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You guys.  Here I am and hopefully I am back consistently for good. My summer turned out crazier than usual. Besides the obvious road-trips to hot air balloon festivals and National Parks, throw moving into the mix makes it a whole different ballgame. Not just moving down the street or to the next city over but moving states. Yes. That happened. 

My husband has worked for his new job since mid-July in a town called Ridgecrest in Southern CA. I refused to move down until we had a place to live and neither one of us wanted the apartment life again even though it went pretty well in Utah. So we worked on getting a house while I finished out my summer in Utah, said a sad good-bye to my job and enjoyed quite a few scenic drives to see the fall leaves in the mountains.

After a ton of bad experiences with our realtor, we were finally able to switch from him about half way through. This delayed things a bit and I moved to this town with our stuff in a large Penske only to live out of motels for about a week. That was rough. Nothing to do all day in a small town with not much shopping. Eating out a lot and watching a lot of TV and using crappy internet. Not super glamorous but we made it work.

We've now been in our new house exactly one week + 1 day and we love love it. It's not 100% perfect but it works for us. We are doing modifications as we go...building shelves for my she-shed!, swapping out a light in the kitchen, figuring out how to hook up the washing machine (not as easy as we thought it would be) are projects we have done so far or are in the middle of.

All in all we have learned a lot and are looking forward to learning and growing more together in this wonderful place aka, our casa. The town on the other hand...will take some getting used to. I am not thrilled to be far from my favorite stores and restaurants.

Another thing I've had to get used to and don't know if I'm 100% used to it yet is not working full time. I miss that paycheck! Working on some projects though so hopefully my personal income will increase so I can do and buy things I'd like to get.  I love that I have more time to blog and get organized and work on projects such as the she-shed and get it set up for some really cool Pinterest parties and awesome crafting!

Cheers to you all, happy fall and look forward to hearing more from me here. Be sure to click the icons across the top to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

These are going to be an assortment of random pictures that I dont really have a blog post to put them in so they can all go in to one!

Hiked to "The Living Room" in SLC by the U on Wednesday night. Okay, I didn't make it all the way to the top but the view where I stopped was pretty legit!

July was a month full of so many emotions. Lots of roadtrips too. We ended up taking an unplanned trip to Idaho to visit Tony's grandma before she passed away. It was a fun weekend though of seeing our families and eating lots of good food plus a little shopping.

The next weekend was my birthday weekend and I've been badly wanting to go to Bear World up by Rexburg Idaho so we finally went! Tony's grandma had her funeral that weekend as well but Tony decided that his visit to her when she was alive was good and all the family we have seen recently at the reunion in Albion , ID so we did not go to the funeral. I was a little sad about that but it was up to him. Plus this was the only weekend we could do Bear World before Tony went to CA to start his new job.

The weekend of July 16th we took my sister and her 2 boys to Lagoon. Tony has been wanting to take my 4 year old nephew for a long time to see how he'd like it and we sure cut it close but we all went and had a blast! It was so fun watching the boys and how they reacted to rides and different parts of the park.

On Sunday July 17th, Tony kissed me goodbye and drove 9 hours to Ridgecrest, CA to start his new job in China Lake. The first week or so was training and a lot of paperwork to fill out. The next week was training videos and it was his 4-day work week so he drove back to SLC for the weekend to do stuff with me which was so much fun but of course went by way too fast.

I've stayed super busy while he has been gone. Doing more with friends, packing boxes, getting ready to host a Pinterest party, doing Questify with some new friends, movies in the park, playing Pokemon, shopping/ know. The life I lead here in Utah is always full and very busy and I love it like that.

Still figuring out where we will be living in CA and there's a lot going on with that which I am posting on my private blog about. So if you have an invite to that, check it out. There's a bunch. I will probably post more about our living situation once some final decisions happen but don't worry, our long distance marriage is not going to last forever. Eventually I will be out in CA. Just hopefully not living in a cardboard box!

I guess somewhat stupidly, I posted details about something super big coming up in my life on Facebook instead of writing a cliffhanger status and directing everyone here to my blog. Oh well! Lesson learned I guess!

If you did not read it on Facebook already, Tony accepted a job offer in China Lake, CA and will start work at the naval base located there as a Computer Network Defense Specialist. We found out Tuesday morning that he had passed the security clearance/background check and they need him to start July 18th.  Eek! He has a little less than a month left in Utah with me. Time to amp up the packing and get more serious about how we are going to make this happen.

I wish so badly the job was moving us, but it's not. We were thinking to move everything that has been packed to a storage unit so that we can move around a bit more easier and continue packing. I have a baby shower to host and a Pinterest party and I'd rather have a downstairs not filled with boxes when people come over. Part of the problem is that we need his truck and he ordered a part he needed but was sent the wrong one. Hopefully we can get it fixed in the next week or so so we can get these boxes moved out.

I'll join Tony in CA (Ridgecrest to be specific) once he finds us a place to live. We have been looking not super seriously on Zillow the past few months but now we can look seriously. There are 2 houses we really like a lot so we will see what ends up happening. They'd have to be available still when he gets to CA mid-July so he can check them out. Any advice on getting a house? Feel free to send it our way. There is a chance we might just rent something but we'll see what direction the house idea goes.

So there you have it. After 5 years in Utah, I'm heading back to the state I was born in. Granted I grew up in northern CA which is so very different than southern CA but still. Maybe I should get my "CA CHICK" personalized license plate back! Questions? Comments? Concerns? Me too. I have lots. Shoot whatever you want to send me over though and I'll do my best to answer any questions!

You guys! I've gotten to get quite a bit of blogging done lately and there's still more roadtrips to blog about and some crafts but here's what I've got so far!

I went to World Market the other day and found some pretty cute stuff. Of course, owls! among other things.

There's only 5 days left to enter to win dessert for a year from a fun company here in Utah. My mouth drools and I can't wait to go in! 

I got a new niece in May and she's so adorable! It has been fun getting to know her and her personality a bit.

If you live in Utah you may be sick of hearing about the Cavalia show but I got lots of cool pictures when Tony & I went. The show is headed to Portland, Oregon next!

The Everything Food conference was one of the funnest things I did in May. No joke! It was such a fun experience and I look forward to volunteering again next year.

I was able to check out the Utah Valley Parade of Homes one week with my friend Tiffany and it was so crazy cool. If you have not gone yet - it ends on Friday!

Remember - you can still get $5 off a ticket to participate in The Color Run happening August 20th in Salt Lake City. Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell all your friends!

It's been a few years but last weekend Tony and I stopped by City of Rocks national park on our way back from Idaho. It was perfect weather and we enjoyed a short hike. I got some really awesome pictures too.

Why were we in Idaho last weekend? Tony's mom's side of the family had a big reunion honoring their grandpa's 100th birthday! It was such a blast. I'd never been to Albion, ID before but I wouldn't mind going back.

For a belated anniversary trip we headed to Glacier National Park as well as some other cool places in Montana.

One of my favorite places in Montana (okay, they were all my favorite) was this awesome museum. I wish it had been open but we made the most of it!

Stay tuned for another post with more links to some fun things soon!

Are you all sick of my graduation posts yet? Well, here's another one you may or may not have read yet. So take a looksee!

I got to see the amazing Kirby Heyborne perform at a benefit concert for a school in South Jordan.

I started a magnetic chalkboard project with Tony's cousin. In the process of being finished still, got a little stuck, have you ever gotten stuck on a project before?

Some of my Target favorites for the month of May!

Do you want to take a 5K vacation? Participate in The Color Run happening this August in Salt Lake City! I have a $5 off code on the blog so be sure to use that if you are planning on running (or walking).

I am loving Jones Creek beef! Tony & I got to cook up some hamburger meat that we picked to review. Check out what we made here.

***Exciting news*** 
Our travel blog is getting a complete overhaul! New name! New domain! New layout! New posts! I'm soo excited about it but it's not ready yet. Tony works on it pretty much every day for a few hours or longer. I'm hoping it will be ready within the next month or so. 

I tweeted today that working a full time job stifles my creativity. It's computer work and any idea I have for the company or ways to do things, usually get shot down. Kinda sucks but that's how it is right now. Sometimes at work I am brainstorming things I want to do in my life to do with my blog or social media in general. 

  • I came up with a super super awesome idea of how I want to run my "staciesplace" Snapchat with a format and everything. Right now I am compiling at least a month's worth of content so I can be prepared. I'll be snapping every M, W, F evening I think or roughly around that time. It will revolve around things I blog about so stay tuned for an announcement about that. I'm so excited about it!
  • Finish up my social media resume so I can start actually really applying for jobs. So far I am not in a position to change jobs quite yet but when we move I want to find something. I also have not seen a whole lot I've wanted to apply for or if I do, it's not quite a good fit because I'm not proficient in Photoshop or something. Bummer.
  • Get more involved in the affiliate programs I am signed up with. Cricut, Shotbox, The Color Run among others.
  •  Along with affiliate programs, just do a much better job of blogging in general. I've been able to amp it up a bit since school has ended and have been surprised with some fantastic results. Woot!
  • I'd love to learn more about being a virtual assistant. I feel like life is kind of hold right now while we dejunk and pack for the upcoming move. Luckily I have the Wunderlist app which is awesome and I'm making lots of lists in there. One is for things I want to learn or start doing once everything settles down a bit. I kind of hate that I have to wait that long but I most likely won't start another job right away and when I do, maybe it will be part time so I can learn more about things I'm interested in.
So, that's about it! Right now just working and planning and waiting for the right time to execute everything!

What are you working on right now?

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