Roadtrippin Back to Utah

I was just in Utah a few weeks ago, living in Salt Lake as a resident the past 5 years. But since the big move happened, I've been in California. It's been an adjustment for sure! I've met a few new people, gotten a taste of being a homeowner and been busy with projects and unpacking a zillion boxes. 

My sister and her husband were flying to Peru for his high school reunion and it was good timing to come watch my nephews so I could attend a MojiLife soft launch party as well as Pinners Conference coming up the first week of November.

I was a little nervous to drive by myself on new roads but it helped to drive during the day time. I left around 10:30am on Thursday morning, a bit later start than I wanted. I was supposed to pick up 3 people from Craigslist Rideshare in Vegas but they all seemed to fall through so I was solo all the way to SLC. I got to my sister's place at 9pm. The drive seemed to go fairly fast and I didn't run into too much traffic or road construction which was helpful.

I'm excited, and nervous, to spend time with my nephews but it also means playing auntie mom! Let's see how this goes.....


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