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Bringing all my blogs together today!

Some of the items I'll be blogging about on here are things I've won from blog contests recently. I won these earrings from the blog Among the Young . It was her first giveaway on her blog that she has ever done.

They arrived a few days ago - aren't they pretty!?

Here is a close up, as good as I could do with my camera

Here's a view a bit father back.

I love the way they look!

Kaylynn just opened an Etsy shop and said she will be adding more items soon. Check it out!

About this blog

I have quite a few blogs and I just feel like I need to tie them all into one place so this is where I decided that is going to happen. I'll still be blogging on my other blogs but I will link all my posts to this blog so you can easily find them. We'll see how it goes!

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