Utah Fun

These are going to be an assortment of random pictures that I dont really have a blog post to put them in so they can all go in to one!

Hiked to "The Living Room" in SLC by the U on Wednesday night. Okay, I didn't make it all the way to the top but the view where I stopped was pretty legit!

This was the night of the Olympic Opening ceremonies at the Millcreek Venture Out series.

Enrique (yellow and blue shirt on bottom right) is leaving Tai Pan Trading so Sandra and I did a going away lunch for everyone (except Brent from HR is taking the picture). Enrique has worked at Tai Pan for 11 years! On the left is Nat e- warehouse manager. Then Junior, Lee, Sandra, Me! and on the bottom left is Greg. They are all so great to work with and I'm going to miss them when I'm not there anymore.

Kylee and I were in a class at LDSBC together and she was in charge of us making a video for Operation Underground Railroad. She is one of the kindest, genuine, down to earth people that I know. She doesn't care if someone isn't popular, she'll talk to anyone. Her reception was up at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake. So glad I could go even if the leis people were wearing made my eyes water like crazy right when I got to the front of the line. Oops!

My coworker surprised me at work with this awesome dessert on my desk. I was in shock - she is so sneaky! Rainbow Chip frosting for the win!

I won these gift cards from LDSBC and so Tony and I went a few weeks ago. We saw the new Jason Bourne movie and this was my first time eating at California Pizza Kitchen.


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