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Love with Food Box

This is my second box from Love With Food so I thought it might be cool to review a little bit of it. I actually won the first box in a blog contest and I have not canceled the subscription yet. It's $12/month which isn't terrible but when you are trying to save money for big life things you try to cut out all the little things.  Here's a closer picture of the box and here are a couple items I really liked  (besides the Necco's...) I am not a fan of figs but this Fig Bar - Strawberry was so delicious. There were 2 pieces inside and the flavor was really good, not grainy. I'd eat this again as a snack. This was my #1 favorite in the box I think. Not huge into salted caramel stuff either but this....was so delicious in my mouth. Starts out tasting sweet like caramel popcorn but then my mouth filled with a salty yet still sweet flavor. I wish I had a bigger bag of this! Overall this is a great way to try samples of food you might not get to try us

Hut No. 8

I learned very recently (thanks @imtopsyturvy & @utahsweetsavings) about a fantastic new store opening up across from South Town Mall in Sandy called Hut No. 8. Right now they are looking to buy gently used name brand clothes and I went in yesterday with 3 bags of clothes to try my luck.  If you cant stay while they look through your clothes, they let you leave the store and come back later in the day. if you don't have time to stay. It sounds like it takes about 45 min for them to go through a few bags of clothes and decide what to give you for them. I thought that was nice to be able to leave and come back later.  I had a little time to stay and look around so while they looked through my clothes I browsed the racks. They have a small selection of guys clothes so far and quite a few clothes for the girls. I saw a dress, shirt and jacket + a pair of boots I liked. Fingers crossed they are there when I go back to shop! Look how cool the ceiling is! I also love th