NaBloPoMo Day 12

I dont know why I let electronics ruin my life when they don't work right, but I do. Heck, I do social media as a job and for my personal life and I can't afford to have things go down and not work right. It is so very upsetting to me when I can't document the things I do and keep track of the places I go. Sorry if you don't understand. #sorrynotsorry

I have tried twice to buy Galaxy S6 phones on eBay. Never had a problem buying a used phone before. They had no problems besides some minor scuffing and to me, a case solves that problem. However, with the first phone (which was such a good deal at $199!), the camera did not work right. It was fuzzy, not sharp, and had a water ripple effect on the screen from time to time and I could not take a picture until that went away.

I sent that phone back and tried again. Spent a little more, asked the seller if the camera was good, he said yes. I get the phone and the camera is blurry again. Plus the home button did not work no matter what I tried. So frustrating to set up my apps again only to find that out. I kept the phone until the last possible day (plus I was in UT and it was tricky to get the return label printed) and so now that phone is back in NY.

Third time is the charm? I sure hope so! There are NO good deals on eBay. Every phone has a bad IMEI or is broken or 'parts only.' Sigh. I have bid on a phone that is ending at 8am Tuesday morning. Fingers crossed I don't get outbid at the last minute.

I'm sorry, I can't keep doing this. If this phone does not work out I am going to either skip to the S7 and spend $100 extra to do so or find another phone. I like Blu but am wary about not being able to find cases I like. I like my iPod touch but just can't commit to the iPhone. There are things I really hate about Apple and it's def a love-hate relationship. Sigh again.

I miss playing Pokemon. I miss Snapchat working correctly. I miss front-facing video. TMobile sent me another sim card since the S4 and S6 take different sizes. I have a problem where my S4 no longer gets 4G. Not sure why and I thought a new sim card would fix that but sadly, it hasn't. Nobody will ever know I ate at Ephen Tacos for dinner tonight. I did take a pic I can post but I wasn't able to check in on Swarm.

#FirstWorldProblems I know but as someone who is on social media lots - this just cannot be an issue for me! Fingers crossed I can just win that phone tomorrow and move on with life because this is ridiculous.


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