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My cute nephew in Utah is 3 and instead of saying, "What the heck?" he says it, "What the hack?" So adorable, I miss him so much!

"What the heck/hack?!" is a phrase I muttered to myself on Thursday night after I got out of the car and my phone crashed to the ground because I forgot it was on my lap. Right on to the cement. Oye! An unfortunate event a few weeks ago as I was at Seven Magic Mountains 30 minutes outside Las Vegas took me by surprise when I tripped on a rock in the near darkness, and I went tumbling. I managed to hang on to my phone but it still got a crack right across the bottom half of the screen in a diagonal fashion. Noooo! I have never once broken a phone screen before but all that changed in late 2017/early 2018. How am I so clumsy?! I dont even know. It was doable though, the crack didnt really show on the display and I was able to use it normally like I did pre-fall. I am in AZ, stuck with an even more broken - cracked screen - phone (grateful it can still make calls and I can access social media even if it cuts my fingers up) wondering where I went wrong. Trying to email every shop I can find via Google that does phone screen repairs. Scouring the classifieds in hopes of finding another phone until I can figure out what to do with mine. Curses to having an Asus phone that nobody (that I know of yet) has ability to work on. I knew I should have stuck with Samsung.

So..follow my adventures at CHA/Creativation here in Phoenix with no phone! Haha, that'd be hard if I am unable to snap/post/Instagram/Tweet/etc but at least the conference does not really start until Saturday and I have all day Friday to figure out a plan with my current phone or possibly a new one.

But still. Geez Louise. The timing!

You guys...we are only a few days in to 2018 and I am realizing I am in a serious rut with thing. Mainly things in my blogging life? Or probably life in general as well. Staying busy and having content to blog about really isn't a problem. I think it boils down to getting organized and having the desire to make ways to stay organized. I was talking to my friend Nessa last month about an idea I had to organize my blogging.  I decided to wait on starting it since we were going to be gone out of town for 10 days and then I would not see what I had posted up.

Step back a minute..I've been all about being digital, having online calendars, reminders, events, notifications but the past few weeks I've had/wanted to write thing down on lists. So I can actually take a pen and cross off tasks I accomplish. What is wrong with me? Maybe I feel like my online apps arent working for me anymore (although I still heart and use Wunderlist) but for blogging, I want to see everything for my day/week/month all at a glance. I want to see goals and plans written out and hung up somewhere, not stashed in my phone or ipod. So weird, right?

Anyways, the other rut I am in is consuming. I drink in photos, status updates, videos, etc., No joke. From when I wake up and am checking my emails and all the notifications on my phone to throughout the day when I sit for a moment at the phone or computer and then minutes turn in to a lot of time gone by. I wouldn't say wasted exactly but I am consuming SO MUCH else of what others are doing. Traveling, crafts, planning, cooking, there are so many awesome ideas out there and I pin, save, tweet and share but I rarely DO any of what see. Which makes me so sad! So maybe my one little word (olw) for this year should have been DO instead of SIMPLIFY. Ha. 

Anyone else run into these issues? Have you figured out a way to solve them? Leave me a comment below & have a productive day :)

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