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Bringing all my blogs together today!

Are you all sick of my graduation posts yet? Well, here's another one you may or may not have read yet. So take a looksee!

I got to see the amazing Kirby Heyborne perform at a benefit concert for a school in South Jordan.

I started a magnetic chalkboard project with Tony's cousin. In the process of being finished still, got a little stuck, have you ever gotten stuck on a project before?

Some of my Target favorites for the month of May!

Do you want to take a 5K vacation? Participate in The Color Run happening this August in Salt Lake City! I have a $5 off code on the blog so be sure to use that if you are planning on running (or walking).

I am loving Jones Creek beef! Tony & I got to cook up some hamburger meat that we picked to review. Check out what we made here.

***Exciting news*** 
Our travel blog is getting a complete overhaul! New name! New domain! New layout! New posts! I'm soo excited about it but it's not ready yet. Tony works on it pretty much every day for a few hours or longer. I'm hoping it will be ready within the next month or so. 

I tweeted today that working a full time job stifles my creativity. It's computer work and any idea I have for the company or ways to do things, usually get shot down. Kinda sucks but that's how it is right now. Sometimes at work I am brainstorming things I want to do in my life to do with my blog or social media in general. 

  • I came up with a super super awesome idea of how I want to run my "staciesplace" Snapchat with a format and everything. Right now I am compiling at least a month's worth of content so I can be prepared. I'll be snapping every M, W, F evening I think or roughly around that time. It will revolve around things I blog about so stay tuned for an announcement about that. I'm so excited about it!
  • Finish up my social media resume so I can start actually really applying for jobs. So far I am not in a position to change jobs quite yet but when we move I want to find something. I also have not seen a whole lot I've wanted to apply for or if I do, it's not quite a good fit because I'm not proficient in Photoshop or something. Bummer.
  • Get more involved in the affiliate programs I am signed up with. Cricut, Shotbox, The Color Run among others.
  •  Along with affiliate programs, just do a much better job of blogging in general. I've been able to amp it up a bit since school has ended and have been surprised with some fantastic results. Woot!
  • I'd love to learn more about being a virtual assistant. I feel like like is kind of hold right now while we dejunk and pack for the upcoming move. Luckily I have the Wunderlist app which is awesome and I'm making lots of lists in there. One is for things I want to learn or start doing once everything settles down a bit. I kind of hate that I have to wait that long but I most likely won't start another job right away and when I do, maybe it will be part time so I can learn more about things I'm interested in.
So, that's about it! Right now just working and planning and waiting for the right time to execute everything!

What are you working on right now?

The time has come where I get to graduate!! This is happening on Friday and it's right in the middle of a huge blogger conference I signed up for a year ago. I had no idea I'd be graduating the same day/time as the conference. #thestruggleisreal Overall I'm happy to be done but also sad at the same time not to be a student anymore. It has been really fun to go back to school and learn some new skills, make some new friends and do some really cool stuff!

April has been insane so far and it's not even half over yet.

Tony got a job offer in California. The St. George job fell through - boo.

I held another Pinterest party - spring themed!

Tony and I participated in a crazy fun 24hr event called Questival!

And last but not least, I did a review for my friend here and am giving away $100 of LuLaRoe clothing! Go enter!

I can find time to crank out a post occasionally here but there is so much still I want to write about and include pictures! Hot air balloon festival in Kanab, Outdoor Expo in Sandy, a family dinner with some of my siblings last Sunday...I dont know - just whatever random stuff I am up to!

So here's the latest. This week started off slow and has gotten busier and busier. 

Tonight after work I got to attend a "Cricut Crafternoon" at the Cricut HQ. It was so crazy fun. I got to design 2 baby onesie outfits. I ended up ironing one on a bib because all the onesies except preemie sizes got snatched up. We got a bag filled with tons of swag , I had hearts in my eyes! I learned some new tricks and am excited to figure out time to sharpen my skills.

Thursday after work I head to FanX - I won a multi-day pass! and I got a ticket to meet and get a picture with NICK CARTER from the Backstreet Boys. I gotta pinch myself - is this real life?!

Thursday I need to make a Easter gift for my coworker and somehow work on my primary lesson for Sunday and make the kids their little Easter gifts. I asked Tony to make cupcakes that I can bring in to work but I wish I had the time to deliver them to friends and family. I got some edible easter grass and am going to create a little fun on the top of the cupcake with that.

Friday after work I head over to FanX again, I'm thinking about taking off work early and go to CVX Live as well. It may be too much though. We'll see. I need to check schedules and I am pretty sure I have ticket to CVX but I guess I'll have to be prepared to pay at the door if necessary.

Speaking of paying, Target closed down my card with them and I need to activate the chip in the new card they sent. Same with my bank debit card. Ugh! I have not made the time so I've switched to using my credit card and paying the balance every night or every few days.

Saturday is...festival of colors in Spanish Fork! Then straight home to shower and go to CVX for sure for what will probably be the remainder of my day. I wish I could go back to FanX but I think 2 days will be good. Plus Saturday will probably be major crowded. Oh well. I like crowds and at least I have a real good spot to park that I don't have to pay for. 

Sunday I can finally chillax - minus having to teach the kids at church. I'm keeping the tradition of a new outfit for Easter and bought a cute dress at Downeast Basics. It was on sale + they let me use a coupon - SCORE! I am super stoked. Downeast has become one of my favorite stores lately. Not sure why because they are expensive (to me) but I hope what I've bought remains top quality.

Tony & I graduate in less than a month and I need to get my butt in gear to create invitation since Tony decided not to order any. I may order just 5 (for $9!) through the college but am really just running out of time to get this done. I hate to be rushed but I'm doing the best I can. I could be better about managing my time at home. I get distracted so easily it's not even funny.

Almost 2am - I need to find my Backstreet Boys shirt, gather my graduation paper and tickets together and get myself to bed. G'Night!

I went to a great dinner at Blue Iguana tonight in SLC that Blogging Concentrated put together. It was fun to meet and see lots of bloggers from many places. A group from the midwest, Boise and here in Utah too! I was exchanging information with a couple ladies at my end of the table and one came to check out this blog and said, your last post was January 30th and I was like yea...I haven't been great about blogging lately. In my head I thought, what's the big deal? January 30th wasn't that long ago, was it? Then I realized today is the 18th of the month - of February!  Honestly I haven't given this blog the love or attention it deserves. To be even more honest, I haven't done hardly any blog posts since the end of last year. I need to blog about girls camp, Tony's family reunion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, CES, CHA and so much more! Some bloggers just pick up where they left off, others say forget it, I'm starting fresh and not worrying about pictures I haven't blogged. I want to catch up and I will backdate the posts to keep them in order when I print out my blog but I'll be sure to link you all here so you don't miss a post you might want to read!  My new friend also said she could not see the side bar of my links to my other blogs on the mobile version of my blog. I dont know what to think about that. I kind of mind...I mean, I want people to check out the other places I blog! I had no idea, never thought to check, so that's something I hope to fix.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I'm headed south to sun, warm and hot air balloons! 

By the way, here are links to the 2 ladies I got to meet tonight and chat with a bit as well as more information on Blogging Concentrated!

Let me preface this by saying that I won an Apple watch from school last night. Super duper exciting! While I think it's one of the coolest watches out there, it obviously won't connect to my Android phone and I've been searching for an iPhone on eBay and KSL without too much luck (no responses from people mostly or the phone doesn't work with T-Mobile).  I'd like to get a 32gig even though 64 would be super great, however, out of my price range. I'm already getting attached to the Apple watch even though I have not even been able to use it yet. (Weird, right?!) I'm thinking of selling it to get the new Pebble Time Steel or another smart watch. A win is so fantastic but if you are unable to use the prize, it doesn't do you much good, agreed?

I've had the original Pebble smartwatch for 3 years now and cannot live without it on my wrist. I like the long battery life, it's waterproof and pretty much all the watchfaces can be downloaded for free or you can create your own. A majority of the apps I've seen and used are free too. I'm leaning towards sticking with Pebble and getting the Pebble Time Steel.

I'm also exploring other smartwatches, Moto360, you dont have to have your phone nearby to use the apps. I don't feel like I would need to answer calls on my phone, a notification is fine enough, but having that feature might be cool? LG Watch Urbane is another one I've looked at as well as Huawei. 

I would probably love to stay and work with the Apple watch if I was able to try it out for a month or so and see how I liked it but at this point that means selling my ipod touch and Galaxy S4, buying an iPhone, putting the Pebble on hold and figuring out which set up I like best. Not sure I'm up for all the switcharoo. I'm trying to make it work but so far it's a no-go.

So my question is, what would you do? Do you have a smartwatch? 

Which one do you have, why do you love it, what are you not a fan of with it? 

Feel free to comment here or on my Facebook post.

I'll probably write about this a bit in a different blog post but recently I went to Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and while standing in line to get some swag, I noticed the bag of the lady in front of me. It was really cute and I complimented her on it. We got to talking, she was there with her husband and they were just so nice and down to earth, easy and fun to talk to. We got our swag and continued talking and exchanged information so we could keep in touch. I don't remember it all now, it is such a blur! She told me she was going to Anaheim next for CHA,  a show I've heard about in the last few years, thought it sounded awesome but it has never worked out to go. However, she told me she could add me to her 'list' and I could come if I wanted to! I was in so much shock, thinking about how I could possibly make it work. I had a couple commitments in Utah , I had 1 person who wanted a ride back to Salt Lake on Friday night and then there was the weather to worry about.  I told her I would think it over and see what I could work out.

I finished my Thursday at CES and headed to see a friend and have dinner before going back to a different friend's house where I was staying. I looked at weather, it was great. I talked to Tony, he was fine with me not coming home for a few more days. I messaged a few friends in L.A to see if I could stay with them and got that worked out. I heard back from the guy who had wanted a ride back to Utah and he said he had decided to stay a few extra days in St. George. The weather looked clear and suddenly nothing was standing in my way. I was really nervous but I made up my mind that I was going to go to CHA and messaged my friend to let her know.

Friday at CES was a bit intense as I had lost my badge on Thursday late afternoon and was told it would be $300 to replace! This was devastating to hear because I did not have that kind of money to replace my badge for 1 more day at CES. It was stressful to think about but underneath all my emotions I knew it was going to be okay. I felt calm and like things would work out. So crazy, right? I hung out at security for awhile to see if anyone would turn in my badge, I talked to people and then 6pm rolled around and everything shut down at the convention center until Friday.  You'll have to read my blog post to see what happened next, and I won't be writing about it yet. I forgot that CES ended on Saturday, not Friday, so I could have stayed at CES a bit longer if I had wanted to possibly. 

Back to my friend and CHA, it was one of the most fun times to hang out with her and her friend in Anaheim. They knew lots of tips and tricks for navigating the hundreds of booths. 
I'm so so glad that instead of staring down at my phone as I waited in line for swag at CES, that I decided to take notice of what was happening around me and be present because doing that led to so many good things!

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