NaBloPoMo Day 19

Happy Saturday everyone! Friday was not as productive as I would have liked. I need to ban turning on the TV during the day, esp when it is nice out! I forgot Tony didnt have to go to work  and so we hung out all day and kind of bummed around the house. Chillaxed. While that's fun, and we really dont take the opportunity to do it often, it's not productive! We don't get much done when this kind of thing happens. 

Luckily today was better. We started out the day with driving all over town to garage sales. In Utah, I used a garage sale app that links to Craigslist and it was perfect for finding sales in the areas we were in. I looked on the app here and there were tons in Bakersfield but NONE listed for RC. So plan B, look on Facebook at the yardsale pages. There were a few listed but not many. Plan C, just drive and look for signs. That worked a little bit but we were kind of scattered and all over the place. Plan D! Check Swapsheet - it's now an app - but also a publication that goes out to people who sign up for it and lists ads, coupons, yard sales, houses for rent, etc. So I pulled that up on my phone and we found a few more to go to. Either we should have left earlier or no one was selling anything good because we did not score any steals except for the last place we went. Tony bought a carpet cleaner (which I should have fought him on because honestly we dont need it right now and he's always telling me that when I want to buy something!) and I got a nightstand type piece of furniture to go by my side of the bed. Only $10 and in decent shape. Woot.

We put together some cube shelves, tracked where Spectacles were at (Rose Bowl and everyone I messaged was too far or not able to go), went to Home Depot and Walmart, got dinner, put together our firepit, made smores and ended the day by watching a movie.

Much better day than Friday!


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