NaBloPoMo Day 14

There was good progress made today around the house! The mornings are so very cold - I can't wait until we can replace some of our windows - and it makes me want to stay in my bed under the covers where it is warm. But today I made myself get up at 8 and I am happy to say I got a ton accomplished. 

You might be wondering what I did to keep busy all day? Well, here's a little bit in case you missed it on Snapchat! Did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, organized and put away clean dishes in the dishwasher, started laundry and did a few loads throughout the day, took boxes out of the garage to the she-shed, emptied at least 10 boxes and flattened them, kept going through clothes in the middle bedroom, hung more stuff on hangers and put it away, took pictures of a few things to sell but need to do more of that, vacuumed, got the trash bin put away, got the mail, hung up a fall wreath, rolled out our big rug in the family room, took things in the house out to the she-shed, blogged, got some social media done for my job, watched a show with Tony....yea. I think that covers most of it?

I've been content staying home getting projects done but JoAnns has a 60% off 1 item that ends on the 16th I think. The new Walmart opens on the 16th. We got a 20% off coupon for any item at Ashley Furniture. There are things we are still trying to find and buy - a security screen door, a dresser for Tony - side tables for our bed - cupboard to hang above toilet in our bathroom - a mirror that opens for the bathroom so we can store stuff in it because our sink area is so tiny - etc etc. 

Hope tomorrow can be another good and busy day as well.


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