There's No Time Like The Present

You guys.  Here I am and hopefully I am back consistently for good. My summer turned out crazier than usual. Besides the obvious road-trips to hot air balloon festivals and National Parks, throw moving into the mix makes it a whole different ballgame. Not just moving down the street or to the next city over but moving states. Yes. That happened. 

My husband has worked for his new job since mid-July in a town called Ridgecrest in Southern CA. I refused to move down until we had a place to live and neither one of us wanted the apartment life again even though it went pretty well in Utah. So we worked on getting a house while I finished out my summer in Utah, said a sad good-bye to my job and enjoyed quite a few scenic drives to see the fall leaves in the mountains.

After a ton of bad experiences with our realtor, we were finally able to switch from him about half way through. This delayed things a bit and I moved to this town with our stuff in a large Penske only to live out of motels for about a week. That was rough. Nothing to do all day in a small town with not much shopping. Eating out a lot and watching a lot of TV and using crappy internet. Not super glamorous but we made it work.

We've now been in our new house exactly one week + 1 day and we love love it. It's not 100% perfect but it works for us. We are doing modifications as we go...building shelves for my she-shed!, swapping out a light in the kitchen, figuring out how to hook up the washing machine (not as easy as we thought it would be) are projects we have done so far or are in the middle of.

All in all we have learned a lot and are looking forward to learning and growing more together in this wonderful place aka, our casa. The town on the other hand...will take some getting used to. I am not thrilled to be far from my favorite stores and restaurants.

Another thing I've had to get used to and don't know if I'm 100% used to it yet is not working full time. I miss that paycheck! Working on some projects though so hopefully my personal income will increase so I can do and buy things I'd like to get.  I love that I have more time to blog and get organized and work on projects such as the she-shed and get it set up for some really cool Pinterest parties and awesome crafting!

Cheers to you all, happy fall and look forward to hearing more from me here. Be sure to click the icons across the top to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.


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