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Bringing all my blogs together today!

The time has come where I get to graduate!! This is happening on Friday and it's right in the middle of a huge blogger conference I signed up for a year ago. I had no idea I'd be graduating the same day/time as the conference. #thestruggleisreal Overall I'm happy to be done but also sad at the same time not to be a student anymore. It has been really fun to go back to school and learn some new skills, make some new friends and do some really cool stuff!

April has been insane so far and it's not even half over yet.

Tony got a job offer in California. The St. George job fell through - boo.

I held another Pinterest party - spring themed!

Tony and I participated in a crazy fun 24hr event called Questival!

And last but not least, I did a review for my friend here and am giving away $100 of LuLaRoe clothing! Go enter!


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I have quite a few blogs and I just feel like I need to tie them all into one place so this is where I decided that is going to happen. I'll still be blogging on my other blogs but I will link all my posts to this blog so you can easily find them. We'll see how it goes!

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