NaBloPoMo Day 2

I am not sure if I should change the title of each post or not. I don't feel like the titles of my blog posts are ever very cool or exciting but for now I will just keep track of each day I guess, for this month at least. We'll see what happens.

I always think of things I will or will never do when I'm a mom - if  that ever happens. Watching my nephews has its moments but it's also been great birth control. I see why parents say it's the hardest thing they have done but it's worth it. I used to think, how can people say those two things in the same sentence? NowI get it. Kids have their meltdowns and moments of disobeying but then they do something cute or funny that makes everything better again. I don't know, it's the weirdest thing! Irregardless, I still lean towards not having kids. I haven't done a great job these past few days and don't feel like I would be a good mom at all.

However, here are my thoughts from the time I've spent pretty much 24/7 with my nephews...

When I'm a mom, all kids get the same color socks. Either white or black. Maybe black. These two boys have so many socks with designs and patterns and of course it's really hard to make a match. I may or may not have put them in mismatching socks a day or two.

When I'm a mom, I'll keep my fridge organized and not crammed so full you can't see what's in there. Too many snack options for kids is overwhelming. No sense buying or putting things in the fridge or on a shelf that are just going to take up room, go bad or get pushed to the back.

When I'm a mom, there will not be toys everywhere. Everything will have a spot so cleanup can be quick an easy for the most part. Blocks of course are something that you are going to have a lot of. But there doesn't need to be 100 Matchbox cars. A few to play with should be sufficient, right?

When I'm a mom I'm going to utilize Pinterest activity ideas and have a schedule for my kids. Naps or 'quiet time' is mandatory at least until kindergarden or maybe past that. I know sometimes parents have to go out during the day and can't keep quiet time super consistent maybe but I feel like it really shows when the kids get tired and whiny - they are either tired or bored. Some time just playing quietly in their room, laying down with a book, etc. seems to be beneficial to have less meltdowns and a happier attitude for kids during the day.

These are just my observations these past few days with my 2 and 4 year old nephews. I hope my sister doesn't take offense - that wasn't my intention. Just good thoughts to document for my future. 


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