NaBloPoMo Day 13

Since we have lived in CA, we have not taken the chance to go to the beach yet. Until yesterday. We decided to go to Santa Monica, I don't remember why but it was a good choice. The weather was perfect, the morning was not too crowded, we had good food to eat and saw lots of interesting things as we walked around downtown a little bit. Parking was a bit crazy to find - hard to find! 2 or 3 hours on the meters or $15 at least to park in a garage. We finally just parked right at the parking lot on the beach and it was only $8 for all day. We stayed until the sun went down to make it worth it. The afternoon was spent in our Tommy Bahama chairs just relaxing in the sun, people watching and listening to the ocean.

We have a southern CA Entertainment Book I bought earlier in the year, thinking I'd be in CA by mid-summer. Since that didn't happen, we have had to wait to use it. Of course there are no deals for RC. Luckily the deals expire in Dec instead of Nov 2nd like they have in the past. We went to a Honduras restaurant because we have never tried this food before. It was def. in a sketchier part of town in an industrial section. We were the only white people in there. It took a super long to get our food but the service was pretty good and the food was tasty. My chicken was cold in the middle though, I didn't have to eat too far in on the leg or the other piece of meat to taste that it was cold. That was disappointing but it did look cooked all the way. Kind of turned me off to eating more though. The rice was really good and instead of fries, we got dried plantains. So interesting. 

On the way home we tried to find a Ralph's and ended up at a 365 which is some type of branch of a Whole Foods. Walked was interesting. Bought a few things and then put the GPS to head back to RC and stopped at a Winco along the way. Ahh. Best place. I do miss Smith's (Kroger). But we were able to get quite a bit of food for $40 and we had spent $40 at Stater Bros and only gotten 13 items. I vote for more Winco trips!


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