothes for my nieces and nephews and a SD card for his mom ($8). This was pretty much it and even though the aisles were madness, we got checked out in no time. His mom had started earlier since they do their Thanksgiving on Saturday. She went to JC Penny and got a $10 off $10 coupon. Then she went to Best Buy to get the Ring doorbell for Tony & I for Christmas. Ahh I am so excited! We combined the $50/ea that she gives each kid & spouse and asked for the doorbell. I'm glad she was able to get it! I am not sure where Trishna started but she and her husband met up with us at Target and then we went to Old Navy, Michaels and Kohls. So convenient they were in the same parking lot.

Tony & I went to Gordmans, Shopko...and the rest of the night is kind of a blur. We never did meet up with his mom. Trishna stayed with us and her husband and daughter went home. We ended the night at 3am at JC Penny, a store Tony & I were not planning on going to but I found a super cute long sleeve shirt for $12 and leggings for $5. I dropped Tony off at Trishna's so he could be there to watch the daughter (well everyone was sleeping anyways) so Trishna and her husband could go to JCP early in the morning. I went back to the inlaws house but was so hyped up and figured since Tony's mom would be up in an hour to go to Fred Meyers, I'd just stay awake. Well...nope! I fell asleep with the light on, his mom never came to get me and I woke up with a start at 6:15 and left the house around 6:30 to go to Staples.

Staples opened at 7 and I thought it opened at 6 so that was a relief that I was able to get what I wanted there. 3 packs of Sharpies + 3 for Trishna. In the end they will be 1 penny each with rebates. SO GOOD. Next I headed to Joanns and got some great items on sale and picked up Tony at Trishna's. We went to Savers, Craft Warehouse, took a break for lunch at Tucanos with my dad, went to Hobby Lobby, back to Craft Warehouse and I think Walmart again. Then to dinner at my parents and I was feeling done. Up for too many hours straight with only 1 hour of sleep. I dont know when the last time (Black Friday wise) I did that!

But we got tons of good stuff, the crowds were manageable, the line at Kohls was ridiculously long and slow (wish we had gone to the Kohls at the mall in Boise instead of Nampa), my fear of getting rear ended or in an accident was #fakenews and overall I am pleased with how the experience went!

We are here! We made it! It felt like the drive here took forever but really we just made a stop or two along the way (dinner..gas...checking out some cool teepees people can camp in!) and we got to the Catamaran Resort and Hotel probably around 8pm or so. We were surprised to find out our room had a little kitchen and I think some people in the elevator were a bit jealous of that when they saw us going up with a crate of food and our InstaPot and made a comment. I felt so lucky but we were prepared to make food without a kitchen and just use the ice chest to keep things cold. It all worked out great and it's so super awesome to be able to stay in such a nice place, so close to the beach, for an entire week!

There are about 6 parrots that are on site and it is fun to watch them on their perches. I try not to turn on the TV in our room during the day or I'll get sucked in. It's bad enough that I get sucked in on my laptop with 20+ tabs open but at least the wifi works out on the sand! Haha.

I met up with my friend Judy at the zoo around 10am and we spent the next few hours riding the zoo tram and visiting exhibits. Even though I was there just a few weeks ago I feel like I got to see a lot of things I hadn't gotten to see the first time around, the reptile area, turtles, gorilla and of course I had to revisit the pandas! It was so much fun and I stayed until 3:30 or so even though Judy had to leave earlier. Luckily the drive back to the hotel literally had no traffic, that's rare!

We ate in and lounged around. My feet were tired from all that walking at the zoo and Tony seemed pretty tired from his long day at the conference.

It's been quite awhile since we've been able to attend our ward but we got to go today and it was so very good. I always regret afterwards being on my phone too much or not taking notes. But every hour was so good from sacrament meeting (even though we got there a bit late we were able to sit in the gym because they had the breezeway open - yay!) and then Sunday School which usually is boring...had a really good teacher even though he makes me uncomfortable (asking people to expand more on their answers or asking follow up questions) but he brought cookies - pumpkin chocolate chip - my favorite. Then Relief Society..I didnt have to find anyone to say prayers this time so I distributed hymnbooks to people instead and felt a lot less stressed. I still had to sit up in front of everyone and that feels awkward always but at least I dont have to sit up there the whole hour! Just the opening stuff.

There are so many things to get ready for! First things...a trip to Palmcaster and our upcoming trip to San Diego. Next, a trip to Idaho, making lists so that I dont forget to bring anything! Christmas! It's weird this year...I feel like I have no friends or family really to buy for but then I start thinking hard and can think of so many people I want to give a gift to. Guess I better start a list for that!

I have this awesome she-shed in my backyard but not much time for crafting lately. At least I have a Pinterest party coming up and so I need to get out there and get everything prepped for that. I can't wait to have people over to do some fun Christmas crafts!

I was snapping for Create Club but since my friend who started it all has been MIA a lot lately and I am the only one snapping on Tuesdays, I haven't snapped the last few weeks because I feel like it's only me trying to keep it going and I've just kind of lost motivation. Before, it felt like a team of sorts, a band of crafty people loving sharing what we were doing but it's hard to feel that motivation going along solo. It was so fun to be a regular every Tuesday for Create Club on Snapchat. Who knows now what the future holds for it.

I got the new Cricut Maker, Easy Press and Bright Pad. I finally have the Maker plugged in and ready to go. I've used the Easy Press a few times now. The Bright Pad, not yet but I have some ideas in mind. I will be bringing all my Cricut stuff to Idaho and am excited to hopefully use it there. I am bringing it to San Diego too. Hopefully I will have some time for crafting!

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