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Hey Guys!

Just wanted to say Hello! to anyone new who might be reading my blog since snagging my card at Build Your Blog conference over this past weekend. I got home Saturday evening and my head was spinning with all the awesome things I learned, people I met and fun experiences. I cant wait to write out everything in the next day or two. In the meantime, I have a big'ish project due for one of my classes on Saturday but I want to turn it in earlier since I may be going down to southern UT this weekend - all depending on the weather. Not sure what happened to the early spring Utah was getting but winter seems to be back. It may look nice outside but it's a trick because it is icy cold! Every time I look at the weather for Kanab, its a mix of snow and rain. Bad bad bad. Hot air balloons can't go up in that kind of weather! Hoping and praying for a miracle. I have wanderlust so much right now. What's new with you? Let me know and link me to your blog too so I can come say

Employed Again!

Many of you reading this are most likely aware that after my job at WGU ended in early November, I've been looking for a job and working with temp agencies. I've had interviews here and there but nothing happened from them. Until last Friday I got a call asking me if I was still looking for a job and would I like to come in for an interview on Monday. Stupidly I said I could, forgetting that Monday was a holiday. Oops. I had badly wanted to go to Capitol Reef National Park to see a friend, hike and do fun things but I was unable to find anyone who could come with so I decided not to change the interview and just stick around town for weekend.  I went in at 10am for the interview...well I got a little lost but luckily was only delayed by a few minutes.  I started filling out paperwork and by the time everything was said and done , about an hour and a half later! they were offering me the job. I was stunned because I never had anyone offer me a job so quickly before, at least, no

What I Learned from Stuart Edge

Last Wednesday I got to go to Dev Mountain in Provo to hear YouTuber Stuart Edge speak. If you have not heard of him, definitely go check out his channel . He is pretty funny! He spoke about "How To Be Funny & Make Money" which caught my attention although I did not know that was the topic before I went. What drew me in was who he is (I have seen him before and watched some of his videos) and there was free food afterwards. Spoiler alert - it turned out to be just cookies. All I wanted was real food! However, Sodalicious has fantastic cookies, esp their sugar cookies.  Alright! Here are my notes, enjoy. Figure out what you do. Figure out who you are. Don't paint yourself in a corner We paint ourselves as something. Facebooker. YouTuber. Don't paint yourself in a corner.  What/who does the real world say I am? Give yourself more room to grow. Vlogger? Ok a  reality tv show. How are my ratings. How can I grow? Expand your brand. Figure out how we

Pinterest Parties, Ice Castles & More!

I've been upping my blogging lately and working on redoing what I do, as in, I have too many blogs and I am trying to think of what I can do to get rid of 1 or maybe 2 of them. In the meantime, while I figure that out, you may have noticed that Stacie's Place is now a .com! So excited to finally just DO that. I think it looks great and will be easier to tell people as well. Check out the Valentine's Pinterest Party I hosted last week I also took a quick trip to Idaho over the weekend with my sister and her boys Tony & I got to go to Midway to see the ice castles for our first time ever. School is going awesome!   I blogged about some moving tips for moms (or anyone!) and have you heard of the Great Inflatable Race ? What fun things have you been up to lately? Link me in a comment below and I will come check it out or comment back!