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Salt Creek Imports Trailer Rental Review!

  Salt Creek Imports is located in Springville, UT and recently started renting out a few trailers they acquired to people who wanted to take them camping. It's a nice way to test out a trailer for a few days (if you are in the market for one) or just try a different way of camping.  It's so easy to have access to a tent but not always as easy to get access to a trailer. But now you can! Salt Creek Imports is so easy and friendly to work with.  Last weekend, Tony & I and our friends Lindsay, Garrett & their son Rylan , we all headed down to pick up a trailer to camp with for the weekend.  Dave is the owner and he met up with us when we arrived to give us a tour and information about the trailer , to sign a waiver form and put down a deposit. We rented the 31' trailer which weighs about 7700 lbs. Garrett's diesel truck was able to pull it with no problems.  We were headed down to Goblin Valley and we stopped about 30 minutes outside it to

Life in A Whirlwind

I apologize to anyone I might have mislead in my last post that said the weekly posts were back. Apparently, that is not the case yet. I have slacked on all my goals for the year and need to give an update about that but not right now. I hope to get back in to my groove and routine even though many things have happened and been going on to disrupt that. Not bad things, just life things. Tony in what I feel is the hardest semester ever right now! My sister here in UT had her baby and I've been trying to help her out a little more often, esp. when her husband was out of the country. Plus its always fun to hang out with her and my nephews. So many roadtrips, pretty much every weekend in May there has been somewhere we/I need/want to go. It's been great but has crunched my time for things that I normally had time to do. I thought with winter I would be less busy, maybe in some areas this was true. Now that summer is coming up and the days are lasting longer, it's no wonde