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Here You Go!

January was a whirlwind of a month. We just got back from visiting Idaho for Christmas and New Year's, then a few days later I headed to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. After that fun time, I was home for a few days and then drove to Phoenix to be in town to attend Creativation - a craft trade show I have gone to the last few years. It was really fun, lots of friends to see, brands to connect with and make and takes! Got back to California and unpacked, repacked and headed to Salt Lake City to volunteer at a conference called Silicon Slopes Tech Summit and spend time with family and friends. Plus! Host a Pinterest party. I will say I miss my husband and my birds a lot, it will be good to get back but I am making the most of the time I have on these trips. Minus the big snowstorm that shut many things down today and delayed my 'last day in Utah plans'. Eek! I'm not anxious to leave Utah but I have things to do in California so hopefully, I can make it back