NaBloPoMo Day 10

Hey guys...I'm glad to see there are people reading my posts each day, this is pretty cool!

So today I am thinking about the fact that I am missing Utah so much. A Target, Bath and Body Works, Kohls, Gordmans, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Jamba Juice just right down the street?! I'm going to go crazy in Idaho when Black Friday comes. Omgoodness. 

I could drive an hour+ out of town to go to some of these same stores but after driving 4 hours rt to Bakersfield on Monday and spending last Sunday driving 10 or so hours from Page, AZ back to CA, I think I'm good to stick around the house for awhile. I just get fomo when I see posts on IG and Snapchat of the fun things people are getting or doing!

Take Target for example...they have some really fun Christmas items that include a teardrop camper! I had people looking all over their local Target stores for some of the items, I was calling Target stores in Palmdale and Lancaster and in the end ordered some of what I needed off the Target website. Sigh. Sometimes I just like to go in to the store myself to see the items and make sure they are the quality I want. I love technology but there's nothing like doing something hands-on!

Anywho, maybe we'll leave town on Saturday and go to a beach or closer to some stores since are going to be staying at home all day on Friday working on house projects. What are your weekend plans?


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