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Introducing the 2013 Nissan Rogue

I rented this car from a rental company down the street from me for my trip to Las Vegas. I was supposed to get an economy size car but there were non s when I went to pick it up on Friday afternoon. 
Idaho plates, that's what I got. 
Leg room and seat space seemed good. I liked the pockets in the back of the driver and passenger seats. 
Sport button. Didn't make a difference it seemed when it was turned on. Had to re-turn it on every time I got back in the car. 
These vents were able to spin 360*. I liked that. 
Storage space for sunglasses and that tiny hole in the right? Had a weird orange light that was very dim. Only came on at night. Not sure what it was for. 
I'm a fan of the built in light here. Handy.