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My name is Laura and I have a guest post reviewing Idealshake! My husband Rocky and I got a chance to sample the chocolate Idealshake, a meal replacement shake that naturally reduces hunger and cravings. We were so excited to try this product because we were constantly on the search for the best meal replacement shake due to the fact that we are always on the go, and secondly because Rocky has a consistent workout program he follows at the gym and would always come home hungry! 

Rocky has tried many protein powders and meal replacements and I have always sampled from the huge bottle of whatever he decides to buy. It was always something new because the anterior never lived up to the hype. We both dislike having a chalky or artificial aftertaste! 

We both sampled Idealshake as soon as we got it, I wanted to see if the "tastes great" would live up to its reputation. We had never heard of Idealshake before, however, after sampling, we won't forget their name! It tastes amazing, so similar to chocolate milk or a chocolate shake, without being overly sweet! We feel the taste and texture were right on. It was smooth, not grainy, and deliciously yummy, with no chalky, artificial, or mineral aftertaste!

You can mix Idealshake with water or milk. For our first try we mixed the powder with 1% milk in the shaker bottle that came with the product, which made it super fast and  easy to mix! After shaking we had a smooth creamy chocolate drink, sans lumps! That was a huge plus because I hate mixing and ending up with lumps of powder that didn't mix in!

Rocky decided he was going to try it as a post-gym workout. He got home from the gym and would make an Idealshake. Rocky works out at night the majority of the week, for about 90 minutes doing cardio and weights. He is trying to lose a little more weight and build muscle. He says that before trying Idealshake, it was easy to erase all he had completed in the gym by opening the fridge and snacking on leftovers. He would be super hungry after his workout and eating a piece of fruit never cut it, he was hungry enough to eat another meal! Idealshake changed that! After drinking Idealshake he fell satisfied and wasn't craving anything extra to eat. He felt that was a huge success! It helped him get closer to his goal weight and helped in his muscle recovery.

I would take Idealshake in the morning for a breakfast replacement. We have to little boys that keep me on the go and so it was great to be able to make a shake that tasted so good and that I knew was good for me, giving me vitamins and minerals and that would keep me going through the morning! 

Our first bottle of Idealshake is now gone, however we are happy to say it won't be our last! We can't wait to order more, plus try some of their other products! We also love that they are a local company (here in Utah) since we love to see Utah businesses grow. Thanks Stacie's Place and Idealshake!

Trying to catch up on my blogging to let you all know what I've been up to! 

Since it's my birthday month and I subscribe to tons of emails, I've been getting lots of birthday freebies and deals. I posted all of them here so take a look and see if you could use any for your birthday! They are specific for Utah but some of the deals can be used in other states.

Recently Tony & I went to Lagoon and had a fantastic time! It was so so fun. I wrote about what we did and also some tips/tricks to know before you go. 

I'm a huge fan of hot air balloons and will travel near or far to go see them. Lucky for us, around the 4th of July in Provo they have 20-30 hot air balloons come and last Saturday we got to go see them take off.

In other news, I'm still looking for a job and getting some interviews here and there. In all my free time I decided the guestroom/office needed a makeover. It's still in the stages of being completed but you can read a little about it here. I also hosted a summer themed/4th of July Pinterest party that was so fun! I also made a summer banner for my mantle. 

We've done a couple roadtrips this past month (revolving around hot air balloons of course) and I blogged about going to Salina here and here for our anniversary weekend. We also went to Fremont Indian State park which was really fun to explore a bit. 

This is only a fraction of what I've been up to lately. My parents came to visit in June and so did Tony's parents. I was let go from my job in June which was really unexpected but I will say its been so so nice not to have a job right now and catch up on other projects and do things I would rather be doing than sit at a desk 8 hours a day. I have been on some good interviews though and feel about ready to get back to working a regular job since I havent figured out any other good ways to make a consistent income. Focus groups and selling things online doesnt really cut it.

More updates to come!

If you know me well, you know how much I love to roadtrip and not going anywhere on a rare three day weekend is a waste. We had three ideas of places to go this weekend, Montana, Wyoming or Colorado. On Thursday we decided that we were going to Colorado. Tony got home early afternoon and we did a few things, then he had some homework to finish at Byu so we went to Provo and found a Peruvian restaurant to have dinner. Well, we were both dragging and tired and I don't think we were ready for another roadtrip so soon after getting back from the Panguitch weekend just a few days ago. Are we getting old?! We've been out of town the past few weekend and I guess we overestimated ourselves. I was a little hasty and texted my uncle to let him know we were coming and then I had to call him this afternoon that we were not coming this weekend after all. I was so disappointed! I don't know if the heat is zapping our energy or what. It's been in the upper 90's, close to 100* some days but not as hot as Az gets. The fact we don't have actual ac makes things worse I think. So, since we didn't plan on being in Utah this weekend we had to scramble to find new plans. 

We started out the morning by getting traditional donuts and then joined our friends Gabe, Steph and Austin in West Jordan for a parade. We rode Tony's motorcycle which made it nice and easy to find parking. After the parade we stopped at home to finish watching a Redbox movie and we got groceries and ice cream at Macys , fireworks at Smiths and now we are headed towards dinner and then fireworks. Not sure what we are doing for dinner because we has a pretty late lunch. 
Hope you and your family are having a nice and relaxing 4th of July! 

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