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Getting Real with the Blogging Life

I went to a great dinner at Blue Iguana tonight in SLC that Blogging Concentrated put together. It was fun to meet and see lots of bloggers from many places. A group from the midwest, Boise and here in Utah too! I was exchanging information with a couple ladies at my end of the table and one came to check out this blog and said, your last post was January 30th and I was like yea...I haven't been great about blogging lately. In my head I thought, what's the big deal? January 30th wasn't that long ago, was it? Then I realized today is the 18th of the month - of February!  Honestly I haven't given this blog the love or attention it deserves. To be even more honest, I haven't done hardly any blog posts since the end of last year. I need to blog about girls camp, Tony's family reunion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, CES, CHA and so much more! Some bloggers just pick up where they left off, others say forget it, I'm starting fresh and not worrying about pictures I have