NaBloPoMo Day 22

Is anyone else feeling really tired right now? It's almost 10pm and I am so happy to say I got a lot done today. Especially in the afternoon. Here's what went down..

- got the mail
- got 2 loads of laundry done and hung everything up to dry
- flattened at least 15 moving boxes
- vacuumed some of the rooms in the house
- worked on the she-shed for a bit
- cleaned up the backyard
- started spray painting our screen door and getting it ready to install
- took a bunch of pictures of clothes to sell online, got them posted too
- did the dishes. Twice.
- cleaned up around the birds cage.
- put things away that needed to be
- finished putting my shoe shelf together
- got some work for my job done
- got Snapchat updated with the latest happenings with the house
- made that sign for my dad on my Cricut (not cut, just designed)
- cleaned up the inside of the fridge
- organized the snack crate for our trip to Idaho

This is why I am so tired now maybe! I dont even feel like moving. I need to pack all the clothes and items I want to bring to Idaho. I love traveling for the holidays so it's all good. I am a little sad to leave our house. I guess it is just so new still (even though sometimes I feel like we have been here a lot longer) that I just want to sit and soak it in, or get busy with various projects. But no worries, in a few days we will be back and on track.

I am excited to be planning a Christmas Pinterest party for early Dec. and I'd love to host a cookie exchange or a progressive dinner. I'm secretly hoping someone else will host the exchange (and soo bummed to miss an awesome one I go to in UT!) and maybe I can convince the RS to do a progressive dinner or I'll hold my own next year. Also, maybe next year I'll have enough friends out here to do a "Friendsgiving." That'd be so fun but only if Tony or someone else made the turkey ;-)


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