NaBloPoMo Day 11

So today I thought I'd tell you guys about a new opportunity I signed up for at the UT State Fair (of all places!) in September. It's with Mojilife which is a newer company so you may have never heard of them before. But that's okay! They specialize in a fragrance and essential oil device that uses air distribution. This means that there is no wax, water, flame or heat! Crazy, right? It's completely mess free and safe for kids and pets.  It has a sleek design and works well to make your home smell awesome.


Look how cute it is! It comes in white or black plus there are sleeves you can buy to decorate it a little more. Another idea I have done is to cut vinyl with my Cricut to decorate around the outside. I'll have to post some pictures of that!


There are lots of really good scents - the one that turned me on to everything and actually stopping at the booth to talk to the ladies there was called Summertime Serenade. My summer favorite!

The scents last 40-60 hours, depending on how much you use them. How do you use them? I really should get brave and post my own video but here's one that shows you how it's done -

Besides the scents and design, I love LOVE that you can download an app (iPhone or Android) to be able to create a schedule of when you want the AirMoji to turn off and on. So genius! So smart! 

I got to go to the soft launch party in Lindon, UT at the end of October where I was able to pick up some of the new holiday scents. Dying! (in a good way). They smell so legit. Santa's Cocoa? Smells just like hot chocolate. Winter Wonderland? Just like peppermint (and fresh snow, so they say) and is so refreshing.  

They also offer essential oil scents as well as cleaning supplies! I have some samples of those and am excited to use them. I've heard great things from people who have used them though.

Anyways, just sharing something I have found an loved! 

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Thanks for reading!


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