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June Comings & Goings

June has been quite the month! It started out with me taking the 2 dogs I was watching on a 10 hour road trip to my house in California. That was quite the stressful adventure but we made it all in one piece. The very next day started early for setting up the decorations for Safe Grad night for the high school seniors in the town and surrounding areas on the naval base. We were told 2-3 hours to decorate but we got there at 7am and didn't leave until noon. It got hot fast but in the end it look a-okay. We stopped by around midnight to move some of the decorations and see everything all lit up. Saturday we had our set up at the community yard sale at the fairgrounds. We focused on clothing and a few household items this time around. Saving craft supplies maybe for next time. I think we made about $30 but it was a lot slower than the sale we participated in a few months ago. I am guessing because of graduation but who knows. Back to church in our ward on Sunday. Tony has had t