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Best Vehicle I've Ever Rented

I have rented a lot of cars in the past when I've gone on roadtrips or flown somewhere and needed a car. Got a PT Cruiser once in Portland, Chevy Aveo for another Portland trip, a Toyota Prius for a trip to New Mexico last October but most recently on our 2 year wedding anniversary trip, my husband and I decided to rent a truck. We rented from the Toyota dealership not too far from us and got this... I was not planning to do a review on this truck but Tony & I loved it so much that I knew I had to take a few pictures and share some cool things about it on my blog. Toyota Tacoma 2013 We took it from SLC down to New Mexico and Arizona then back up to Utah. We got about 20 mpg on the trip.  It has a bigger gas tank than my Mazda Protege5 but got the same gas mileage as my car so that was really nice! Here were some of my favorite features... Spot for a USB cord & an aux cord. I love this because my car doesnt have it Touch screen for radio/music.