NaBloPoMo Day 8

Election day = exhaustion when you are a poll worker. I was at the polling place from 6am until 9:40pm. To get paid $100 which isn't even minimum wage. Craziness. It was a good experience overall... I met some nice people and didn't have to deal with anything too insane. I mainly handed the ballots to people in a folder and asked them to return the pen and folder when they were done. I worked with 3 other ladies at my table. One was very old, one was older than me and the other one probably wasn't much older than me. We brought some food/ treats to share and Tony brought in homemade pumpkin pie later in the day which some people really liked. I guess not everyone is a fan of pumpkin pie or pie in general. We got a 30 min lunch and Tony picked me up and we went to Taco Bell bc I wanted to try their rolled taquitos only to discover they were sold out until Thursday. Bummer! At home that night Tony & I watched a couple shows before I fell asleep. It will be nice to catch up and get back to my 'normal' routine.


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