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Longhurst Carpet Cleaning Service

I saw a post on Facebook from a carpet cleaning company called Longhurst Carpet Cleaning. Their deal was great, $1 per stair and our stairs were terrible! We have lived here 3-1/2 years and do not take our shoes off when we come inside so you can imagine that they were pretty filthy looking. In fact, here are some pictures to prove it.  (downstairs) (upstairs) Yea. Embarassing. I couldnt stand it any more and this deal was the best and so I scheduled them to come on a Saturday in October. It was the day of our ward trunk-or-treat party. Tony really wanted to borrow their company vehicle (a hearse!) for the trunk or treat but we didnt. That would have been cool though! The owner and son his scrubbed our stairs from 930 until about 1130am, with a brush , on their hands and knees. I was very impressed seeing them do that. And the results were nothing short of spectacular.  (upstairs) (downstairs) Seriously so clean you could eat off them. It

Learn - Create - Connect - Pinterest Conference!

I heart Pinterest. It's one of my favorite websites that I can never spend long enough on. I have been known to stay up until unmentionable hours of the, just browsing and planning. If you follow my blogs, you know I host Pinterest parties so I can actually make some of the things I pin on Pinterest with friends. It's fantastic! Last year was the first Pinners Conference here in Utah and it is basically just down the street from where I live so that made it perfect to attend both days, which I did. Now the second conference is here and I am beyond excited to go again! I tried to find my blog post from the conference last year but sadly, it seems like I never did a blog post. I do remember taking some pictures but there was SO much to see and do, shopping and classes to attend that it was all I could do to soak it all in. I imagine this year will be even better and I wouldn't miss it if I were you!  Clear your calendars for November

Life Is Cray Cray!

Do you ever feel like life is super and crazy?! That is how my entire summer has been it feels like. Good thing I like being busy, right? Here are some links of what I've been up to! Emergency Preparedness Tips When You Have Pets Crafty Plate with Cricut Explore Exploring Pinedale, WY Walk The Winds Teardrop Camper Meetup Utah State Fair The Color Run Mountain Mike's Pizza SLC Comic Con Blogger Night Out - Hospital Tour Camp Ritchie Day 2 Camp Ritchie Day 1 Slide The City Phew. That'll be enough to keep you reading for awhile I guess! Looking back at all these posts, I sure have had a busy summer. And I still have posts to catch up on so I will link those to a new post on here when they are available.  What fun things have you been up to this summer? Leave a link to your post if you have one and I will come by and leave a comment!

Idealshake Review!

My name is Laura and I have a guest post reviewing Idealshake! My husband Rocky and I got a chance to sample the chocolate Idealshake, a meal replacement shake that naturally reduces hunger and cravings. We were so excited to try this product because we were constantly on the search for the best meal replacement shake due to the fact that we are always on the go, and secondly because Rocky has a consistent workout program he follows at the gym and would always come home hungry!  Rocky has tried many protein powders and meal replacements and I have always sampled from the huge bottle of whatever he decides to buy. It was always something new because the anterior never lived up to the hype. We both dislike having a chalky or artificial aftertaste!  We both sampled Idealshake as soon as we got it, I wanted to see if the "tastes great" would live up to its reputation. We had never heard of Idealshake before, however, after sampling, we won't forget their name!

Crafts! Office Makeover! Roadtrips! Birthday Deals!

Trying to catch up on my blogging to let you all know what I've been up to!  Since it's my birthday month and I subscribe to tons of emails, I've been getting lots of birthday freebies and deals. I posted all of them here so take a look and see if you could use any for your birthday! They are specific for Utah but some of the deals can be used in other states. Recently Tony & I went to Lagoon and had a fantastic time! It was so so fun. I wrote about what we did and also some tips/tricks to know before you go.  I'm a huge fan of hot air balloons and will travel near or far to go see them. Lucky for us, around the 4th of July in Provo they have 20-30 hot air balloons come and last Saturday we got to go see them take off. In other news, I'm still looking for a job and getting some interviews here and there. In all my free time I decided the guestroom/office needed a makeover. It's still in the stages of being completed but you can read a little about

Staying At Home?!

If you know me well, you know how much I love to roadtrip and not going anywhere on a rare three day weekend is a waste. We had three ideas of places to go this weekend, Montana, Wyoming or Colorado. On Thursday we decided that we were going to Colorado. Tony got home early afternoon and we did a few things, then he had some homework to finish at Byu so we went to Provo and found a Peruvian restaurant to have dinner. Well, we were both dragging and tired and I don't think we were ready for another roadtrip so soon after getting back from the Panguitch weekend just a few days ago. Are we getting old?! We've been out of town the past few weekend and I guess we overestimated ourselves. I was a little hasty and texted my uncle to let him know we were coming and then I had to call him this afternoon that we were not coming this weekend after all. I was so disappointed! I don't know if the heat is zapping our energy or what. It's been in the upper 90's, close to 100* some

Having Been Nominated....

Image not 1 but 2 girls online, I had to get this up as a blog post and it is way overdue!  I was nominated for the by Nicole and Jessica - thanks girls! The award has three parts: Answer the interview questions from the nominator. List 11 random facts about yourself. Nominate other blogs that are just getting started. Here is my interview: How long have you been blogging and why did you get started? I started in 2007 when I moved to AZ. I started it to keep in touch with my family who had moved to Idaho and my friends in California What is your favorite recipe of all time? My dad's noodles, meat and veggie dish. I dont know how he makes it, I just know that it is so so good. Are you a part of any public groups? I am not sure what a public group probably not. What was your favorite show growing up? 3-2-1 Contact on PBS. Shining Time Station, Reading Rainbow, Ghostwriter, Zoom and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yea..we watched quite a lot of PBS shows D

Leave No Regrets

I came up with this "motto" about half way through my mission one day, the words just popped into my head.  I think it helped me become a better missionary.  When you live life with this thought in mind I think you do a little more to be a little better because we don't know when our last opportunity will be to make an impact.  I forget my motto occasionally but I remember it better when I'm on a roadtrip and see something I want to take a picture of and remember.  Sometimes I think, oh we don't have time  to stop or, it'll be inconvenient to turn around but when I shove these thoughts out of my mind, I'm so glad I do because  I get some of the best photos or memories.  It's not always a photo but it's doing something that when you have a tiny thought of something you want to do and instead of dismissing it, you act on it, it creates some of life's best opportunities.  What have you done lately to 'leave no regrets' ? 

Salt Creek Imports Trailer Rental Review!

  Salt Creek Imports is located in Springville, UT and recently started renting out a few trailers they acquired to people who wanted to take them camping. It's a nice way to test out a trailer for a few days (if you are in the market for one) or just try a different way of camping.  It's so easy to have access to a tent but not always as easy to get access to a trailer. But now you can! Salt Creek Imports is so easy and friendly to work with.  Last weekend, Tony & I and our friends Lindsay, Garrett & their son Rylan , we all headed down to pick up a trailer to camp with for the weekend.  Dave is the owner and he met up with us when we arrived to give us a tour and information about the trailer , to sign a waiver form and put down a deposit. We rented the 31' trailer which weighs about 7700 lbs. Garrett's diesel truck was able to pull it with no problems.  We were headed down to Goblin Valley and we stopped about 30 minutes outside it to

Life in A Whirlwind

I apologize to anyone I might have mislead in my last post that said the weekly posts were back. Apparently, that is not the case yet. I have slacked on all my goals for the year and need to give an update about that but not right now. I hope to get back in to my groove and routine even though many things have happened and been going on to disrupt that. Not bad things, just life things. Tony in what I feel is the hardest semester ever right now! My sister here in UT had her baby and I've been trying to help her out a little more often, esp. when her husband was out of the country. Plus its always fun to hang out with her and my nephews. So many roadtrips, pretty much every weekend in May there has been somewhere we/I need/want to go. It's been great but has crunched my time for things that I normally had time to do. I thought with winter I would be less busy, maybe in some areas this was true. Now that summer is coming up and the days are lasting longer, it's no wonde

Hard Freeze Warnings

How have I not blogged since the beginning of the month and now its the end of the month! Aiai! How are all my blog reader friends doing? I woke up this morning to a very overcast sky and on my way to work it started hailing. I made it inside and when I looked outside an hour or so later, it was snowing. At least it was sunny when I got out of work for the day. There is a hard freeze warning set for tonight, made me glad I haven't planted my garden yet. Or that Tony & I have not gotten more bees (our 3rd set :-/ ) yet. I've been busy clearing out clutter , piles and trying to organize the things I do want to keep, better. Lots of bags to donate. A few things I will try to sell. The rest has been going in the dumpster. It's so refreshing and I wonder why I dont do this more often but it does take time! and I also need to get in the mood to be on a cleaning frenzy. Tony and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary on the 23rd of April. We were supposed to

Review - Merco Box!

Wheee check out this awesome box I am getting to review and share with you guys. It's called a Merco box and it arrived to me full of fun things from Utah! I really love supporting local businesses. With every box purchased, that money goes right back into the community. So good!  Yayay! So much awesomeness packed into one little box     ^^ Here's what I got inside ^^ I was most excited about the soap nuts from Eco Treasures because we can use them while camping and I am interested to see how they perform in the washing machine as well.  The Les Madelines 3 madlines were so so delicious. I want to track that company down and get some more! I also tried the Meals that Transform power bar. It was soft, not crunchy and hard. It had a whole bunch of ingredients in it and I was not sure how I would like it but I ate it at work when I was really hungry and it did great in settling my growling stomach. I hope to use the other coupons and products