NaBloPoMo Day 25

Oh gosh, I dont know how this thing works I guess - am I allowed to schedule posts or do I have to actually get on and post each and every day? Now its the 29th and I am back dating to the 25th. It's hard to blog when you are traveling and have a different daily schedule. I'll talk to you all about my Black Friday shopping! Are you a BF shopper? I have been for years and years. It all began when one BF my mom got me and my sister up and we went to JoAnn's at 6am. My sister and I kept things going and I remember going to JCP to stand in line and get a little snow globe for being one of the first 50 people in line or whatever the deal was. When I was an LDS missionary in Portland, missing Black Friday was the worst! I was so upset/bummed/sad, especially because we got the ads in the mail and I'd look and see what the best deals were yet was not allowed to go buy anything. P-Day never fell on Black Friday ;-) When I moved back to CA, my family moved to ID a month later and it became tradition for the past 12 years to go to Idaho for Thanksgiving, which also means I Black Friday shop in Idaho too. It was mainly me and my siblings who would go. When I got married, my inlaws liked to go out shopping so we all went together or met out while we were up. So very fun! Some people say Black Friday is dying but I hope not. This year Tony and I left on Thanksgiving Day around 5pm. We went to Shopko, Michaels, Bath and Body Works, Kohls and a few other stores in the mall. We were out until 11:30 or so before calling it quits - we were not tired though! Just the rest of the stores we wanted to go to did not open until Friday. So at 4:30am Friday morning we got up and went with Tony's mom to Big 5, Lowes, Harbor Freight, Home Depot, Staples and Fred Meyers. Then Tony & I went to Savers which was 70% off skirts, pants and shorts. Scored tons of good clothes (esp Tony who needed pants and skirts) for a great deal.I went to Craft Warehouse (my favorite craft store!) and to Target, Kohls again and ended with lunch at Tucanos. This year, for the first year in a very long time I did not step foot in to Walmart (well, that was last year too) or Old Navy. I did not go to Gordmans either.  I just didnt see things I wanted I guess. Did you find any good deals on your shopping adventures?


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