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Here We Are Again

What is going on my blog reading friends? Here I am, still in Utah since April 19th and loving every minute of being here. Minus the fact I miss Jay tons and my birds and our house (which we've only lived in since last October), things are going pretty great. I've been able to do quite a lot of fun stuff here in Utah! Here's some of what I've been up to.... - Pinterest parties - I was able to host 2 - one in April and one in May - hanging out with my sister and nephews quite a lot - working on blogging stuff and a super cool video with my friend Karina - lunch with friends at some of my favorite restaurants - going to the Tulip Festival with friends - working on an order with a friend that required my Cricut. - visiting former coworkers - playing Pokemon - attended Awaken Studios, the Caliente class 2x/wk! - Target runs - going to the splash pad and rec center with my nephews - visiting Gilgal Gardens in SLC - lots of shopping at Savers and the craft st

What Happened to April?

How has April come and gone already?! April was a busy month for sure. Jay and I took a quick weekend trip to Utah for his flex Friday weekend and then I came to Utah a couple weeks later for Snap Conference (blog conference) and I'm still here! I got a dog-sitting gig from Tony's cousin who headed to CO for truck driving training. I am! My plan to leave on May 14th has now turned into a plan to stay longer in Utah. Jay is actually coming this weekend for a visit and there is so much going on! My parents are visiting on Tues-Wed from Idaho, I'm volunteering at the Everything Food Conference from Wednesday to Saturday. Hoping to get to the Tulip Festival in Lehi, get gel nails done and I need to schedule a dentist appointment and maybe a hair style appointment. I am loving all there is to do and how close everything is. I am loving seeing my sister and going shopping with her plus hanging out with my nieces and nephews. I love that I got to attend my brother gradu