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Bringing all my blogs together today!

You guys, this year has been such a good time for traveling! Not just to conferences but some other places, new stuff, things we have never done or seen before and being able to go with Tony and not having to go solo. 

Here are some links to what we did last weekend and I'll do another post with the rest of the links when they go live because I have a new post rolling out every day for the next week or so. There's a ton we did in just a Friday and Saturday!

Also! FYI! Disneyland prices are going up again! Click here to read all about that and lock in the 2017 price by 2/20!

I'm feeling pretty pumped and excited about my goals for 2018 and for the month of February in general.

My olw (one little word) for the year is to collect moments, not things. (a phrase, I know I know...) I've been posting more things to sell online the past few days and its paying off! We've had some things posted on eBay and clothing wise on those apps like Poshmark and Mercari, Offerup..Facebook Marketplace just to name a few and things have suddenly been selling. I'm so excited! I am taking 2 packages to the post office to mail today. I dont care if some thing are just a few dollars or quite a lot more than that. It just feels good to get stuff gone and patience is paying off. Other items that are not selling I'll bring to a 'naked ladies party' which is basically a clothes swapping party. Bring all clothes you dont wear or dont want anymore and they all get put in a big pile in the middle of the room for people to go through and take what they want. Sounds interesting. I'm just hoping I am in town when it happens. I'm already sad I will not be in town for the community yardsale at the fairgrounds. I really hoped to have a table there again but we will be gone in Pahrump NV for a new (to us) hot air balloon festival!

I need to start tackling items, not just clothes, but clothes is a pretty big part of what I need to get rid of and downsize. There is so much I hang on to for memories sake or because I think I might fit in to it again or I just like to have a variety (like jackets) and I get bored easily with my clothes. 

Working on projects around the house, especially things that I need Tony's help with because starting in a week or so he will be working a 2nd job for a total of 60 hours a week. At least for this year. Exciting thing is that the job is 100% remote so eventually we hope he can just transition to that job and not have to work 2 jobs. This will fuel our love for traveling and allow us to travel further than ever before. But that will happen more in 2019 and not this year. Which, that's fine with me. There is soo much to explore in and around California and I have a long list of places I'd like to go, restaurants to try, etc.

Here's a link to the latest Pinterest Party and our travels...

I'm working this week about blogging about Creativation in Phoenix, the rest of CES, some food posts and some other random bits of pictures taken on our adventures. Stay tuned!

Also part of the #365milechallenge and some other projects I can't wait to share!

My cute nephew in Utah is 3 and instead of saying, "What the heck?" he says it, "What the hack?" So adorable, I miss him so much!

"What the heck/hack?!" is a phrase I muttered to myself on Thursday night after I got out of the car and my phone crashed to the ground because I forgot it was on my lap. Right on to the cement. Oye! An unfortunate event a few weeks ago as I was at Seven Magic Mountains 30 minutes outside Las Vegas took me by surprise when I tripped on a rock in the near darkness, and I went tumbling. I managed to hang on to my phone but it still got a crack right across the bottom half of the screen in a diagonal fashion. Noooo! I have never once broken a phone screen before but all that changed in late 2017/early 2018. How am I so clumsy?! I dont even know. It was doable though, the crack didnt really show on the display and I was able to use it normally like I did pre-fall. I am in AZ, stuck with an even more broken - cracked screen - phone (grateful it can still make calls and I can access social media even if it cuts my fingers up) wondering where I went wrong. Trying to email every shop I can find via Google that does phone screen repairs. Scouring the classifieds in hopes of finding another phone until I can figure out what to do with mine. Curses to having an Asus phone that nobody (that I know of yet) has ability to work on. I knew I should have stuck with Samsung.

So..follow my adventures at CHA/Creativation here in Phoenix with no phone! Haha, that'd be hard if I am unable to snap/post/Instagram/Tweet/etc but at least the conference does not really start until Saturday and I have all day Friday to figure out a plan with my current phone or possibly a new one.

But still. Geez Louise. The timing!

You guys...we are only a few days in to 2018 and I am realizing I am in a serious rut with thing. Mainly things in my blogging life? Or probably life in general as well. Staying busy and having content to blog about really isn't a problem. I think it boils down to getting organized and having the desire to make ways to stay organized. I was talking to my friend Nessa last month about an idea I had to organize my blogging.  I decided to wait on starting it since we were going to be gone out of town for 10 days and then I would not see what I had posted up.

Step back a minute..I've been all about being digital, having online calendars, reminders, events, notifications but the past few weeks I've had/wanted to write thing down on lists. So I can actually take a pen and cross off tasks I accomplish. What is wrong with me? Maybe I feel like my online apps arent working for me anymore (although I still heart and use Wunderlist) but for blogging, I want to see everything for my day/week/month all at a glance. I want to see goals and plans written out and hung up somewhere, not stashed in my phone or ipod. So weird, right?

Anyways, the other rut I am in is consuming. I drink in photos, status updates, videos, etc., No joke. From when I wake up and am checking my emails and all the notifications on my phone to throughout the day when I sit for a moment at the phone or computer and then minutes turn in to a lot of time gone by. I wouldn't say wasted exactly but I am consuming SO MUCH else of what others are doing. Traveling, crafts, planning, cooking, there are so many awesome ideas out there and I pin, save, tweet and share but I rarely DO any of what see. Which makes me so sad! So maybe my one little word (olw) for this year should have been DO instead of SIMPLIFY. Ha. 

Anyone else run into these issues? Have you figured out a way to solve them? Leave me a comment below & have a productive day :)

I have a couple really cool blog posts coming...the rest of the trip to Las Vegas is one and I went to the Museum of Ice-Cream! Ahh! So freekin fun. I went on Thursday actually and now it's technically Friday but yea. Got tons of great pics, you can see a few on my Instagram if you want a sneak peek.

Here's what else I've been blogging about!

Our Jockey Club experience in Vegas

Getting cool treats at Creamberry

Making neighbor Christmas gifts

Tried my hand at making unicorn ornaments

Hosted a Christmas Pinterest party

Prepped a craft with glass blocks

Visited my favorite rock houses

Visited a new national park - Cabrillo National Monument

Saw some new things in downtown LA

Saw the Trona Pinnacles, kinda!

First time at Belmont Park

It's been awhile since we've been to Monument Valley

Walked La Jolla Cove with a friend

Traveling tips when you involve food trucks

Took Tony's family to the La Brea Tar Pits
Horseshoe Bend - love this place!

I know, the day is almost done and I've been shopping and on the computer pretty much all afternoon and evening. It takes time, this online shopping! I only closed out of a few of my tabs but here's the stuff I did get that I am so excited about!

PJ's (panda and owl) for my nieces in WA from The Children's Place ($15)

Shirt, skirt and the cutest shoes from Downeast Basics ($30)

Hot air balloon owl fabric from Joanns ($10)

Half off images from Silhouette ($9)

Dress from Mindy Mae's Market ($15)

A Piano Guys cd ($5)

S'mores Woven Pear socks from Groopdealz

Membership to 365 Mile Challenge 2018!  ($15)

Craft tool on Amazon (affiliate) that is Sizzix and I've been on the hunt for it forever. ($10)

This is all I remember for now. I would love to do 15% off at and use my Kohls cash and Old Navy cash but time is running out and I'm getting kinda tired. I got such good deals on everything! I'm still a huge Cricut fan but I can't resist half off images that happen every Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The owl fabric I tried to get in Idaho but was unsuccessful. I knew about the panda pjs from a friend but the owl ones light up in the dark so of course, I had to get them! I heart Downeast Basics and the shoes are what I think I am most excited about from them. The dress from MMM is a wrap dress and I have 2 or 3 wrap dresses but this one is a bit longer so I dont have to wear leggings underneath. Anywhooo , what did you get for Cyber Monday?

Do you guys love Black Friday shopping or do you avoid it like the plague? I remember my mom taking me and my sister out when we were young..12? I am not sure, but to Joanns and it was Black Friday! We got up so early it was dark outside. When I became a few years older somehow my sister and I would do Black Friday shopping at the mall in Woodland, CA. It was better then than it is currently.

Now I'm married and my inlaws like to do Black Friday shopping and my siblings..not so much. Those that do are usually not able to come to Idaho where I am at for Thanksgiving so it ends up being me, Tony, his sister, sometimes other siblings, and his parents. We all start out shopping separately and then meet up. If someone wants something at a certain store and another person is starting out there, they pick it up for that person. It works out nicely.

This year it was a bit different, Tony and I started at Walmart at 6pm. We picked up a soundbar ($29), lots of pop sockets ($2/ea), some kids clothes for my nieces and nephews and a SD card for his mom ($8). This was pretty much it and even though the aisles were madness, we got checked out in no time. His mom had started earlier since they do their Thanksgiving on Saturday. She went to JC Penny and got a $10 off $10 coupon. Then she went to Best Buy to get the Ring doorbell for Tony & I for Christmas. Ahh I am so excited! We combined the $50/ea that she gives each kid & spouse and asked for the doorbell. I'm glad she was able to get it! I am not sure where Trishna started but she and her husband met up with us at Target and then we went to Old Navy, Michaels and Kohls. So convenient they were in the same parking lot.

Tony & I went to Gordmans, Shopko...and the rest of the night is kind of a blur. We never did meet up with his mom. Trishna stayed with us and her husband and daughter went home. We ended the night at 3am at JC Penny, a store Tony & I were not planning on going to but I found a super cute long sleeve shirt for $12 and leggings for $5. I dropped Tony off at Trishna's so he could be there to watch the daughter (well everyone was sleeping anyways) so Trishna and her husband could go to JCP early in the morning. I went back to the inlaws house but was so hyped up and figured since Tony's mom would be up in an hour to go to Fred Meyers, I'd just stay awake. Well...nope! I fell asleep with the light on, his mom never came to get me and I woke up with a start at 6:15 and left the house around 6:30 to go to Staples.

Staples opened at 7 and I thought it opened at 6 so that was a relief that I was able to get what I wanted there. 3 packs of Sharpies + 3 for Trishna. In the end they will be 1 penny each with rebates. SO GOOD. Next I headed to Joanns and got some great items on sale and picked up Tony at Trishna's. We went to Savers, Craft Warehouse, took a break for lunch at Tucanos with my dad, went to Hobby Lobby, back to Craft Warehouse and I think Walmart again. Then to dinner at my parents and I was feeling done. Up for too many hours straight with only 1 hour of sleep. I dont know when the last time (Black Friday wise) I did that!

But we got tons of good stuff, the crowds were manageable, the line at Kohls was ridiculously long and slow (wish we had gone to the Kohls at the mall in Boise instead of Nampa), my fear of getting rear ended or in an accident was #fakenews and overall I am pleased with how the experience went!

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