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Since December is practically here and Thanksgiving is over, I'm going to stop holding myself back from posting about anything Christmas related.  I love love love this song by JamestheMormon. He's come out with a lot of great songs lately and I'm loving it all! Enjoy this version of Angels We Have Heard On High.

Also, I want to talk to you guys about the #LightTheWorld campaign going on - well, soon! It starts tomorrow! Learn more here and let me know what you are going to do to participate. There's a handy calendar with ideas you can do every day and I'll be documenting each day 1 thing I do to help light the world.

How is November almost over?! Just like that! First full month actually living in CA. My was okay but nothing exciting. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing good to Instagram, Tweet or Snap about. This makes me really sad. I have to create my own fun because there are not really any events to go to, food trucks, friends, etc. I did have a Pinterest party in October that turned out pretty good and I am planning on doing another one in December. I miss things so much. Just things! Local/community/nearby events, a dollar theater that is close, concerts, good Christmas lights, shopping (as always) etc etc.  We'll see how month 2 goes in this town. Glad to be planning on seeing family for Christmas. Can't wait.

It's nice to get back from a trip/vacation and not have to go straight to work. I mean, I did work but not an 8 hr job that I have to get up, get dressed and drive in to work. Poor Tony did have to get up and go in to work but me not having to do that meant I could unpack our bags, do laundry and get settled back in after that long drive home and being gone for 4 days. Don't get me wrong, I do miss working a full time job and am working a little bit right now as well as trying to do things to supplement my income. We can both live okay on Tony's one income but we want to do so much stuff with the house and some of it is more expensive to do (new windows, pouring cement, etc) that if I can get a job it will not take us as long to save for some of these projects as it would just on one income. We'll see what happens! I know my January has 3 trips and I'm not sure it's the best time to start a job with Christmas coming but it will be interesting to see what happens.

The drive to and from Idaho to Ridgecrest is pretty in some parts but mostly very boring and long. Its crazy that we drive through Nevada and Oregon to get to Boise. 4 states in one day! Plus the drive is double the time it took to get from SLC to Boise. Oye! Despite that, the trip was so worth it and we are thinking we will try to get to Boise again, for Christmas. The drive will probably be more sketchy and we'll have to put chains on but I hope we can make it in one piece. Tony has 10 days off between Christmas and New Years. We are planning some fun stuff!

It was amazing to me that I was able to stay up really late and get up early and keep going and going like the energizer bunny without a single sip of an energy drink. Say what?! I only drink energy drinks on roadtrips but not this one and not for shopping either. I'm not sure what happened to me but when I did sleep, it was a good sleep. I'm so grateful Tony and I were healthy and well while we were on vacation and that we didn't get sick or catch a cold. It's a real drag when that happens!

Saturday morning started out with going to a craft fair my sister was set up at with her wood creations. I went with my mother in law and we also stopped in at another Dollar Tree (looking for certain Christmas lights) and to a cell phone place to find her a phone. I got to do family pictures and Thanksgiving dinner with Tony's family in the afternoon and hang out with my sister in the evening. We went to Target, Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree. We were going to do crafts but never actually got around to it unfortunately. Her kids were more interactive with me this time and so cute when they called me Aunt Stacie and wanted to show me their rooms and their toys. It was so sad to leave them! I was out until 12:30 or so before finally heading back to Tony's parents. Idaho visits are always full and fun!

Oh gosh, I dont know how this thing works I guess - am I allowed to schedule posts or do I have to actually get on and post each and every day? Now its the 29th and I am back dating to the 25th. It's hard to blog when you are traveling and have a different daily schedule. I'll talk to you all about my Black Friday shopping! Are you a BF shopper? I have been for years and years. It all began when one BF my mom got me and my sister up and we went to JoAnn's at 6am. My sister and I kept things going and I remember going to JCP to stand in line and get a little snow globe for being one of the first 50 people in line or whatever the deal was. When I was an LDS missionary in Portland, missing Black Friday was the worst! I was so upset/bummed/sad, especially because we got the ads in the mail and I'd look and see what the best deals were yet was not allowed to go buy anything. P-Day never fell on Black Friday ;-) When I moved back to CA, my family moved to ID a month later and it became tradition for the past 12 years to go to Idaho for Thanksgiving, which also means I Black Friday shop in Idaho too. It was mainly me and my siblings who would go. When I got married, my inlaws liked to go out shopping so we all went together or met out while we were up. So very fun! Some people say Black Friday is dying but I hope not. This year Tony and I left on Thanksgiving Day around 5pm. We went to Shopko, Michaels, Bath and Body Works, Kohls and a few other stores in the mall. We were out until 11:30 or so before calling it quits - we were not tired though! Just the rest of the stores we wanted to go to did not open until Friday. So at 4:30am Friday morning we got up and went with Tony's mom to Big 5, Lowes, Harbor Freight, Home Depot, Staples and Fred Meyers. Then Tony & I went to Savers which was 70% off skirts, pants and shorts. Scored tons of good clothes (esp Tony who needed pants and skirts) for a great deal.I went to Craft Warehouse (my favorite craft store!) and to Target, Kohls again and ended with lunch at Tucanos. This year, for the first year in a very long time I did not step foot in to Walmart (well, that was last year too) or Old Navy. I did not go to Gordmans either.  I just didnt see things I wanted I guess. Did you find any good deals on your shopping adventures?

Did you know there are 63 minutes of commercials in a football game on TV? Insane! I didn't get to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade :( but I got to spend time with Tony's mom and sister going through Black Friday ads and getting our want/need lists ready. Not sure what time we will start shopping but stores seem to be opening at 4pm this year - on Thanksgiving! I hope to score some good online deals as well. I already have with some websites (thanks to Utah Sweet Savings!) Grabbing a Go Girl energy drink and getting this party started in a couple hours. Wheeee!

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