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Tying It All Together

I have a couple really cool blog posts coming...the rest of the trip to Las Vegas is one and I went to the Museum of Ice-Cream! Ahh! So freekin fun. I went on Thursday actually and now it's technically Friday but yea. Got tons of great pics, you can see a few on my Instagram if you want a sneak peek. Here's what else I've been blogging about! Our Jockey Club experience in Vegas Getting cool treats at Creamberry Making neighbor Christmas gifts Tried my hand at making unicorn ornaments Hosted a Christmas Pinterest party Prepped a craft with glass blocks Visited my favorite rock houses Visited a new national park - Cabrillo National Monument Saw some new things in downtown LA Saw the Trona Pinnacles , kinda! First time at Belmont Park It's been awhile since we've been to Monument Valley Walked La Jolla Cove with a friend Traveling tips when you involve food trucks Took Tony's fam