NaBloPoMo Day 1

NaBloPoMo November 2016

Can I do this? Can I write a post every day in November? I hope so! I'd love to try this again. I have friends doing it and I feel like I have done this in the past but it's been quite awhile. In fact, check out my friend Aimee's blog, because she is doing this NaNoWriMo however when you are blogging, it's called NaBloPoMo (thanks Aimee). Another person I know doing the blogging every day in November is Ryan. His blog can be found here. Like me, he hopes this will get him blogging more often.

Its been 3 full days that I have had my nephews. I think we are getting in to a little routine which has been super helpful. My sister and her daughter didn't get their flight Thursday night so they flew out Friday night instead. It was nice to hang out with her for Friday and get a little more instruction on the do's and don'ts with my nephews who are 4 and 2. Saturday was a crazy day, Sunday we got to do some fun things including dinner with Tony's cousins and trunk or treating at a church as well as my friend Sandra's haunted yard - so legit!

Monday I had to take the oldest to school...didn't have all the info I needed but managed okay. A good friend of mine drove down from Evanston WY to have breakfast with me and her boyfriend came along too. He was really nice and talkative. I love meeting up with her! We stopped by the school at 11:30 and then came home for a few hours to chill and unwind before going to my old work at WGU to trick or treat. More of Tony's cousins invited us to dinner and trick or treating in Woods Cross. Oh my. I cannot imagine being a single mom with 2 kids. It's so exhausting! Lots to remember, especially when you leave the house. I forget things every time I go out the door!

Hopefully just a day or two more and my sister and her husband will be back in Utah. Today the grandparents are watching the boys from noon to 3:30 so I have a few hours to get things done. Some errands and getting my hair cut. It's tiring getting the boys buckled, unbuckled, in and out of the just takes time and is boring! Haha.

At least we are all still alive, not too hyped up on Halloween candy and clothed and fed. Woot.


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