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2013 Honda Accord Review

My blogger friend  Sarah  posted on Facebook about the opportunity to test drive a car from  Ken Garff Honda of Orem  and be treated to a meal. Free food? Test drive a car with no pressure of a salesperson? Count me in! We started out with a drive over to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I got the spaghetti with mushroom sauce. So delicious! Can't forget the spumoni! Now on to some of the features I loved most about this car. Loved this button to turn on and off the car. No need to put a key in! This is handy esp at night , you dont have to fumble for your keys in the dark. Want better gas mileage but a little less power in the engine and ac? Pressing this button gives you better gas mileage. I think I'd have that button pressed all the time! I would totally use the heated seat feature in the winter here in Utah Super love that there is an auxilary port and place to plug in a USB. I get excited when any car has this because m

Nailpolish Review - Sally Hansen

So I recently saw this nailpolish at Target on sale for a couple dollars off and thought I would get it and test it out. It sure felt like sugar on my nails, just how it looks in the picture. Like sandpaper, coarse and a little rough. I painted clear polish over a couple of my nails to see if it made a difference and it did not really , which I was surprised at. I super love the color but not sure that I like the gritty feeling on my nails. I will probably wear it again though just because the color is so awesome but maybe I'll try 2 coats of clear instead of 1. Have you tried this? How do you like it?