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I lost my focus already (theme word for 2014 - scratch that) when tonight I thought of a new word/phrase that I want to work on in this new year that I liked better. It is:

 Step It Up

This means so many things to me. Step it up with my blogging, step up with my friendships, step up in keeping in touch with people, step up in my commitments and start saying no to things I dont think I can handle, step it up in my church calling, step it up in my marriage, step it up in my personal many things. It's not going to happen all at once and I'm glad that I have all year to work on this. All goals start with smaller goals and plans so I think I will take the categories I listed above and break them down into what the details of these different categories are and then some ways I can accomplish my stepping it up.

What is the word or phrase you want to work on in 2014?

Do you ever make yourself a to-do list and it looks miles long or is so crammed on to a sticky note that it just feels overwhelming to look at and you dont even know where to start , even when its sorted into categories? How is that for a run on sentence!?

I put all the to-do's I could think of on this stick note the other day. I even put it in to categories this time. Blog. Shop. Clean. Other. Christmas. Just looking at this small piece of paper with tiny writing makes me feel like shutting down & not doing a single thing because its just too much! But while I sit at work I have so much motivation to get these things done. When I get home it seems to want to drain away. Motivation down the drain. 
Maybe it is the super cold weather?

Working 8 hours a day can be tough. I am so blessed to have a full time job though, srsly. I got very used to working 6 hours a day for the last few months and having a lot of time to do things when I get home. Maybe part of the problem now is that it is dark outside and I feel like there is less time to do things. Maybe the problem is that I get home and get easily distracted by anything and everything that is not on my to do list. I thought writing it out on a paper would help instead of having it on my iPod. I thought writing it on my hand would help. It did a little but not as much as I hoped. I thought about it today and I think that my current to-do lists makes me feel like they are impossible to accomplish. I think I need to order it not in categories but in order of most important to least important. To me though, everything is important and must get done the day I write it down! Sadly, it's not reality.

I attempted, I did, I tried a few days ago and came home with good intentions to not get distracted so I was downstairs doing the dishes. Had to unload the dishwasher and on my 3rd time of reaching down and grabbing silverware, I cut my finger on one of Tony's Cutco knives that have recently been sharpened. At first I was stunned by the pain and my mind with racing on what I should do. So I stuck it under the running water. A lot of blood seemed to be coming out of my finger so I grabbed a clean paper towel and put pressure on and went upstairs to call Tony. I'm so glad he answered and he was already on his way home. I was standing against our bed with my head resting on the mattress and knew I needed to get on the floor and lie down before I passed out. I felt so light headed. Tony came home and took a look on my finger and got a bandaid on it for me. I hadnt eaten dinner yet so this is probably why I felt like I was going to pass out. That evening I pretty much took it easy and didnt work of anymore of my to-do list. It hurt to type so I mainly used my ipod touch til I fell asleep. So glad my finger is feeling better now.

Anyways. Back to the topic at hand. I think my goal for 2014 is going to be to better organize my life so I can get more done. I'm all for being spontaneous and doing what I want when I want but being like that does not get my to-do lists done. I also think my to-do lists could possibly be shorter if I worked on it every day instead of letting it pile up and look impossible. I am working on setting attainable goals for my blogging, how I keep in contact with friends, shopping habits, projects I work on with people long term and a few other things I might blog about another time.

I'm sensing also that my theme next year, as it was this year, will be to FOCUS.

I just got back from an awesome time in Idaho for Thanksgiving with my family and Tony's family. We left late Wednesday night after I took forever to pack, then we met up with Laura & Rocky at In N Out for dinner and then we were on our way to Boise. Tony drove the whole way which was surprising because usually the last hour or two he gets tired and I take over. It was nice to finally get to my parents house and go to bed.

Thanksgiving Day, I was a little sad to have missed the parade on TV. For some reason my brothers always manage to find a football game to watch instead. It seemed like not much time passed at all and we were sitting down to eat. I took pictures and made a Vine video of all that but it will be posted soon so I will be sure to link to it here.

Tony and I didnt head out to do black Friday shopping until about 8pm and we were able to get everything his mom wanted us to get for her at Target. Win! We spent 2 hours in line at Kohls - fail - but we got some really good stuff - win! 1/2 off the entire store at Old Navy...yesss and we stopped at Shopko since it was just next door. The other stores I wanted to go to didnt open for a few more hours so we headed home around 2am to sleep. I was up online though til at least 3/330.

Friday-day was full of more shopping and deals. I was sad my brothers didnt want to go, or if they did, they had to work. Better luck next year. Tony was such a good sport and went to the mall and Plato's Closet with me even though he had homework he wanted to be doing. We went bowling with some of his family at Big Al's in the evening.  I'm a horrible bowler (I got an 82) but it was fun.

So much more to write... but I have pictures to post too so I will try to get that up this week!

Blog updates, all I have for you guys right now is my trip to Vegas in September. So check that out and comment if you like!

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