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Commitments. Goals. Resolutions. Whatever you want to call them, they are always good to have whether you start them on January 1st or July 1st. I've been thinking a lot about my 'theme' for the year these past couple weeks and really trying to apply it to my life.

My friend Jibby did a really cool thing with her commitments for the year that I keep thinking about and revisiting in my mind or actually clicking back to her post because I just love how she has picked each month to be a topic to focus on. To me, that really simplifies things and gives a better focus than being overwhelmed with so many new goals all at once. 

I am no where near getting all my thoughts out as organized as my friend did, but bouncing back to my theme for the year I can give a little update on how things are going and where I'm at, or not at. I know it is barely one month in to the year but already I can see improvement in certain areas.

So I know the post that introduced my theme for the year wasnt super specific but hopefully that is something I will be posting about here soon. A few of the things I did mention though were - 

Blogging~I have tried to be better about blogging and getting pictures off my ipod and into a post and backed up in a couple different locations. I feel like I am doing a bit better with posting more often but I have a long way to go and this isn't the only thing I want to improve in. I went to a Connective Circle/Mom It Forward class last week to learn more about Google+ and it was very helpful. I have tried to comment more on people's blogs. This is about it so far.

Friendships~This is something I haven't really gotten to yet like I have wanted to but there are still 11 months left in the year, right? There are some friends I have barely talked to this year and that makes me sad that I havent made the time or maybe I just need a break from certain people? I dont really know. I have become better friends with certain people at work which is pretty cool and helps the time go by faster to have them to talk to. I posted a FB status where the first 5 friends to say "I'm in" meant that I would make a visit, send them something, etc along those lines. I feel like I have posted this status the last 2 years and not followed through but I have written everyone's name down where I can find it easily and am making a plan of something I can do for each of them. Hopefully this year I can be a better friend and follow through on my FB status.

Commitments~Trying to stick to my word and not overcommit but this could definitely use some attention.

Saying No~I have not worked on this yet except for the fact I interviewed for a part time job that a friend recommended to me. It seemed like it would be great but after talking it over with Tony I quickly realized that I would get very burned out working full time at my regular job, then every evening Mon-Sat from 6pm or maybe 7pm until 940/1040pm at night. I emailed the people I had interviewed with and let them know. It was hard to do but I think I made the right decision. 

Church Calling~ I have already seen an improvement in this even though I have not been able to make it to every Tues night activity. The first weekend of the month I was driving to Las Vegas.  The next week I was able to attend but this past Tuesday I was unable to leave work until 630 and by the time I got home and changed to get over to the ice rink where everyone was, it was 5 min to 7 and when I looked online to get the address, they were closing at 7. I was pretty disappointed! I should have just left work but felt like I had a commitment to finish a work order I had to get dispatched. Better luck this next Tuesday.

Marriage~ I'm trying to step it up in this area in the sense that I'm trying to be more independent and not rely on Tony for so much. Instead of asking him to do something for me, whether it be with my car , around the house, researching something, making a decision,etc., I am trying to quit being so...lazy? and get up and "step it up" to make things happen instead of waiting. He isnt always around, he has work, school, homework and sometimes if I want to get things done I need to do it myself.  This isn't a bad thing and I do still rely on him for some things but I feel like maybe I was getting a bit too needy/lazy last year and I can certainly change things. 

Personal Life~ I'm still trying to figure this out and break down what I want to work on.

So there you have it. The honest truth of where I'm at with my goals for 2014. How are you doing with your goals? Comment if you want to share!

Sitting here at my parents house in Idaho writing this post before we head over to my inlaws house and then back to SLC in a few hours. Its been a fun time, celebrating Tony's grandma's birthday yesterday, she turned 85. It was fun to hang out with his family some and then later in the day we went to my sister's house for dinner and to downtown Boise to visit one of Tony's friends who is a traveling EEG specialist and is here for 13 weeks. Fun stuff!

Here's some blogging I have done if you want to check it out and read anything.

There is a super fun event coming to the South Town Expo Center next Saturday called the Winter Palooza that you should definitely participate in if you are in the area. I'm looking forward to getting a henna tattoo! 

I rented a Fiat to go to Las Vegas last week for the Consumer Electronics show. I have never driven this car before so I thought I'd do a little review of how I liked it.

The zoo lights were fun to go to in SLC but it was a bitterly cold night. Next time I will bring hot chocolate with me!

We kept hearing about the window displays set up for Christmas in the Grand America hotel and one evening we were downtown, right by the hotel so we stopped to check it out. Pretty awesome hotel, it'd be fun to stay a night there someday. So fancy!

Sledding in Wyoming and hanging out with my friend Catt and her family was so much fun. They are the nicest! I miss Catt always, we had great times hanging out in AZ when I lived there.

Last but not least, finishing up Christmas in Idaho at my parents house before we headed back to SLC.

What's coming up next to look forward to? Of course I will be writing about and posting pictures of this current trip to Idaho. I am going to post a review of my Pebble watch sometime soon and a new craft on Nite Owl Creates. Next Saturday we'll be going to the film festival in Park City and the ice castles in Midway so I hope to get some fun pictures of that.

Have a great week!

I rented this car to take to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past Wednesday. It wasnt the car I was told I would get from the rental website but it was what was available when I got to the location to pick up my car. It got great gas mileage so I cant complain too much I guess even though I felt like I was almost driving the 'boot car'. 

I started in SLC with a full tank and didnt fill up until I got to St. George.
I did drive around Vegas a bit so I left the next day with about half a tank and stopped in St George again to fill it up. I didnt stop again until I got back to SLC. I think the gas mileage did better on this car than it does on my current car.  But maybe it is very close to being the same. I am sad I didnt get to track it that well. 

I had no time to take pictures of the car in the daylight as I picked up the car Tuesday a bit after 530pm , left about 7pm to go to Vegas. On Wednesday I left Las Vegas around 845pm and got home at 430am Thursday morning. Slept for a few hours, went to work and had to return the car by 530pm. It was such a whirlwind so I am glad I managed to squeeze in a few pictures right before I dropped off the keys. 

The radio area was nice but I was disappointed there was no auxiliary port. Maybe because this version of the Fiat is so basic? But it had power windows and doors so I am not sure about that. It still excites me when a car has this because right now my car still does not have that option, at least, not built in.  

I took a tricky picture of the back of the steering wheel. I have never seen this feature before. Of course there were the normal control buttons on the steering wheel but this little button on each side behind the steering wheel controlled the volume and also the stations. I felt like this was very easy to use and it was nice not having to reach somewhere else, my hands were naturally right here to change the station or control the volume. 

 The control stick towards the bottom in the picture above was a little tricky, one time I was driving in the wrong gear because I didnt know that it wasnt in drive. *user error I'm sure.*   There are two round buttons below the controls for the heat/ac and they are to roll up and down the windows. Such an odd place to put those buttons but I eventually got used to it. 

I did like how all the information on the dash was right in one spot. It was very different to look at at first but I ended up loving how they designed this.  However, neither Tony or I could figure out how to reset the miles for a trip A and a trip B. It would have been nice to know exactly what kind of gas mileage I was getting. There were some buttons towards the bottom right of this picture but pressing them, holding them down, no matter what we did, we were not able to get the counter to start at 0 for my trip. Oh well!

When I looked over my left shoulder it was terrible to see if there were any cars coming. Ginormous blind spot - at least it felt that way. The driver side door had this interesting mirror that I am thinking was supposed to help with blind spots. It was not on the right hand side mirror. I dont think it helped me much but if I had driven the car for longer than about a day, I might have learned how to use it. 

Considering the size of the car, I thought that the trunk space was decent. I was able to fit my duffel bag and backpack back there as well as the friend who rode with me was able to fit his backpack. Probably about half the size of my current trunk (Mazda Protege5)  but if you need extra space and didnt have anyone riding with you, it looked like the seats could fold down very easily. 

- where the button was located to control the radio volume and stations
- gas mileage seemed really good
- size, it was easy to park
- great u-turns

- the big blind spot over my left shoulder. It made me so nervous
- tried hard to set up my phone to the bluetooth. I pressed all the buttons, it should not be so hard?
- unable to figure out how to set trip A and B. Even Tony looked and was unable to get it
- no auxiliary port

All in all a great little car though and I might not mind renting one again as long as I dont have a lot to take with me.

Thanks for reading!

I have been crazy busy with the holidays and busy again even though the holidays are over. I'm kind of in a weird blogging mood, I'll go days without opening my laptop and then a night like tonight happens and I post a bunch of things. So here are some links to what's been going on lately or what I am catching up on. Enjoy!

I've passed by this many times but it wasnt until Tony and I spent a few days in Page , AZ for a balloon festival, that we actually got to explore and take a tour of Glen Canyon Dam

Have you ever been to Hole In The Rock? I want to explore more next time in this area because we didnt have much time as we went through recently and it the sun was starting to go down

My first time ever in Yellowstone National Park happened late last year and it was such an adventure! I cant wait to go again!

Of course if you go to Yellowstone, you can go back to Utah by passing by the Grand Tetons. Amazing view and next time I want to go more in the morning when the sun is at a different angle. This place was pretty awesome!

Okay, enough traveling adventures for now, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family & loved ones. Here is part one of my first time ever spending Christmas in Idaho.

I'll catch you up on everything again soon! I need to blog about the zoo lights at Hogle zoo, checking out the window displays at the Grand America Hotel and part 2 of Christmas in Idaho. Stay tuned.

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