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Early Spring Cleaning

I super love that the daylight is lasting longer. It's happening slowly but each day is a little better. The longer it stays the light, the more I feel like I can get done. Especially things outside. These past few days I have gotten a lot better somehow about getting rid of stuff. Or at least, committing to get rid of it and organizing clothing , shoes, craft supplies and other items into a donate and sell pile.  Unfortunately the pile to sell grows bigger and I am not really getting much sold. I did sell one item from the Facebook yardsale pages. I sold another couple items on eBay. Made less than $30 but something is better than nothing! More things are posted so fingers crossed I can make a few more sales. Eventually though I  will have to decide what to just let go because I just keep re posting, it doesn’t sell and it takes up way too much space. The other day my friend came over and helped me go through my closet full of jackets and sweatshirts. She offered and

The Ups and Downs of Life

My first week (er, day) at LDSBC seemed to go well. I only had 1 fail where I had a smear of chocolate on my jacket. Maybe it blended in and nobody noticed (hopefully). Tony wasnt home to check me before I wrecked myself.  Sigh. Luckily in my classes I dont feel like the oldest one. It feels like mostly a good mix. It will be interesting to go to class tonight and see who has still stuck around. Tony and I are sharing a car at the moment. My poor HHR. Tony's poor truck. I feel like I dont have good luck with cars and I have not even had the HHR a year yet! Both of our vehicles are drivable but need work so its best to avoid driving them. My HHR died last week waiting for my sister in the Smith's parking lot. A kind teenager used his truck to help me jump my car. I got it home and it promptly died in front of my house. I started driving my Mazda again. I heart that car so much, despite its problems. Since Tony had Monday off of work, we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunc

Back To School I Go!

Am I going back to school? Yes. Hopefully. I sure hope so. Here's what is going on. Late last year I heard a commercial on the radio I believe it was, for a degree being offered at LDS Business College in Social Media Marketing. It's an AA degree which I have already but that's okay. They offer a certificate starting in summer of 2015. I love being online, I love my social media and that degree sounded really fun to me. So I got the crazy idea in my head to apply. I put it off for a bit but with the encouragement of a friend or two, I thought, what the heck. So I filled out the FASFA and waited. Then Tony told me one day when we were talking about it, that I need to apply to the college I want to go to to find out if I will get accepted or not. WHAT?! I have only ever gone to Woodland Community College in California and everyone gets in, there is no 'applying'. So this is all new to me! I scrambled to start applying. This was in late December. Apparently LDSBC is